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Digital Hotrodding

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My family loves to make sculptures by assembling found objects, or parts of objects, into weird new creations. Our aesthetic is kind of “Clockwork Orange” in that we tend to combine natural and man-made elements into an organic/inorganic, yin/yang amalgam – very holistic and whatnot.

We haven’t been at it much since we moved, although I had to reassemble most of the sculptures after the move since we still haven’t found a permanent adhesive solution for binding all of these disparate materials and many of them just fell apart. Oh shit.

The repair work was kind of like remixing since I couldn’t remember how some of them were supposed to go (we do have Polaroids somewhere, but finding them after moving?) and just stuck the parts together without much concern for their previous incarnations. Once I gave up the anxiety of putting them back together “right,” it was fun and liberating: asemblages of assemblages, very freaking post modern.

This is fascinating reportage and a rare glimpse into the Olsenic mind, I know, but what’s the point? The point is this geek named Miles does something like our assemblages, but with living, breathing computers: he tricks them out with day-glo paint, Furbies, rope light, and every manner of garish nonsense and shows you how to do it step-by-step on his killer site, Blingmethod: Kickin It Geek Style. It’s a riot even if you wouldnever consider ripping apart your box for aesthetic purposes.

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