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With all the graphic blockbusters released the last couple of months like doom 3 and Halflive 2. It is time to look at the spicy side of computer animation and graphics. What is happening in the more adult related 3D graphic art, are we coming close to the real thing? Will computer generated Babes take over the human ones? And will the eyecandy rendered by the 3D artist come available in adult games?

Well first it is important to realize the difference between a rendered image (or animation ) and a realtime animated model. Both are usually made in a 3D graphic package like Maya or 3D Studiomax. There are many other packages available, even free one’s, but that’s a whole other topic. The modeling process is basically the same, you build your model in splines or polygons.
Generally a model made for the rendering process can have much more polygons then one’s made for realtime environments. The main reason for this is rather simple. The current computer hardware is not capable of rendering these high poly models in realtime. The rendering is done in front, which can take hours for a complex animation. The result is a picture or animation, that can be played in windows Media player, Quicktime and others. The models made for games have much less polygons and are using other tricks to give a more realistic experience. Things like normalmapping, bumpmapping, texture burning are texturing techniques to make the model look more detailed than they actually are.

It is just a matter of time and 3D videocard will be capable of rendering high poly models in realtime environments. That’s for sure. I guess within 5 years we will see all the high poly girls we want walking on our screen with no problems at all. Sure one thing to look forward to 😉 But it is not only a pure poly count when it comes to replacing humans in erotic movies, games and art. The next big thing is animation. We will like to see our girls move, and do their thing don’t we.

Currently there are two way’s of adding animation. The frame by frame way of animation and motion capture. The first one is the oldest one and is still used in many games today. It’s basically moving every part of the body from one point to an other. The software calculates the movement between. The more advanced way of adding animation to the model is motion capture. We all have seen the black suited people walking and dancing with wires attached to their suit I guess. The movements the actor is making is recorded and transferred to the computer. The great advantage of this animation technique is that the motion seems more natural.

The frame animation technique also has some advantages. First you can go beyond the possible human movement. Secondly you only have the limitations of your imagination. You can be more explicit in your animation’s expression. And when it comes to creating sex animations this is a real advantage in my opinion.

With all this talking about techniques, hardware and software we have to realize that it all starts and ends with the artist creativity. In the next couple of weeks I will introduce some of the best 3D artists around. And the main focus, of course, will be on their erotic work. Some of them are purely focused on erotic image creation, others are primarily working on animation or adult games.

Digital babes

Erotic art by Geoff Ridgway

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