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Differences Between Humans and Fish

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One of the main differences between humans and fish is that humans breathe with their nose, and fish breathe with their gills. If fish had hands, do you think they would hold their gills when they jump OUT of the water?

I think fish are cool. I’d like to be a fish for a day…. just to see if they view being out of the water the same way we view being in the water. Like do you think fish like to go out of the water and try to do a handstand? Do fish wait 1 hour after eating before they go out of the water? Do you think when they are out of the water they just stand their peeing? The other fish are sitting around, “Ok… who peed out of the water?”

I think fish should wear life jackets…. but they would have to be made outta lead.

I think I want to be a comedian.

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  • sikander

    itz bullshit!!

  • dienfkso

    What a load of bollocks, who thinks this shit up. Idiot!

  • Wow, two comments in the span of five years.

  • jaquavious

    how is waste excreted from its body

  • gtrg