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Did Angelina Jolie’s Off-Screen Behavior Tank A Mighty Heart?

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You have to give Angelina Jolie some credit. Only she can take a decent film, give a decent performance, but have a film completely bomb because her name is associated with it. This past weekend, A Mighty Heart came in 10th at the box office, making less than $4 million dollars. Looks like A Mighty Heart has joined the ranks of such classics as Howard the Duck, Glitter, Gigli, and Ishtar. How can this happen? Isn’t Angelina Jolie supposed to be the new age Mother Teresa?

The most offensive part about Angelina Jolie’s casting in this film is the fact that Angelina Jolie was put in blackface to play the role (although it has been stated that Mariane Pearl did approve Jolie for the role). Still, Mariane Pearl is part Black. Couldn’t the producers find someone who was biracial to play the role? Where was Halle Berry? What about a Hispanic actress whose skin tone probably matches Mariane Pearl’s the most? I thought Hollywood stood for liberal ideas. Casting Angelina to play a woman who is part African completely brings us back to the 1950s.

But there’s a bigger problem here. In only seven months, Angelina Jolie has turned from Hollywood’s hottest celebrity to Hollywood’s most hated has-been. A star has not fallen this badly in such a short time since Michael Jackson did back in 1993 after the allegations of child molestation. It all started when Jolie criticized Madonna for “illegally” adopting her son David Banda from Malawi (even though Madonna has yet to be arrested). Soon, several people revealed Angelina’s criminal adoption from Cambodia. Then, she referred to her daughter, Shiloh, as a “blob.

To further the damage, Angelina turned her mother’s death into a publicity-courting event, posing for several pictures as she went to collect her mother's belongings. The pictures soon appeared on covers of all the tabloid magazines. Still not getting sympathy, Angelina adopted an orphan from Vietnam to join her other adopted children from Cambodia and Africa. As expected, she used her latest child for several photo ops. To top it all off, Jolie tried to have reporters banned from asking her personal questions at the premiere of A Mighty Heart, causing several large news organizations to pull out altogether.

The person to feel sorry for in all this is Mariane Pearl, who hoped her story about the events leading up to the death of her journalist husband Daniel Pearl, as well as the fallout afterwards, would be seen and talked about. It’s a tragic story about a fallen journalist which will forever be marred by its association with an image of a fallen movie star. It’s almost as bad as it would be if Angelina Jolie was cast as Princess Diana, a woman Angelina tried so hard, but ultimately failed, to emulate.

One could certainly blame the low turnout for A Mighty Heart on the subject matter, pointing out that it is too depressing to be released during the early summer. But one can also point to Angelina's falling popularity. One can read Internet forums, (which one year ago were praising Angelina's every move) to see that she is losing fans. I have encountered more than one person who didn't want to see this film solely because Angelina Jolie was involved. They missed a good film, but can you blame their preconceived notions?

One would hope that A Mighty Heart will pretty much end Angelina’s career as an actress. I don't work in the casting field, but I would think that anyone in their right mind would never cast Angelina again because, like A Mighty Heart, it will spell “box office disaster.” She hasn't been in a hit film since Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) and that was most likely a hit because of Brad Pitt.

All is not lost for Ms. Jolie, however. I do see her making a couple of great infomercials for tanning creams that make white people look biracial. Then she can join Dionne Warwick on the Psychic Network. In the worst case scenario, she can build worldwide lemonade stands, which will produce jobs for several of her adopted children ($1 for the lemonade, $10 for a picture of the kid with the lemonade).

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  • Thank you for this article

    LOL..it’s funny. One more thing which has been mentioned in other sites, SOPHIE OKENADO from Hotel Rowanda should have asked to audition!!!! She looks like Pearl (of course she’s mixed race). The woman has been nominated for an oscar too. Why did Brad and Mariane not hold an audition? Black actors read about world politics too you know. They too understand about how screwed up our world is. It is a failure on Mariane Pearl part for having chosen her friend (I doubt this would have been allowed if she chose someone else rather than the producer’s lover). It’s a mighty tanked. I hope this will teach the bragelina something. You can be too big for your job. Keep it quiet please. We know you are nice, we too are nice but we don’t like to talk nonstop about how nice we are. It can come across as vain, you know what I mean?

  • paul

    Even Cannes couldn’t save this film. SHAME on you Pearl and shame on you jolie pitt. The story is good but it has been turned into a joke. Sophie does look like Pearl and yes they should have auditioned several black actors. If Jolie were a little more ordinary we would have bought it. She is so (too) grand. A big lesson for hollywood.

  • daryl d

    It’s sort of sad because it is a good movie. Yes, the subject matter is harsh, but I do blame its failure on Angelina Jolie, and it’s not because of a bad performance.

  • I did not think of the “Jazz Singer” aspect to her playing this part. We can only hope wearing black face will do to her career what “Soul Man” did for C. Tommy’s.

    Not jumping on the “I hate Jolie” bandwagon; I drive it.

  • urmm

    Jolie has to prove she can hold her own without Pitt. His ex struggled with her career (god she was beaten down by all sides) but finally she did it with the break up. Financially his ex has never had to depend Pitt at all, she is still earning a lot from Friends royalty and still get offer handsome money for films. His ex has always had her own money (as a woman that is pure freedom). A lot of money Jolie-Pitt are donating is Brad’s money not Jolie. That must bother her a bit since she likes to remind us she’s a strong chick. Well I guess karma works in mysterious ways.

  • While I agree that her popularity is falling, I think you are really underestimating the importance of the timing of the movie’s release. Anybody could tell you that releasing an adult drama (that’s not an indie) in June is a huge mistake.

    Even though Angelina Jolie is well-known, she hasn’t really starred in a lot of hits. Her last non-supporting role before this film was Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which had Brad Pitt and came during the height of the Brangelina rumors. Before that, there’s Taking Lives, Beyond Borders, Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, and Life Or Something Like It. Not exactly blockbuster films or even critically acclaimed ones.

    So, an adult drama in the middle of summer with a star who is well-known but not necessarily a real box-office draw? How was this going to be anything other than a disappointment in some way?

  • more irresponsible journalism

    As noted, there is a small core of really fanatical Jolie-haters out there. For whatever reason, some people really cannot get over their obsession with a woman who they neither know nor have been hurt in anyway by.
    Unfortunately, because it sells magazines, or papers or generates internet clicks, many journos have climbed aboard the bandwagon.
    All you have to do is read some of the forums to realize that some crazies out there really do think she is the devil. They claim that her children would be better off without her, and that Pitt would magically return to Aniston if she weren’t around (because they are experts on someone elses private lives presumably).

    PLEASE stop feeding this mania. I’m sure there is money to be made, but encouraging this fanatasism is extremely dangerous – all it would take is one crazy to take it to the next level for a tragedy to occur.

  • dear more irresponsible journalism

    If you are too good for this they why are reading this more irresponsible journalism? You make me laugh. Nobody has forced jolie pitt to place themselves into the spot light! They threw themselves and their kids inside it. Now is has backfired and we’re to be blamed for their own fault?

  • dear more irresponsible journalism

    We aren’t saying we hate Jolie here, this is not jolie’s bashing. For the first time since she has been with Pitt she’s failed and everybody could not help but notice how you can be too big for your job. It’s fab lesson for hollywood. There is no relation between tabloids and the box office. And there is no relation between humanitarian work and the box office. There is a strong relation between how much you reveal about yourself and the box office. People do get turn off when you reveal way too much!

  • Dear MIJ,
    People say that are often fans and do not mind the wall to wall coverage. I try explaining to my co-workers the same thing about AMerican Idol. I hate that show to and they say “don’t watch it.” I don’t watch it, but that does not stop me from hearing about it every day in the news so naturally I begin to detest it. Same with Jolie. I do not watch her movies. I do not buy those magazines, but here I am at Blogcritics reading movie reviews and seeing her. I goto the store to buy milk and while waiting in line I must see 10,000 different stories about her and her children on every cover. There is no escape. I tried ignoring people like her and Paris, but they will not let us ignore them. The hate is the only option we have left.

  • my words

    Casting a white chick as a black woman is ridiculous. I think when paramount vantage has chosen to release the film has little to do why it has tanked, they did Cannes!!!!, hello the lead and the producer were plastered all over the world when the mighty heart was first shown to journalists in france! You can not ask for more publicity to help with the film than that. People don’t like jolie! Secondly she’s been talking too much and thirdly the PR of this film which they’ve managed to piss journalists off was a disaster.

  • my words

    Fourtly Marine Pearl should not have asked her friend to play her and the producer should not have allowed his lover to play a black chick. Use a black actress please. Black people understand international relations also.


    Like someone else has mentioned SHAME ON YOU MARIANE AND SHAME ON YOU PITT!

  • Judy

    Angelina is a wonderful actor and people should be ashamed of saying the things that they are about her. I have read that she should be an Oscar nominee for this. Why do people dislike her so? We like her alot along with Brad. Please do not be so mean to her and their family. Remember that what we say or do comes full circle. We cannot wait to see the movie. Thank you very much.

  • I suspect, given the fact that the movie in question is a serious drama based on real-world events, the primary reason for its lack-luster box-office probably lies less with Jolie’s tabloid presence and more with the summer movie season.

    The film is getting fairly solid reviews from most critics (77% on rottentomatos.com). Given the Pirates, F4, Spider-Man3, Shrek 3 etc. are all dominating the number of screens, I find it unsurprising that the film is not producing. Drama’s, even good ones, do not typically fare well at the summer box office where escapism and big budget blockbusters tend to rule.

    As for having Jolie play Pearl, Newsweek quoted Pearl as saying “This is not about skin color. I wanted her to play me because I trust her. Aren’t we past this?”

    Maybe you should take her advice.

  • lurker deluxe

    What a seriously unresearched piece, Daryl. It’s laughable, really, but what’s to be expected from much of today’s ‘journalism’.

  • Jennifer

    Perhaps part of the reason people are so reviled by A. Jolie is how she has repeatedly played out her sociopathic disregard for anything regarding morals, ethics, etc. The author brought up her illegal adoption. ‘I see child I want – I get it – NO MATTER WHAT’! This was the same MO she used with Billy Bob (who had a fiancee) and then most notably Brad Pitt, successfully breaking up a most publicly beloved couple. Women think, “She would have done this to me.” They do not like her. She is a treacherous predatory woman who acts out her issues with her parents’ marriage by being the ‘powerful’ other woman who destroys. Women don’t like her, and men are getting her number. She bragged about knife collections, cutting herself, wearing vials of blood; posed provocatively with a farm animal and then we, the ‘stupid American public’ are supposed to conveniantly forget all of that – at her command – and submit to her driven attempts to promote herself as Princess Diana/Mother Theresa/The Return of the Goddess/The New Messiah. It’s too much, and in diametric opposition of the facts of what has been put out and seen since the late 1990’s. Now she wraps herself in the role of saintly wife and humanitarian. It’s nauseating, and it just does not work. She should play villains and vixens, and then maybe people would watch. She is horribly manipulating of the public, so they do not like her. People don’t like to be forced and manipulated. Her manner is like Das Komisar. She forgets. We can still choose not to buy.

  • More irresponsible journalism

    Brad Schader

    Then you should reserve your hate for those responsible for the wall to wall Jolie-Pitt coverage – the tabloid press and the people who buy them (like Jennifer above, who detests Jolie but has absorbed every thing ever written about her). The trash magazines wouldn’t fill up with made-up stories about them if it didn’t generate sales.
    There was even video out there of Pitt begging the photogs to back off for a day or two after Jolies mother died, but the pictures were too “valuable” for them to do so. If the cameramen weren’t following them relentlessly, there wouldn’t be all of this coverage of their every move.

    The reason I posted here is because I knew someone who was subject to these kinds of relentless personal attacks and scandalmongering. It bothers me because an unhinged individual shot and killed him thinking he was doing good. He left a wife a widow and children fatherless.
    The frenzy of ridiculous hate so evident here in some of these posts reminds me of what that individual was subjected to and I would hate for someone to take the leap from fantasy to reality. Half of the original article is unsubstantiated rumour and opinion. It might sell. But what about those people who take this stuff seriously?

  • There’s one blog I visit, a blog dedicated to black women “Evolved Black Women” which went on a massive campaign against the film because of Angelina’s black face. They must have sent info to every black women’s organization to ban that film. Am not sure if black women are that powerful…but I KNOW we would’ve seen the movie if a black woman had been cast as the lead. Don’t we black women have mighty hearts too?

  • If we follow that train of thought to its logical conclusion, then Jessica Alba, a Latina, should not be playing an oh so Aryan Sue Richard in the Fantastic Four. Jeez, people–give the race thing a rest.

  • Alex

    This is not the 50’s and we should not be thinking in BLACK AND WHITE. I raise my children to see people not colors! My son would say that is a nice girl, not that is a nice black girl, or Chinese girl etc. WE NEED TO SET THE EXAMPLE FOR THE FUTURE GENERATION. Start not by criticizing a white woman for playing a black woman – after all we all bleed red. WAKE UP! WE ARE HUMANS….

    -Biracial woman

  • jane

    Brad –

    I get the same feeling hearing about Paris Hilton. I just wish all of that coverage would go away.

  • Jennifer

    Mr. Schader,

    Angelina Jolie is simply not a product the American people want to buy. We have seen enough, and enough flip-flop double-speak. The numbers speak for themselves.

  • Here Here

    Maybe Jolie should take lessons from Tom Cruise and go into hiding for a long time and quit bragging about her good deeds that are trying to hide her immoral values. This could be a way to save her Hollywood career.

  • Thank you, Alex. I was beginning to almost think I was a voice in the wilderness. If we could just see ourselves as humans,stripped of political and cultural agendas, we might make progress in saving the planet. Maybe. . .

  • Just an important (at least in context) note is that Mariane said she knew that “someone who loves me” was playing her character in the film. I think that should stand for something.


    well if that the requirement for a role in a movie it sure sounds stupid!

  • Sharon Sennett

    I happen to be a tremendous Angelina Jolie fan! I applaud her efforts to bring awareness and humanity to those of us that need something positive to grab on to in this selfish and petty “Jerry Springer” society.
    I believe that the reason people are not flocking to the theater to see it is that we all know the sad outcome and are already so saturated with tragic news.

  • Joey

    I think Daryl’s comments were dead on.

    I saw the movie and it was, ok. Not a blockbuster but just ok. Without the agony scream from Jolie, her performance was not Oscar worthy.

    She never convinced me that she was Pearl. Not once. In fact, it often seemed like she was concentrating on her accent.

    The thing that was running through my head, during this movie was; who was Daniel? This movie, wasn’t about Daniel, it was about Jolie acting. This guy lost his life in a horrific way, yet the film almost seemed selfish to me. It’s hard to explain.

    I will not pay to see another Jolie film. Why should I, she’s exposes herself enough through the media!

  • Janice

    I never like dancing on any ones grave but I love saying ‘I told you so’. I mentioned in a post in an earlier blogcric piece by Darlyl D on Tom Cruise that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are headed for a fall, a bad one at that! I predicted that the movie ‘A mighty heart’ was going to flop. I know the fora was wrong at the time but I could not help commenting on it if only to say ‘I told you so’ like am doinfg now.

    Mostly I agree with your assessment Darlyl on the whole situation apart from a few areas.

    I do not believe that Mr and Mrs Smith hit because of Brad Pitt but because of the intrigue that surrounded the whole movie about the love triangle. Remember Pitt was still with his wife at the opening of that movi. People went to watch it for tow major reasons, a) they loved Pitt and Jen and wanted to show them support during their trying time and b) see for themselves if the on scream chemisty between Pitt and Jolie would provide any clues to whether there was any truth in the allegations. I am sure Pitt and his paramour took success as a sign of public condonation of any potential relationship between then. I agree Mr and Mrs Smith was not worth its clout and am sure if there was a sequel with Brad Pitt and Jolie, it would never be a box office hit.

    This backlash has long been coming. I stated before that Pitt and Jolie are being built for a fall by the media. Raise them as high as possible and their fall will be a mighty as they are and that is what makes sensational news.

    I rarely meet people in real life outside the internet who are enormoured by Pitt and his lover. Most people I know cannot stand them. In the beginning the reaction to the whole affair was ‘too bad, shit happens’ two years down the road and these two will soon have rotten eggs and tomatoes thrown at them if they are not careful.

    Unless some one is blind or is a relative of either Angelina or Brad Pitt, it is easy to see through their actions and not so subtle media and public manipulation. Gosh they are so transparent it is disgusting. Who do they think they are fooling with their charity dos? I never for even one moment believed Angelina is charitable. She cannot reconcile with her father and save him anguish and yet she would like to save the world. PLEASE!!!!

    She adopted Maddox to get a friend because she had no one to love after the fall out with her mother (after she checked her into a mental insistition) and her relationship with her father has never been the best, she was a bored rrich little girl in need of an adventure. She has no friends whatsoever so she chose to buy one and believed if she applied to the UN and got some respectability she should be able to have easier adoptions after the Maddox fiasco or get some security should push come to shove and Maddox is threatened to be removed from her. Believe me if she could adopt from the US she would if only for publicity but I guess with her mental history, she cannot risk the humiliation of a rejection.

    Angelina is a very manipulative person, very. Granted she has a mental problem that she has never treated but mentally ill people are usually very intelligent. I think she looked at Brad and Anisotn and the adoration they recieved wherever they went and she wanted that too. Her acting is not exactly the best, remember despite her knife cutting revelations, bizarre sexual exploits, blood sucking stories brother tougning and blood pendants, true international stardom eluded her even when she tried the other extreme of doing charity, she still could walk on streets in many countries without recognition. Yet when rumours surfaced that she was having an affair with Pitt, she got the fame and publicity that she always dreamt of, so she decided to remove one half of the golden couple and plant herself there. She hoped that her over publicised charity dos with her new lover should get her the love and adoration she always wanted and never got.

    Angelina is by her nature an inherently bad person (yes she is).Even when she tries to do good, she has an underlying selfish motive. Look at the way she waged a one sided calculated battle against Aniston with al the perfect family photoshoots with Pitt, all of the sudden, Aniston was the older woman, who could not keep her husband and was selfish and self centered and did not want children and never did any charity.

    Funny that in the beginning people fell for this but like many bad people eventually their Jekyll side surfaces. Her ego got stroked when she attended the World economic forum and she was the news and the major attraction. Lets not even talk about Namibia. She claims that she brings publicity to these places, what has changed about Namibia since Shiloh was born there or Darfur or Cambodia or Chad? Apart from manipulating the corrupt leaders to put resources at her disposal and getting so much publicity from it and getting easy access to adoptions.

    When you think about it, Angelina gains most from all this, if someone gave me 3 million dollars, I would too adopt Pax. She is now more famous than ever which theoretically should be good for a celebrity. For every dollar they give to charity, they get it back from boosting their names and their pay check, to me if you are benefiting from your so called good deeds, that is a trade not charity.

    May be she has helped those children but they have helped her in turn so I do not give her any brownie points for adopting them and getting them out of dire poverty.

    I am not sure am happy this movie flopped, the story should be told no doubt and so should those of so many brave people out there. But Marianne Pearl and her phoney stories of being friends with Jolie and choosing her personally to act in the movie have got what they deserved; Rejection. This movie was planned when Aniston was still with Pitt but rumours were rife of a Pitt affair with Jolie, how then could she choose Jolie when she discussed this movie with Pitt and Aniston? Did she think that we were all foolish and could not see through the fabricated stories of child play dates? May be after the shooting they became friends but I do not buy that ‘I called Angelina up one day because we had a lot in common and we became friends’. So Mrs Pearl am sorry but you do not get my sympathy for being part of the fraud that is Brangelina. I don’t think Angelina would know the meaning of the word truth, she lies too much but that is for another day.

    Now I come to her dozen fans who run from blog site to blog site defending their hero while shooting any one in the way, have you ever thought about it that you are part of the problem and part of this backlash? I put down the change in tone on the internet on Jolie partly due to her fans, they are too annoying for words and they have earned her more enemies than friends forgetting that members if the press use the internet the most and are her 24/7. These in turn dictate to a certain extent public perception of a star. So before you jump at me, think seriously about your attitudes and that may be too little too late.

    Lastly, Jolie’s actions in the last months show that clearly fame got to her head. Who is it that said that fame is not necessarily popularity the two can be great friends or great enemies in Jolie’s case the latter. Have you noticed that the stories that sell like hot cake about these two in tabloids are mainly negative stories. That alone should have given them a clue of what was to come.

    Make no mistake, the timing of the release was not an oversight, notice too that it was released in more theatres than the usual number Paramount vantage releases such docudramas. In their ego kissed minds, fuelled by the frenzy at Cannes, they thought that this picture would take the box office by storm. Stars are narcissistic and when they see so many cameras, they take it as a sign of massive public demand which they equate to adoration. This picture was supposed to portray Jolie as some sort of hero which in turn was supposed to earn her more fans, this is in line with her ‘legacy that she wants to leave’. Ironically, she will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. I doubt any movie of hers will ever sell at the box office again, may be if she splits from Pitt and disappears for a while. Lets wait for the release of wanted and see the excuses her fans will come up with.

    Most polls all over the internet (the authentic ones of course) show that most people would not watch this movie and the reason given is that they are simply tired of Angelina. Unless a miracle happens, I don’t think she will even get a nomination because she is not a well loved actress in tinsel town.

    Oceans 13 is still yet to pass 100 million if it has , may be in the last day, neither Babel nor The good shepherd were hits at the box office, coincidence? I think not. But that is life, you reap what you sow and you may think you are clever but people cannot be that stupid for long. Except may be Mr Pitt.

  • sr

    The world is going to hell in a hand basket and what do I see. Paris the rich Bitch, Anna the dead bitch and who the freck is Angelina Jolie. Holy crap. I would be more concerned about diabetes, aids and a handful of other promblems were faced with. Of course what the freck do I know. Maybe a muslim camel will rape your mother.

  • Janice

    Just confirmed that Oceans 13 in its third week at the box office with its ensemble cast has not yet made 100 million. It has so far made $93,872,922. Which is a pity because the only reason I skipped it was because I could not sit through almost tow hours of Pitt after seeing him every day. Thats just me.

  • marla singer

    Janice, Brad was not with Jennifer at the opening of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Maybe you somehow missed it, but the divorce papers had already been filed a couple of months before, and they’d been separated for even longer. Other than that, I didn’t make it past your third paragraph, but I’m sure there’s more good, researched stuff in there.

  • Jamie

    Jen and Vince were dating in 2005 before the divorce was finalized as well. She was photographed on the balcony sprawled over Vince’s lap at a HOTEL.

  • Alec

    Daryl D – I suspect that “A Mighty Heart,” much like the excellent “United 93” and other post 9/11 films, has underperformed at the box office because emotions are still too raw and the real-world situation is still unsettled. I also suspect, sadly, that some people, having been force-fed the lie that “the media” is a liberally biased nest of traitors, cannot easily turn around and applaud a film about a journalist, no matter how worthy.

    It is an odd disconnect that the title of your post purports to be about Jolie’s behavior, but then fixates on race. Marianne Pearl, born in France, is of Dutch-Jewish, Afro-Latino-Cuban and Chinese Cuban ancestry. This is not biracial in any meaningful sense, not that the terms “biracial ” or “mixed race” mean much of anything anyway. And to reduce her to being “black” is significant only to those who have a wistful nostalgia for South Africa’s rancid racial classification laws or who cling to the idea of the “one-drop” rule because they desperately need to be able to identify and separate black folk from other ethnic groups. In this, liberals, who love to define people so that they can be assigned to their “appropriate” communities, are no better than South African racists, who would ethnically categorize people so that they could be assigned to arbitrary bantustans and to their hierarchical place in South African society.

    Also, Jolie’s French Canadian ancestry on her mother’s side could encompass almost anything, from Native American to African, but until casting decisions include a DNA test, there is not much more to say here.

    Oh, by the way, should Wentworth Miller, who has African American ancestry, be precluded from playing a white man on the TV show “Prison Break?” Should Salma Hayek’s Lebanese ancestry have precluded her from portraying Frida Kahlo?

    Jolie’s lame, and retracted attempt to limit press questions at the movie premiere was a serious miscue, but it is a sad irony that the press wanted to pepper her with personal questions, rather than honor the memory of a slain fellow journalist, or to comment upon pro-journalist organizations that Pitt and Jolie wanted to honor.

    Lastly, your assertion that Jolie somehow milked her mother’s death for publicity points is wildly off base. Columnist Mike Walker, who works for the National Enquirer and who hosts a radio talk show in Los Angeles, noted that few people, including the press, even knew that Jolie’s mother was seriously ill. And when Jolie visited her mother at the hospital, she went out of her way to avoid disrupting hospital operations or the comfort of other patients, and also went out of her way to be courteous and respectful to the hospital staff. This does not sound like a publicity hound to me.

    In the end, criticisms of Jolie not related to her performance in the film make about as much sense as continuing to hate her because she “stole” Brad from Jen.

  • Anna

    I just never want to see Angie in any public arena.
    Not because she wracked home but because she wracked true love going through it’s obstacle as we all do at some point.
    Brad isn’t worth to be loved this so much from the public. Where all the other funny, witty, handsome, intelligent,loving guys gone? We need some variety to choose!!!

  • daryl d


    You should be the one getting articles about Angelina Jolie published; your comments are RIGHT ON! Great job!

    I did like “A Mighty Heart” but it’s not an Oscar worthy performance at all (though it is good). I think Angelina’s PR people are trying to spin things in favor of her.

    The funny thing about this all is that one year ago, I didn’t care for Jolie one way or another. But then, I just saw all these pictures of her treating orphans like pets. Then, she had the nerve to criticize Madonna’s adoption (which I think was sensationalized by the media). I didn’t get so angry about that until I read an article in the New York Post about how her adoption methods closed down adoption in Cambodia. Since the Post isn’t always reliable, I did research on my own and saw how she paid Maddox’s mother for him. Then, she said something about not wanting to talk to her daugher because he cheated on her mother. HELLO!!!!!!!!!! No more comments on this one.

    Basically, what happened is that Angelina tried to reinvent herself as Mother Theresa. As naive as the public is, it worked. But then, it went to her head.

    Janice, the only thing I disagree with you about is Brad Pitt. I still think he’s a great actor and I can watch him without my stomach getting sick. It’s unlike when I couldn’t watch a Ben Asslick movie anymore because of his connection to J-Lo. I think Brad would be really intellegent to dump Angelina while he can.

  • Words

    This film has tanked because of ANGELINA JOLIE, there is no denying that!!!! She has fans but more peoeple dislike her than the amount of fans she has! The article is spot on by mentioning that. A lot of women don’t want to see it because they don’t like angelina jolie.

    As for playing a mixed race woman. WHY IS IS OKAY FOR WHITE TO PLACE WHITE? It’s disturbing. Pearl keeps saying jolie understands her, well that is the most unprofessional thing I have ever heard about casting! LET’S FACE IT JOLIE WAS GIVEN THE JOB BECAUSE SHE WAS THE PRODUCER’S LOVER. Let’s us not denying that please! If Pearl has asked for susan surandon would Brad and has said okay? I don’t think so. It’s an insult to fine black actors in America. Mariane Pearl has just helped her friend to tank a movie about her dead husband.

  • Jane

    Dear Alex, you may think we all bleed red, that’s a very convenient way to deny yourself of responsibility that comes with being black!!!! Read more Maya Angelou books please.

    THERE ARE MANY FINE BLACK ACTRESSES IN HOLLYWOOD WHO COULD HAVE PLAYED PEARL. The person who has mentioned Sophie Okenado is right. She looks very like Pearl and she could have pulled it off.

    Alex would it okay if George Clooney plays Stevie WOnder? Ask yourself that question!

  • J

    Can we see Meryl Streep in BELOVED instead of Oprah Winfrey? If you feel uncomfortable imagining it, then ask yourself why?

    Why it’s okay for a white woman to play a mixed race woman when there are plenty of people who could have played her?

    Because jolies loves pearl and because jolie likes to read about International relations? OH GOD, Mariane you as a black woman should have known better. It’s so funny to me when you keep saying
    you are mixed of many things. So as many black people! Are you saying you are too pale and mixed to accept how you have screwed up for other black actors and black people?

    NO I can’t imagine seeing George playing Stevie, the same way I don’t want to see Miss Jolie playing Pearl (who I no longer respect as a journalist!)


    Jolie-Pitt are the most cunning spin doctors themselves. Yes they are worse than Tom Cruise. I shall not be seeing this movie purely because I’m sooooo sick of them and because I DO NOT LIKE ANGELINA JOLIE. She makes me sick. As parents they are terrible. Their kids are heading for rehab as soon as they can drink. The limelight will sure screw them up. Thanks to HELLO and PEOPLE, best friends of the parents.


    It’s not about colour, Aren’t we past this?


    Mariane Pearl has screwed up as much as her fabulous friends.

  • Fed Up

    This just so ridiculous. I understand that not everybody is going to like the same people we all have likes and dislikes. But from what I can tell from reading the commets above Angelina and Marianne are responsible for all the wrongs in the world. Everyone get a life. I mean seriously what is your problem? As to the Angelina Brad Jennifer situation no marriage if it is strong and the people are happy together would breakup and also I think everyone tends to forget that the only people who know what happened there are the three people involved. As to the humanitarian work of Brad and Angelina is there something wrong with trying to make the world a better place if there is would someone explain to me what it is. As for the person claiming that Angelina is funding all the humanitarian work with Brad’s money it’s almost laughable have you any idea of the amounts of money Angelina earns. Also why should Marianne feel shame for expressing her opinion this is a film about her husband being killed if you don’t like who portrayed her that is your problem not marianne’s. As for bringing up the loss of Angelina’s mothers passing as a way to criticise her that is just being purely nasty. As to anyone who is thinking that I am just another rabid Angelina fan think what you like. But this is the first time I have ever responded to any article about her.

  • Fed Up

    I’d thought i’d this last comment the original person intended to play the role was Jennifer Anniston correct me if i’m wrong but the last time I looked wasn’t she white as well.

  • Dear Fed UP

    For your info’ jen waved good bye to the project. She hand picked the projects from Plan B before she departed. She didn’t choose the mighty heart! I bet she’s glad hey 🙂

    I don’t think people are holding pearl and jolie responsible for all the bad things in this world. I think some people think it’s just insane that she’s allowed to play a mixed race woman. All the reasons Mariane has been telling people don’t sound very good. I can’t help but notice too that Marine is playing down the important of race when faces with bad PR when in her book she is happy to chat about it.

  • Dear Fed UP

    I find it’s very strange that when an actress loves the real life character she’s keen on playing she’s automatically given the job. I also find it even stranger when the reason she’s given the job is because she understands the world we’re living in??? I find it very uncomfortable. As someone has mentioned many intelligent black actress read and understand world politics too. Why did Pearl not consider them? Why there was no audition for her role? Well it’s because the producer is this actress’s lover. It has everything to do with it. I think it’s unfair and gives a very bad message about Hollywood. It bothers me. I think Pearl herself tries to play down her race when people start questioning her. Many blacks are mixed of many things, it doesn’t deny the fact that they are black! Pearl would not pass as a white person at all. She looks black to me.

  • Reality

    Janice, research harder next time

    O12 after 18 days had made $89,478,621
    O13 after 18 days has made $92,501,894

    OOPS, there goes your thoery. Just accept it, YOU are in the MINORITY. Most people don’t think like you. Most people don’t hate Brad or Angelina, in fact MOST DON’T CARE!

    And BTW, there ARE other countries than America where movies can make money ya know. Babel made 100 MILLION dollars overseas.

    And a Mighty Heart only cost 16 million dollars to make, so it’s not a big budget movie. And it wouldn’t of done better with another actress because Americans have HORRIBLE taste and only like to watch Superhero movies like Batman&Spiderman and dumb animated movies.

  • oh

    I want to see ocean because of George and Matt. Brad..he looks like a burnt pancake. The pretty boy’s days are gone. Anyway we’re talking the mighty heart here, oop, the mighty tanked i meant!

  • Amanda

    I live in Europe (ENGLAND, to be precise) sorry i will not go to see angelina. Not only americans don’t like her hey.

  • Myra

    I think the failure of ‘A Mighty Heart’ goes to the casting. Angelina Jolie is a talented actress (hence films like Gia and Girl, Interrupted), but it seemed to be a case of casting someone too big for the part. With the media circus surrounding Brangelina, the film needed someone with a less famous name that could really bridge in the theme of the story. And that becomes lost in translation because of Angelina. I understand the casting of Angelina based on her connections to Mariane, but I do think another actress should have been cast in the role. But Brad Pitt has stated that he wanted Angelina to play the part and his production company produced it. So, some of the blame falls on him. I am sure it is a good film and well acted, but I think everyone is OD’d on Brangelina.

    As far as the who shot who debate about the breakup of Brad and Jen’s marriage to when Brad and Angelina began dating, does it really matter anymore? It seems the only people obsessed with the issue are the fans and haters. Regardless of how or what happened, it is really past debating it. All parties have moved on and we should stop talking about it.

    And some of the most guilty are the fans and haters. They blog for hours and hours on one certain site (hint: initials JJ). A lot claim that we should give them privacy and how dare this tabloid or that tabloid say this or that. But here they are reading about it, wanting to see the pics of something as simple as taking the kids to school every day. They all play a part in the media game. It’s supply and demand and they play right into what the tabloids want: to sell magazines.

    And Angelina has created a lot of her own problems by trying to control the media. Remember Princess Diana- she also tried to keep tabs on the press and control what was being put out there. It backfired on her eventually. Angelina has done the same thing. By playing favorites to the media and only allowing certain publications to have exclusives on interviews and photos, she’s created negative press against her by other mags that feel neglected by her. You ultimately cannot control what the media puts out there and she’s wrong by wanting it to be by her rules only.

    When you sell private pics of your children and open doors that should be shut, you are going to create a frenzy. There are plenty of other celebs who have played the game right. Instead of playing bidding wars for pics of their kids, they ignore the press and if they snap a pic walking outside their home, then they snap a pic. They don’t try to control or comment on the paparazzi.

    And lastly, I didn’t understand why there was so much negative press against Angelina playing a woman of bi-racial heritage. I agree that the parts for black women are in the minority, but the difference here is that Angelina wasn’t playing a stereotypical part like a black character would have been portrayed in the 1930’s-1960’s in Hollywood. She plays Mariane as a woman of extreme intelligence, compassion and love. She does justice to her as a person. There is nothing racist about how she portrays her in the film. And Mariane has endorsed her playing the part and has even said that she thought we were beyond playing the race game. I think that since it is Mariane’s story, if she endorses any actress playing the role, then we should end the debate there. I think there was too much made about this and I do believe that Angelina is a woman of compassion in regards to race. She not only has a family of multi-cultured children, but has spent years working with various races and ethnic backgrounds for UNHCR.

    Anyway, I am sure ‘A Mighty Heart’ is a well acted and tender film, but casting a woman who is as heavy in the spotlight as Angelina ultimately caused the film to fall. People want someone fresh and with Angelina gracing more covers than about anyone else in film or celeb status, people are immediately put off.

  • oh no

    I want to see oceans because of Brad…George looks like an anorexic old man, and Matt Damon’s FAT.

  • Keeping It Real

    Bottom line: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are MULTI-MILLIONAIRES and have better lives then the LOSERS who hate them.

    And remember this, you obsess over them, they don’t even know you EXSIST! That’s because you’re NOBODIES and your opinions are as IRRELEVANT as you are.

  • BOB

    I am happy that they’re rich! LOL, why jealous because someone has money? It’s funny that some of fans think feel this way. Is this what represent Bragelina fans? Please..this isn’t about how wealthy they are. This is about how jolie is too big for her job and how Brad and her have managed to screw it up. Oh no you are quite wrong. You are insane

  • BOB

    The article is spot on and it has managed to bring to light some of the aggressive fans brangelina have. Whoever brought aniston into this debate is also ridiculous. It is not about her, it’s about pearl, jolie, and pitt, the people whose intentions have been misplaced altogether. Angie got the job because of Brad, do you honestly he would have said yes to julia roberts playing pearl? I highly doubt it.

  • Brit

    It’s an insult to black actors by pearl and pitt to have suggested angie’s good understanding of world relations has made her perfect for the job. There are plenty good black actors who read decent newspapers. They understand what’s a screwed up world we’re living in.

  • But Angelina Jolie DID successfully emulate Princess Diana – another borderline who created disorder and distruction everywhere she went.

    Please don’t taint Ishtar through association with this mess. Ishtar is a great movie, and more and more people are coming to realize this. This 20th anniversary year is going to be a great year for Ishtar… There is a documentary film about Ishtar fandom in the works, the manager of the Ishtar fan website is putting together a tribute CD featuring cover versions of songs from the movie, and possibly a US release on DVD (something the heathen in Europe have been enjoying for years). So shake off that square world, get with the countdown, and blast off to Ishtar!

  • LOLA

    If pearl thinks we are beyond race then why she’s mentioned it quite often in her book? Obviously we have not moved beyond race. There are a lot of work to be done in this big world on race issues. To have put a white woman to play a mixed race character without auditioning other black actors is screaming discrimination. Yes it’s a big insult on other good black actors and black people have a right to be pissed about it.

  • Julianne

    I am a first generation Korean-English-Dutch-French American. I wish people who claim to be open minded would stop focusing on the color of one’s skin. Isn’t that the exact opposite of how you are supposed to think? I want to be recognized first for my accomplishments and ability, not the color of my skin, period. That is insulting. It was Mariane’s choice who she wanted to portray her, period. If you don’t like it, that’s your choice, just as it was hers.

  • Paris

    Mariane’s choice sucks. It sucks because the only way that actress has got the part was because she was sleeping with the producer. If Pearl has asked for kirsten dunst to play her, do you think the producer would have said yes?

  • A black face

    You are asking people to see beyond race, well a lot of people don’t see beyond my colour and accent. For one time I want my people to shine, I was hoping it might be good for many black folks to see it, what’s happened? A white chick took the part instead! What has made it worse was she got the part straight away without having to audition, never mind other black talents out there. HEll, that’s insulting.

  • Doesn’t biracial by definition mean )in this case) half-black and half-white? Why does having a white woman portray her insult the black half? A lot of us are multiracial–it’s better to embrace all one’s ancestry.

  • Tat

    If they can get oprah to endorse this film it will be okay. What do you think oprah? Do you think you might be interested in endorsing this? Jolie should get on her sofa, mind you she might have to apologize to oprah first!

  • Tat

    Ray there are plenty of mixed race actress, why pick white when you are mixed? It could read: she doesn’t want to acknowledge her black half? It could go either way.

  • Yes it could, Tat. My point is we have a long way to go in race relations. I’m seeing posts that Jimmy Smits shouldn’t play a Cuban (in the upcoming series “Cane” because he’s not Cuban. The writer endorsed Andy Garcia ( as if television could afford him) as an “authentic” Cuban. The writer ignored the fact Garcia portrayed an Italian mobster, which could enrage Italians. Jessica Alba is Latina, but portrays a WASP-y blonde in Fantastic Four. I could go on and on, through the history of film. The point is, people need to get over their own racial bias if we’re ever going to move forward.

  • Tat

    Sure I understand where you’re coming from completely. I think Jolie got the heat because she has created a larger than life circus around her. She does not know when to stop talking about personal matters. I also think she got the part because her lover was the producer, it has backfired on her and Pitt. I think if Mariane was white, it would have been totally cool with many people. At the very least they should have auditioned or at the very least pretend they have thought about other mixed race or black actors for the job. It seems so insensitive to other fine black actors who are struggling to get good roles in hollywood (which don’t come by very easily)

  • Tat

    If pitt was not the producer it would have looked a lot better on them.

  • Got milk?

    Pitt and Jolie seem so massive, they are bigger than the world we live in, they should chill for a long while. It’s not doing them any favour. They should stop talking about their private lives. The public needs to be weaned off this two. It’s a dangerous game playing with the media. They don’t have anything that is their. That’s depressing.

  • I do NOT think this article is ‘spot on’. I think it’s the biased, subjected reporting of someone who has an axe to grind against Jolie.

    Of course, he has the right to this opinion, and of course, the ability to pubish it here –

    but for clear-eyed observations, I think the comments by Ray Ellis are ‘spot on’.

  • j

    How noble to preach on people like a mother teresa, lol

  • Bryn

    Did Marianne actually have script/casting approval? Or did she concur with the fait accompli of Angelina? It is a very unusual clause reserved only for powerhouse authors. There was no attempt to have a casting call, was there? So, the producer chose the actress.

  • cotton

    If that was the case they would not tell us would they! They’re getting enough backlash as it is. It’s plain obvious why jolie got the job, sleeping with a producer is the fastest way to go after a part. I’m not even sure if that play date thing was a set up by Plan B also. Jolie-pitt are cunning as hell

  • cotton

    Pearl is not innocent either.

  • Kiera

    BRAD is the biggest liar in hollywood (remember what he said prior to being caught in Africa, and before that before they caught him with Aniston?). It would not surprise me if it was he who chose his lover to play a black woman.

  • Daryl’sAnIdiot

    Dude…did Angelina Jolie piss in your Wheaties or something? You’re awfully vitriolic about a movie that was never intended to do big bank. The movie made back 25% of it’s budget in the first week. It’s a freaking INDIE film…so that’s doing GOOD bank. The fact that it starred Jolie is irrelevant. In fact one could argue that more people heard about the movie and saw it because she was attached to it.

    It’s disturblingly sad that you’re hung up on the color of Mrs. Pearl’s skin. She is a woman of multi-racial descent, not JUST a “black woman”. Mrs. Pearl asked Jolie to play her in the movie and that’s good enough for me. As a black woman, I would rather have a great white actress playing me in a film than a mediocre “black” actress. Berry herself is bi-racial and will be playing the role of a real-life white woman in a film soon. Is that white woman upset about it? Why don’t you go check on that?

    Mrs. Pearl herslef recently told Newsweek that this movie isn’t about the color of her skin, it’s about a horrible event that happened to her husband and has nothing to do with her ethnicity. As she said, “Aren’t we past this?” Clearly SHE is, it’s merely bigoted blowhards such as yourself who are having a problem with Jolie’s casting. Since Ms. Jolie herself is 1/8 Iroquios Indian, doesn’t she officially qualify as a “minority” in this country? If you think a Hispanic actor acceptable in the role, then why not a Native American? Oh, right…because Jolie’s skin is white, not red. Where do you hide your klan hood? It’s probably in the secret bomb shelter you’ve got in your back yard, right?

    Oh yeah…one last thing – Likening the box office performance of AMH to Gigli and Ishtar? Holy moly. I hope to God you don’t get paid for your opinion because it’s not worth the Benjamins. Dude…you’re comparing apples to oranges. Comparing big budget box office disasters like Ishtar and Howard the Duck to low budget indie films is like comparing Marilyn Monroe to Marilyn Manson and asking who’s better looking!

  • Kiera

    Thanks for that brangelina fan.

  • Kiera

    People who believe everthing celebs say are ….I leave that out for others to fill in.

  • Aggree with this one

    This is the first, good reviews, A list star and a brillant director can’t save a good film from tanking. Make you think about a lot of things. Yes she (dare i say the name) is too big for a tiny good film about important issues.

  • Daryl’sAnIdiot

    I can’t believe all the uninformed comments on this bored. Holy crap people! Instead of getting on here and bitching about something you obviously know nothing about DO SOME BLOODY RESEARCH!

    Mariane Pearl and Jolie were friends BEFORE Pitt bought the rights to the book. She not only had script approval, but MARIANE PEARL CHOSE JOLIE TO PLAY THE ROLE HERSELF!! Have you got that or do you need smaller words? Or are you of the belief that Mrs. Pearl is a liar and is covering for Pitt and Jolie?

    Mrs. Pearl trusts Jolie because they are friends with similar outlooks on the world they live in. She chose a FRIEND to play her in the movie, not a “white woman”.

    Just reading these comments makes me embarrassed to be an American. I’m willing to bet that the majority of the people here who are upset about Jolie playing a black woman are white people themselves. I’m black and I’m not upset in the least. On the contrary, I was happy to see someone who understood the issues and had actually been to Pakistan. On the other hand, you people only see the color of Mrs. Pearl’s skin. It’s painfully obvious that as a society we have advanced nowhere in HUMAN relations, let alone race relations.

  • Myra

    Mariane probably had no script/casting approval because she sold the rights of her book to Plan B to make the film. But I have heard that she was asked often about the pre-production of the film and the casting of Angelina. When it came time to film, she told everyone on set that she trusted them and left without visting. She seems satisfied with Angelina’s portrayal of her despite the criticism of casting. And I haven’t read her book, so I don’t know what references to race she made, but the film celebrates the friendship between people from so many different backgrounds working together to save Daniel Pearl’s life.

    And I do understand the frustration of black actors who felt that they were immediately overlooked for the part of Mariane, but I do not believe the decision was done maliciously to exclude black actors due to racism. It probably had more to do with Angelina being Brad’s partner and her connections to Mariane as a friend.

    But black actors should also celebrate the enormous strides they have made in film instead of focusing on the negative. In the last decade, so many black performers have been awarded Oscars and national recognition for performances. We are not living in classic Hollywood where the only parts black actors receive are as servants, maids and nannies. We have progressed so much and continue to do so.

    I think there is so much focus always on the negative. What about the positive? The United States focuses way too much on race and by doing so, have created more divisions than mended races together. I don’t think of myself as a white American. I’m just an American with a lot of different ethnic backgrounds mixed together. The labels are really ridiculous. I remember seeing Whoopi Goldberg on her stand-up say that she was tired of changing her name. It was from negro, to black to African American. And she asked: why did it have to keep changing? Was a pretty cute skit that is pretty relevant to how we label everyone.

  • Susan

    Just found this online about the casting of Angelina directly from an interview with Mariane:

    ‘WE HAD something to say that we knew we should say together!” So speaks the widowed Mariane Pearl, asked by Time to comment on how she felt about Angelina Jolie playing her in the film about the murder of her husband, journalist Daniel Pearl.

    Mariane went on to add, “I have heard some criticism about her casting, but it is not about the color of your skin. It is about who you are. I asked her to play the role – even though she is way more beautiful than I am – because I felt a real kinship to her. She put her whole heart into it, and I think she understood why we should do this movie.”

    Maybe this clears it up some for people who are going crazy about the casting…

  • The saddest commentary is so many of these “pundits” know everything about Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt. I wonder how many of them (including the author of the original article)have a clue as to what the movie is about. And I wonder how many of them could even tell you who Daniel Pearl was, and why it’s important we not forget him, or his wife.

  • daryl d

    I see Ray has a lot of reading comprehension issues, as usual. I DID see the movie, liked the movie, and know the subject matter is important. My point is that Jolie overshadowed a good movie and everything it was supposed to represent.

  • Nina

    I have to agree with the article, it is subjective but also spot on. Darlyl, though Brad and Aniston may not have been together at some openings they were still together in Cannes and remember it was after the pregnancy that he and Jolie admitted their relationship so I think in a way Janice is right people would never have seen that movie in droves had Brad admitted that he and Jolie were then an Item.

    My quarrel with these two is that they are too manipulative. I like Janice’s post, it was sport on. Remember before Cannes they released details of how much they were donating to Darfur and new Orleans, how cheap is that???

    Then the way they subject their kids to all those flashbulbs when the kids seem traumatised by it all like Maddox and Zahara in India and recently Pax and Brad in NY. Grown up celebs have admitted that being hounded like that is traumatic but what about children.

    Brad and Angelina are very selfish, even this movie is more about Angelina Jolie than Pearl, am glad it tanked. All their charity is about them and making a name. All those interviews Angelina gave about her brood to remind us what a good kind person she is sucked and turned more people off. I sensed that 2007 was not going to be their year and it has not been. Angelina is now box office poison and all her movies are going to tank like this one.

    I can bet she will soon be having a baby or going to Gambia to adopt to keep her name in the papers. I hope sh enow realises she is not as well loved as she is famous.

    Besides can someone looks as horrible as those two when they are truly happy? I mean even if she lost her mother, she had started looking like that in India, now she claims she got a nutritionist as if she cannot order a pizza. I am so sick of those two.

  • Claire

    Ray I saw the movie but I just could not get Angelina out of my head long enough to think she is Marianne pearl. Didn’t like the accent either. Actually, her whole performance was mediocre. But that is just my opinion.

  • Au contraire, daryl. I read your article. The problem with it is this–you didn’t touch on any of the issues the movie presented. You chose instead to focus on Angelina Jolie in the role. As you do with all your (ahem) writing, you chose to go for the cheap shot. You want to be a gossip columnist, fine. Even at that, you’re going to need something to back up your assumptions. Then again, you are becoming very adept at–how shall I say this?–shilling. Hyperbole, however, does not journalism make.

  • daryl d

    Really, Ray? For someone who supposedly dislikes my writing so much, you seem to follow my articles around everywhere and comment on them. I’m honored by your obsession with me, but is it going a little too far?

  • Unlike you, I like to know why I hate something. Call it my version of a neighborhood watch, if you will, but I really have a low bullshit threshold.

  • fishy

    Noone really knows about jolie came to get this part exactly, well apart from the obvious she was sleeping with the producer. I don’t believe everything pitt, pearl and jolie say. In the same way I don’t buy everything Aniston says or any other actors say when they have a film to sell. I smell something fishy since that play date thing started to surface. It seemed so unreal that pearl would personally contact jolie to talk about a play date. It was strange. My guess is Plan B has set it up because pitt wanted his girlfriend to play pearl. The women hit it off and filming began. I think jolie is too indeed to big for this film.

  • dinigi

    Totally agree with Janice. And the only reason Marianne said all the nice comments about Angelina, what else was she supposed to say to the man who’s producing her movie which needs to be told.

  • Sean Paul Mahoney

    Darryl, you hit the nail on the head with this one. Her film resume has been one crap-tacular film after another.
    And did you see her on Anderson Cooper? She was bblinking non-stop, talking in circles, and generally scaring the crap out of me. Good for her for being comitted to her causes but as an actress and personality she’s a mess.

  • ajiaw

    Great comments from the Antis, especially Janice. You might like to check out the medialady forum. It was set up as a response to the demented fans attacking people all over the net for expressing an opinion.

    We can and do delete loony posts so come and post in peace. You have to pick a user name to post but it is worth it.

  • Alec

    Jane – re: Dear Alex, you may think we all bleed red…

    I bleed red. All the people I’ve ever known bleed red. Are there any other options available? How ironic that you sound like a return to the days when Charles Drew protested the practice of racial segregation of blood donated by different races.

    Re: that’s a very convenient way to deny yourself of responsibility that comes with being black!!!!

    Is there a rule book handed out to black people at birth, puberty or some other life point?

    Re: Read more Maya Angelou books please.

    Read ‘em all. What I take from them is that people have a right to define themselves as they wish, to live their lives as they wish. Perhaps you missed the significance of the metaphor of the caged bird. Try some Jean Toomer, or the marvelously subtle Krazy Kat cartoons (e.g. Krazy & Ignatz: The Complete Full-Page Comic Strips, by George Herriman, edited and annotated by Bill Blackbeard, designed by Chris Ware; Fantagraphics)


    The movie has already been made, so your point is moot. But why do you insist on limiting the choices to Hollywood black actresses (except for Sophie Okenado). Why no Latins, for example?

    It is odd that you want to insist on viewing Pearl as black, denying the totality of her ancestry, especially when black media never interviewed her or claimed her, or particularly cared about her life until Hollywood decided to make a movie about her.

    Re: Alex would it okay if George Clooney plays Stevie WOnder? Ask yourself that question!

    Depends. Is it okay with you that Kate Blanchett is going to play Bob Dylan in an upcoming movie? Ask yourself that question!

    Morgan Freeman has been cast to play Nelson Mandela in an upcoming film, and Forest Whitaker righteously won an Oscar for his portrayal of Idi Amin. But shouldn’t you protest the fact that Africans were not cast in these roles?

    Myra – RE: I think the failure of ‘A Mighty Heart’ goes to the casting. Angelina Jolie is a talented actress (hence films like Gia and Girl, Interrupted), but it seemed to be a case of casting someone too big for the part.

    Great point. This was actually brought up during the review of the film on Ropert and Ebert, but the critics noted that after a while they just settled in and enjoyed the performance. But this kind of thing affects any actor who is a distractingly larger than life public figure. In the end, I guess it depends on whether the actor has talent, like Jolie, or is a terrible actress, such as Madonna, who couldn’t even carry off a cameo in one of the last Bond films.

    Re: When you sell private pics of your children and open doors that should be shut, you are going to create a frenzy.

    Jolie and others can’t win here. If they don’t provide the pictures, and so try to take some control over what happens, their kids end up being stalked and terrorized by photographers.

    Ray Ellis – re: Doesn’t biracial by definition mean )in this case) half-black and half-white?

    By this definition, Marianne Pearl is not biracial. This is really a meaningless social definition that means that you have one parent who can be identifiably pigeon-holed as non-white and another parent who can be pigeon-holed as white, without regard to the actual details of their heritage.

    The father of volleyball player and model Gabrielle Reece was a black man from Trinidad, but because he is dead and unknown and because Reece “looks” white, she is treated as white. She has always acknowledged her father and even has a tattoo that honors him, but this still does not get her an invite to the BET Awards.

    RE: Why does having a white woman portray her insult the black half? A lot of us are multiracial–it’s better to embrace all one’s ancestry.

    Well said.

  • sr


  • mench

    Please. I think we hate to see 2 people who God created so beautifully even with all their flaws get together and be mindless of what people think. We are jealous. Let’s admit it. YOU who hate Angie for hooking up with Brad – Will you say NO to Brad if he pursues you and can we blame you if you fall in love with him? Seriously? Divorce is a dime a dozen especially in Hollywood. Leave them alone. Maybe now they think they’re in love with each other, maybe tomorrow they’ll see someone younger and more beautiful. It’s NOT karma. It’s how the Rich, the Famous, and the Bored lives, and they sure don’t have time to do blogs.

  • mench

    Angelina acting as a somehow dark woman? Really this is acting. And actors of all colors should know this – if they are really ACTORS. Please, I’m a minority myself and I feel sickened whenever the race card is brought up.

  • Janice

    Daryl I think Brad is in too deep to dump Angelina. She will dump him because I don’t think this relationship or whatever it is will last. It is also true that he has lost most of his appeal because he comes off looking pussy whipped in this relationship and no woman likes a pussy whipped man. So Mench #94 even if Brad pursued me with a million dollars and an Island, I would still turn him down unless of course he only had six weeks to leave. LOL

    Seriously, I don’t think he is the attraction he was before Brangelina. He looks so stupid and his good looks have faded, the food they eat in that house must have something nasty as all members of the family look too miserable apart from an occasional smile. Does Brad have any friends anymore? I guess Angelina has weaned him off the few he had who were not Aniston’s. He has never had much character and morphs into his girl friends. His hair colour now is always matched to Angelina’s. What a pathetic sod. By the time she is through with him, he will not know his name. Hopefully we do not see ‘Brad Jolie’ on the accreditations in the ‘The assassination of Jesse James’ LOL

    Ajiaw #91 thanks for the invite.

  • Jennifer

    Janice… LOL, that is so funny. I agree. There seems to be this overblown brainwashing of the American public that Brad Pitt is somehow not just a reasonably good looking Midwestern guy with a nice boyish smile, but the very ‘archetype’ of the ideal man. This just isn’t so. It would be funny if it weren’t so disturbing how he has morphed himself into the male replicant model of any woman he was with in the public eye, which he then uses to strategically exalt himself as ‘the divine male’in the public consiousness.

    He seems insecure, manipulative, shallow and extremely narcissistic to me, also weak. No, I would not leave a good man for him. He’s played the ‘pretty boy’ card to death at this point. It’s like a 40-some woman trying to do the one-note samba of when she was a blushing ingenue. He has not evolved. He appears to be a very hollow man who exists only on appearances and reflections. This would not be attractive to me. I like handsome men but I want them to have a soul, their own soul, not mine.

    Sadly, I agree, it will probably be A.J. who leaves him not the other way around. It would follow along her dialectic lines of embodying either the powerful/destructive mistress who cowed her and her mother or to usurp the father’s role and become the cheater/abandoner. With her (judging by her actions and statements over the years) it is always about power and a pathological need to exert dominance. This aspect even comes through convincingly in her film roles.

    Brad Pitt got more than he bargained for when he left a good stable marriage for high-voltage mid-life crisis adventure. He got a psychopath, and he is looking worse for the wear. There is something kinked about a woman who cannot enjoy a good piece of man-steak without the gravy of his woman’s blood and tears on top. This is all about conquest and power.

    Speaking of patterns, how many relationships has A.J. laid siege to and put herself in between, only to chuck the man later? Does Brad Pitt feel his godhood will make him immune? Ultimately she will have to humble and destroy him. It is her way.

    I think Brad Pitt is weak and shallow, easily led, and his hero/leading man status is going to be undermined the longer he is in this misguided relationship/advertising campaign of global domination via mass visitation and adoptions. I do not think he is an inherently bad person. I would almost feel sorry for him, but he made his choices, sacrificed his wife and marriage. He was even so narcissistically insecure to be ruffled when his ex-wife was dating a model-handsome Englishman. He lost more respect points for that. I saw right through that frantic flurry of petticoats. So he was upset he does ‘cocaine’? Well, A.J. does ‘heroin’. It was so transparent.

    He wants no competition as ‘the fairest one of all’ more in the eyes of the public. “Get out of my ‘mirror space’ you British wanker!” 😉 He is a very vain man. The comparitively more oafish Vince Vaughn was a more fitting replacement in his eyes because it gave the impression that ‘he’ was the ultimate and the best Jennifer could get after him. This is not behavior from what I would consider ‘an ideal man I would ‘give anything’ to be with. Quite the contrary.

    And to those who suggest any who do not bow down and worship mindlessly are just mad-ravening jealous, I have this to say: Jealous? Indeed not. Enjoying an invigorating debate of ideas with interesting people in virtual space? Hell, yeah.


    Alex, the bottom line is you might not be pissed, but other black folks are. So deal with it.

  • Let’s us be honest

    IF PEARL IS DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT EMBRACING EVERYTHING, THEN DON’T PLAY TO THE PR. Come up with something more intelligent than ‘i have picked my friend because she understands me’ or ‘I trust her’ or ‘she understands the world we are living in’. THAT IS AN INSULT TO FINE BLACK ACTORS WHO COULD HAVE PLAYED THIS ROLE. All her reasons are..sorry very very lame. THERE WAS NO AUDITION FOR THIS ROLE. WHY SOPHIE OKENADO WAS NOT ASKED? SHE IS MIXED, LOOKS LIKE PEARL AND HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR. Is it because she’s not pearl’s friend or is it because she does not undertstand terrorism? She is an intellingent being (so as other black actress) who could have rocked this part!

  • LL

    This is bigger than Pearl and the brangelina and they sure have screwed it up!

  • My thought

    Sophie was not asked because she wasn’t sleeping with the famous producer. Simple mates.

  • Paul

    Move beyond the mighty tanked and see brangelina for what they are. They are A listers who hire intelligent people around them helping them to create good pr. They have a film to see and their people have fucked it up real nice for them. They may be good people but a lesson must be learned here. SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL. This is a fantastic lesson for Hollywood. Please don’t go down this road again. We don’t buy everthing you tell us.

  • Paul

    Learn from gweneth paltrow about how to behave in the lime light.
    She has successfully separate private/public. Her husband is a major rock star. Does she talk about him and her kids all the time. NO. She’s too savvy to play that game. Learn brangelina. Pick up that phone and ask your ex Brad. She is well respected and her life is not a circus. Most importantly she cares about the world, just as much as you are.

  • brownies

    Yes Gwen is an excellent example of how to play hollywood.

  • Irony

    FACT: All the morons who say why not “Thandie Newton” or why not “Sophie Okendo” would not even KNOW about this movie if Thandie or Sophie were in it because NO ONE CARES ABOUT THEM. This movie would’ve gotten NO PUBLICITY with them in it. This movie would not of done as well with them, it would of done WORSE!

    This movie would not do well with ANYONE because it’s not MAINSTREAM and most Americans are too STUPID AND SHALLOW to see a movie like this.

  • bcik

    So what all her films bomb? I don’t think it has anything to do with money! It’s to do with how she has successfully done her job as well respected actress and keeping her family as private as she can. What has it got to do with her box office. You’ve missed the point altogether.

    AMERICANS ARE TOO STUPID! OH god, can you be anymore arrogant? Yes we are too stupid to notice casting a white chick in a black woman role is wrong. LOL

  • 789

    The person who wrote all the nasty things about American people obviously did not go to college. It shows because the language he is using is vile and his reasons are retarded. Americans are stupid? What are you? Didn’t even make it to high school did you?

  • 789

    And why did you bring Aniston into this? Are you not over the divorce or the stupid Bermuda’s triangle? Someone has left you for a younger person? I guess so huh. This post has nothing to do with Aniston. Get over your heartache.

    This post is about how jolie is too big for the mighty heart. YES YES YES SHE IS TOO BIG FOR THE ROLE. She is bigger than Hollywood. Her family are everywhere and people begin to guess how they control the press. Thanks to jolie-pitt’s very best friends, PEOPLE and HELLO.

  • LA

    Irony, you are mistaken. Thandie Newton is more respected than Jolie herself as a person or as an actress. She is dignified, professional, and equally beautiful. Halle Berry could have also rocked this part (she is in demand because she can command good box office just as well as other white A listers). Don’t tell me nobody cares about Halle Berry. You are just having a hard time accepting the fact that people are highly critical of saint angelina jolie. LOL (by the way is that you Perez?, are you pretending to be someone else?)

    To the person who keeps bringing JEN into this, go to gossip blogs to bitch about the past. This article has nothing to do with with the divorce. Move on. Everyone else has except you.

  • Jane

    If it’s purely about the box office, hell yeah halle could have done this job nicely. But it isn’t just about the box office. It’s about raising the producer’s lover profile. Never mind how wrong it feels, as long as his lover gets the oscar nod it’s cool (Hollywood at it’s worst). A mighty tan, like someone else has mentioned in cybrog. A mighty shame with a very small heart.


    Irony, you are mistaken. Thandie Newton is more respected than Jolie herself as a person or as an actress. She is dignified, professional, and equally beautiful.

    You are missing the point, if Thandie Newton was in this movie NO ONE WOULD HAVE HEARD ABOUT THIS MOVIE. Understand? The media puts people on covers & interviews them on tv if they sell copies/get ratings. No one CARES about Thandie Newton? Got it? If she was in this movie it would’ve gotten 99% less attention then it did & done WORSE at the box office. Comprende?

    And you are such an agenda driven PHONY. If Thandie Newton was in this movie you STILL wouldn’t have seen it. You have NO interest in Daniel Pearl, all you care about is acting like Louis Farrakhan and screaming about some supposed injustice to black people.

    Anyway, this is the kind of movie people make because on PRINCIPLE. They know it won’t make money because all Americans want to see are BATMAN/SUPERMAN movies, animated kiddie garbage & sappy romantic comedies. American’s are SHALLOW and IGNORANT.

  • Canadian

    To a brangelina loonies, your guys are crazy, go to perez to vent your anger. You are insulting people the same way this film has managed to insult various people, who have decided to boycott this film. Frankly I don’t give a flying -uck who acts as Pearl, as long as it’s not a white chick, it’s fine. Yes your saint has got the job because she was -ucking the producer and it was an insult to black people!

  • Canadian


  • Peter

    Yes Americans are so stupid that we’ve praised and supported Brokeback Mountain and Crash. Both films have been nominated for the oscar. IRONY I take it that you aren’t American (what you are saying is in fact RACIST! and quite offensive to Americans) AND IF you happened to be an American, you make me (and a lot of people) feel so ashame to be an American. We don’t feel comfortable with the casting and we don’t feel comfortable with this couple. Surely that’s allowed and surely we’re able to discuss this topic in a civil manner instead of branding the whole nation stupid! It’s a kind of behavior you expect from badly uneducated ignorant people, which I must stress is “not” a typical American behavior. It ‘s a behavior that is “not welcome” in America. It causes fights between different people (and nations!), we don’t favor this kind of “below the belt attitude” We’ve moved forward from this stereotype nonsense

  • Nigella

    Does Jolie’s behavior has helped to tank this film? YES. Sorry but sometimes you can be too big for your own good. If Pearl was white, this film would have done a lot better. And if Jolie was not sleeping with the producer, it would have helped to sell more tickets. The release timing also sucks.

  • Nigella

    All of these combinations have helped to sink the film. I think it’ll make a lot of people think twice about working with their partners in the film world. Especially if you’re the A listers.

  • Irony

    #114 — July 1, 2007 @ 07:03AM — Peter
    Yes Americans are so stupid that we’ve praised and supported Brokeback Mountain and Crash. Both films have been nominated for the oscar. IRONY I take it that you aren’t American (what you are saying is in fact RACIST! and quite offensive to Americans) AND IF you happened to be an American, you make me (and a lot of people) feel so ashame to be an American. We don’t feel comfortable with the casting

    1. I am an American, and i’m surrounded by you IDIOTS everyday. Americans are SCUM.

    2. Brokeback Mountain is a completely different story since it was marketed/sold to one section of society, GAY PEOPLE.

    3. Crash had an all-star ensemble cast, and the ending wasn’t known, plus it played into RACISM which attracted the black crowd.

  • Neutral

    Will you people drop the phony crap already about casting and just admit that you would not have seen this movie no matter WHO played Mrs. Pearl…it’s so disingenuous.

    Saying you “boycotted” this movie is LIE because it implies you would’ve seen this movie if Jolie wasn’t in it, which is completly FALSE. You have no intrest in this story, man, or movie and you never did or would have.

    You all have agendas, you’re either here because…

    A) You’re a RACIST black who has an agenda about whites playing blacks. Black people don’t care about Daniel Pearl, most blacks couldn’t even pick him out of a police lineup.


    B) You’re some FAT white woman who’s been dumped in the past & hate Angelina because she reminds you of the woman who stole your man.


    C) You’re a republican who hates Jolie/Pearl because they are/were liberals.

    Either way, you’re all losers!

  • PJK

    oh my god! I aint going to see this movie period. I too feel really ashame to be American. Your guys are embarrassing!!! It’s obvious you love to hate anyone disaggreeing with you (WE AMERICANS DON’T BEHAVE LIKE THIS). It’s obvious you are one of the brangelina fans. Jolie’s losing her popularity. DEAL WITH IT.

  • John

    The person who is behaving like a ku klux klan is you Irony and Natural. You are racist toward black people. You’re saying stuffs that have very little to do with facts, what you’re saying have little to do with this post. By the way if you hate being an American, then I suggest you move out of the country. Nobody is stopping you. It’s a free country. Go ahead… move

  • Pink

    What has this movie got to do with the love triangle ? It was a long time ago. We don’t know who left whom exactly? What has it got to do with this post? It has zero connection with this post. This post is about how angelina’s behavior has costed this film to tank. Yes Daryl is correct. He’s right in this article. If you don’t like it, why don’t you go somewhere else instead of terrorising other readers, calling them names, accusing them of being scum (jesus!). Yes, if you think you’re surrounded by stupid people in America, then move. I’d say asap.

  • Texas

    Dear the person calling Americans scum. MOVE out of the country. WE DON’T BEHAVE IN THIS WAY. We aren’t ignorant people. We converse with reasons not with swear words. This person has a mental problem. He or she is either a stalker or about to become one. As it’s been mentioned by others above, please go away. Hop on a filght and go. It’s easy.

  • Floyd

    #124 I think you’re one spooky nutter. If you sick of living in America. Get the hell out. Please do. You’re embarrassing us.

  • Kelli

    Right or Wrong; the person for whom the story truly belongs believes that Angelina was the one to tell it. Opinions are like a-holes; everyone has one. I am a liberal and thank-God that we live in a place where we can all express out opinions, freely. People have died for right and I support it completely. I believe anyone who tries to fight the good fight~ deserves my support. Kuddos to Angelina!

  • sr


  • Gina

    Irony, you are just shooting yourself in the foot with your hateful rants. Do you think anyone is going to watch this movie because you called Americans vile names? It is even doing worse sat the box office. After two weeks, it has raked in 6 million and has drpped tp 14, that is the most pathetic box office perfomance for a movie with such a high profile star. Even Nancy drew is doing much better. And Irony, viewers have been clearer with the reasons why they have not watched this movie, they can’t stand Angelina Jolie one minute more. For the record, I sincerely believe the movie would have done better with Tandie Newton or Halle Berry, it owuld not have all that hoopla but would have performed better at the box office.

    Lets see what excuses you will make for wanted bombing.

  • Danielle

    Did Angelina Jolie’s Off-Screen Behavior Tank A Mighty Heart?

    Absolutely!! And No!!

    1) I believe people are just sick and tired of 1) seeing her face and 2) hearing her voice. As someone said on another blog somewhere in response to “something” she said:


    2) Also, it is fairly obvious that the “only” reason she was awarded this role is because of her relationship with the producer. What has she done in the past that would give anyone the idea that she could play this role?

    Granted, anyone can give a surprise performance, but what in the past would immediately think of AJ in this particular case???

    Madonna also “understood” the material when it came to Chicago (plus would have killed to play the role), but can you imagine???? She may have talent, but I don’t think anyone is blind enough to believe that AJ “popped” into anyone’s head.

    3) Add in the issue of race…Agree or disagree on the issue of if white can play black or black can play white. It’s actually a minor point. Many actors, producers and distributors face this issue and it always rears it’s ugly head. Even Glenn Close and Halle Berry have had to deal with this and I don’t think anyone would argue about their abilities.

    But, considering all the other drama surrounding this woman, what producer in their “right mind” would take that “additional” risk?? Usually when this issue comes up, it is generally the “ONLY” issue in an otherwise drama free production. Yet while these people create their own problems wherever they go, why take that extra chance……..?? Sorry, DUMB!!!!!

    4) AJ decision to take this role was based on ego and ego alone.

    While there were plenty of people available to play the lead role, take a moment to look at the supporting cast of this “indie film”. While indies are produced and released every year, take a moment to look up the top indie films of the past and decide for yourself how many starring roles went to familiar, recognizable faces.

    Indie films are low budget, BUT, if the material is RIGHT (or the publicity) can still attract of slew of big names and recognizable faces. So where are the other “stars” that clamored for a place in this important, historical drama??

    You have a film that is slated for actors across continents, with positions for people with a following. So, where were they?

    For a chance to do and say something important, many stars have and will continue to accept less money simply for the opportunity, so…..where are they in this case??? Or was the supporting cast also “played down”?

    Not questioning the ability of the supporting cast, but I can think of quite of few well known face that could have easily fit in into the casting and helped to draw in an audience.

    5) It was the combination of many issues that turned people off of this film. Jolie being a huge issue, the suspect reasons behind the casting of Jolie and the rest of the cast. The drama she continues to take such pleasure surrounding her self. Add the “race card” as the small cherry on top (the very small last straw on the camel’s back). What you get in a recipe for dismal comsumer last words.

    Personally I would have paid money to see a 2 headed, 3 legged turtle in the role with a great supporting cast.

    What it actually comes down to is lousy production from the word go. Casting is always 90%. This includes the actors as well as the director. While I can not question the director, the casting of this production was based on something other than talent and capability. If this were the main focus, there would have been a largely different cast in this film. The combination of production (BP) and the drama that is AJ makes this film an automatic NO GO.

  • ALEX

    “39 — June 28, 2007 @ 05:19AM — Jane
    Dear Alex, you may think we all bleed red, that’s a very convenient way to deny yourself of responsibility that comes with being black!!!! Read more Maya Angelou books please.

    THERE ARE MANY FINE BLACK ACTRESSES IN HOLLYWOOD WHO COULD HAVE PLAYED PEARL. The person who has mentioned Sophie Okenado is right. She looks very like Pearl and she could have pulled it off.

    Alex would it okay if George Clooney plays Stevie WOnder? Ask yourself that question!”

    JANE – it is because I have read Mayo Angelou’s books, that I can say what I have. You simply did not get my point. I fear some of us (hopefully not you) have become racist in the process of fighting racism.
    Let not history’s evil be used as a weapon for immortality…

    And Jane – read more about Willy Lynch, listen more to Nina Simone’s music.


    -Biracial woman

  • Brie

    This film has tanked BIG TIME. EVEN SOME PEOPLE THINK THE FILM IS FUNNY RATHER THAN A DRAMA. IT REMINDS ME OF BORAT IN A WAY. I tell you why. I think brangelina are crazy to think they can put a white woman in a black woman role. Did they really think many blacks would keep quiet about it? LOL. Sorry but if they thought they would get away with it, wait until the films get to Europe. It will get more negative press. I say don’t bother coming here to open this film. They might be boo on the red carpet by several black people. It will make the news around the world, trust me.


    Alex whoever said you should have learned how to control your anger in an earlier post is right. I’m black and I’m angry about this, so as many many many many black people I know. Leave people who’re angry alone. You’ve voiced your opinions in this post many times, stop repeating yourself. Just accept the fact that other black people ain’t happy about this and move on like a normal, educated, sensible person would.

  • Shampoo

    Yes the article is correct. Obviously a lot of people feel this way, which is why this film has lost money so far. I know there’re hard core fans out there but sorry on this battle you’re wrong guys. Most people are sick of the these two. People don’t want to pay to see either of them.

  • @mydesk

    If anyone wishes to bring ocean13 into this argument , I’d say wait until the curious benjamin comes out. We’ll see if Brad has lost it. I bet he feels nervous as hell. Yes the article is correct. Darl is right on this one. People don’t want to see jolie and I second many people here on race. Mariane is black and jolie shouldn’t have been chosen to play her.

  • @mydesk

    By the way Irony and Danielle and Alex are the same person I think. I’ve a feeling its that Ray who was fighting with the author of this article.LOL Man this person is seriously retarded. Alex cut the biracial shit you’re this person telling people American are scum. It’s you. I can see it clearly LOL. People stop responding to this post. We see if this Ray can talk to himself. LOL LOL LOL

  • @mydesk


  • virtual redhead

    I won’t see anything Jolie or Pitt have done. To me Jolie is some kind of vampire – not only does she have Jennifer’s husband, but the two movies originally intended for her (Mighty Heart and Wanted) when Plan B was the company Brad and she created. (Another vampire act: she is now essentially co-owner of that Brad/Jen project.) I also wonder if she is trying, in her way, to vampire Jen’s place as America’s sweetheart. Jen earned that title simply through being a genuinely charming, funny, approachable, self-deprecating and nice person – as her large circle of CLOSE friends prove. AJ has to go about it a little differently, because she has no warmth or humour – but she can do her best Diana imitation. But unlike Diana, none of it seems genuine but self-serving at best. Sorry! Not buying it… I’m off now to rent a pile of Jen movies, not because most are works of art, but because she is the Real Deal. “Life’s hard – get helmet.” Can you get any classier than that when your husband does a mag spread with his new not-lover and pseudo-children; proceeds to move in with her and gives her your roles and reduces you to “Jen who???” overnight? To hold your head high during such an onslaught is truly an inspiration to all of us women who have undergone similar trying experiences. Saint Angelina? Ha! SAINT JENNIFER, Patron Saint of Real Day to Day Get On With Your Life Women – YOU ROCK!!!

  • tgs

    virtual redhead. You are very wrong. Wanted is a totally different movie from the one JA was doing. Research is your friend.

  • Rowan

    Just curious, who are Angelina and Brad Pitt’s friends? Never saw even one of them with them at the Premieres. I guess they are truly over. The movie was only 16 million but this is the third week going to the fourth and it has not even made half its budget. That says a lot. I don’t think they should release it in Europe. My advice is that let them lie low and try to re evaluate their position. I think Angelina wants us to hold concerts in her memory after her death like Diana. This role was supposed to make her look like a real home hero and to finally lose her vampire image for a heroic one. Sorry dear, don’t steal husbands next time you want to steal people’s hearts.

  • ALEX

    @mydesk – You know basic respect is something I was taught – obviously you missed out on a bit of that. I never ever said ‘American are scum’. So stop the slander – I came upon this article by chance and while I am not blogging I thought it was important to say something. Well we all have opinions and now after reading many posts I realize that Einstein is correct:

    ‘Two things are infinite – the universe and human stupidity, I am not so sure about the former”

  • ALEX

    I THOUGHT THIS IS IMPORTANT …excerpt from Willie Lynch’s speech

    ‘The Black slaves after receiving this indoctrination shall carry on and will become self refueling and self generating for HUNDREDS of years, maybe THOUSANDS.’

    WARNING – THIS SPEECH IS VERY OFFENSIVE! the full speech can be found at The Talking Drum

  • Enough Already

    Oh Jesus Christ. Are we still on the Angelina stole Brad nonsense? When will that end? I would like to know how many people on here would go see a movie by Julia Roberts who “vampired” her husband away from his wife? How many people will see a movie by Catherin Zeta Jones who starting hooking up with Michael Douglas while he was still married? Or Jennifer Garner? Or Kate Hudson? Or Courtney Cox? Or Tom Cruise? Or Ben Affleck? Or Paul Newman?

    My opinion is that this is about how Angelina Jolie took the average girls dream of marrying the star quarterback and crushed it. Let’s be real, Jennifer Aniston is at best a 5. But she got Brad the 10 which gave all us normal girls the sense that we could do it too but now he’s gone off with the prettiest girl in school and reality has set back in.

    I am shocked that the writer of this article would consider himself a “journalist” after writing an article that was so biased and without foundation. There are no sources or facts provided, just speculations. The movie did badly because no one wants to go see a sad movie during the summer. Everyone is up for those crazy adventure movies. I think if they had waited to release it til fall when serious movies are released it would have done better.

  • expressions

    Oh bull “Enough Already”
    If Angelina was the big star that she was before, then her fans would go see the movie whether it was in the summer, spring, winter or fall. The bottom line is that she is not liked as much as before. I myself NEVER liked the woman. I just didnt get what people admired about her. her lips to me are just disgusting. I hate big lips, its just not my thing.
    Jolie’s popularity is falling. plain and simple. She is pretentious and as far as i can see she is unable to stand on her own two feet.
    I dont hate Angelina but i dont like her either.
    She played the leading role in “A Mughty Heart”. As far as i’m concerned she has no heart. I’m sorry but you dont steal another woman’s husband and expect people to feel sorry for you.

  • Angelina haters are FAT WOMEN

    [Edited] Jolie has NEVER been a big box office draw, so her popularity isn’t “dropping” it’s at the same level it’s ALWAYS been at.


  • AMH was not made for the purpose of making money and not “for general patronage” kind of movie. It was made in a very limited budget and… it was shown in very limited theaters. If you want fun and intertainment, this is not the movie for you. Come on, this movie is really intense and riveting and Angie is SUPERB. She’s a very talented actress and beautiful with or without makeup. I just couldn’t understand why you have this hatred in your hearts when she hasn’t done anything wrong to you and YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HER!!! Don’t drag their EXs into whatever negative issues you want to say to satisfy your egos. Jennifer and Angie are two different types of people. Has it ever occured to you that Brad is with Angie because they have the same interests in life, that is why together they form a family and that they are happy? Stop making Jen a victim. It’s so unfair .It’s OVER folks. Let it go.

  • LisaL

    Excellent article BRAVO!!!! Great writer, very truthful, right to the point.

    I will never go to a movie that has these two (BP or AJ)on the list. I would rather miss the movie!!! And I know many people who think the same way.

  • Scarlett

    You guys are all super freaks.. the point is that, you personally do not like AJ. So,keep your craps with yourself!