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Dice (singular die), are small objects that when “thrown” or “tossed” rest on one side or another, each side having a different number.

They are commonly use for generating numbers (or sometimes other symbols) in a random way. The randomness of the numbers generated make dice perfect for gambling games like Sic Bo or Craps. Non-gambling games, like Yahtzee and Backgammon also use dice, and are in need of “randomness” in some way.

Standard dice are formed into a cube with 6 sides (or faces), each side having a different number, 1 thru 6. Unless the dice have been tampered with or “loaded” , each side has an equal chance of landing.

Top gambling dice games include Craps, Hazard (also referred to as Chuck-a-Luck), and Sic Bo (commonly called Grand Hazard).

With the popularity of computers, computer games and the Internet, digital and online versions of popular board games and casino games have been developed.

Computer generated or “digital” dice are used in these games. An algorithm for generating a series of digits that approximates the properties of random numbers, called pseudo-random number generator, is generally the method used with computer generated dice.

As a result of the digital dice, online Craps has become extremely popular in gambling circles and online casinos. Additionally, digital Backgammon has become a top playing online dice game.

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