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Diamondbacks’ Quest For .500 Becomes Public Domain

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It's not out of the question. In two different worlds, ecosystems, universes, and petri dishes, the same events can occur. Identical thoughts can be thought by two different people (assuming both got the thought from Steve Allen). The Aztecs and Europeans came up with the same discoveries and inventions. And despite all that, I'm pretty sure the Arizona Diamondbacks stole my idea.

Never mind that the goal I set — that their team finish with a .500 record — was meant for them in the first place. But how about a "thank you?" Or a large sum of money? Hell, that kind of thinking is all it takes to be named their interim manager.

First baseman Josh Whitesell told The Arizona Republic over the weekend that reaching .500 for the season "would definitely help us, especially moving forward and going into next year." That's the spirit, young Whitesell! Play for pride! And tell 'em which blogger inspired you.

Admittedly, the Quest For .500 is a noble goal. Lofty, even. Mere hours before that article reached the Interpixels, the Arizona Diamondbacks lost their first of three straight games. To the Nationals. Would they settle for Quest For .400?

After a 9-4 loss to Atlanta, the D'backs are 11 games under .500, so they've regressed in the last week and a half. There are 43 more games for the team, meaning they need 27 more wins for an 81-81 record. Let's figure it out!

Three games against the Phillies (August 18-20): They can sweep this team, because Dan Haren should be able to out-pitch Cliff Lee, but a reasonable goal is 2-1.
Three games against the Brewers: 2-1
Three games against the Cubs: 2-1
Six games against the Rockies: 4-2
Six games against the Padres: 4-2
Six games against the Astros: 4-2
Seven games against the Dodgers: 4-3
Nine games against the Giants: 5-4

Yet again, no sweeps are necessary, but playing well within the division is paramount, especially since 28 games are against teams with winning records. But considering that they took two of three from the Dodgers last week, it's not out of the question to finish the quest. Nor is it to credit me fully for this idea, and create a bronze bust in my honor.

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