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Dexter Morgan is the complicated anti-hero of the hit television series Dexter, which began in 2006 and airs on the cable network Showtime. This character is the creation of Jeff Lindsay, author of the Dexter book series. Dexter is portrayed by actor Michael C. Hall, who also serves up a running bone-chilling narrative throughout each episode that is both logical and disturbing.

Dexter is a blood splatter analyst with access to crime scene evidence and confidential information on the crimes he avenges. He is also a seemingly decent and devoted family man to wife Rita and their children. However, he is covertly a detached vigilante serial killer. Taught by his father as a child, Dexter privately tracks down murderers and methodically disposes of them in ways befitting their heinous crimes.

Dexter has both a tremendous fan base and vehement opponents to its graphic violence, sexual content, and sociopathic themes. The series has won several awards including Emmys and Golden Globes. The series’ catchphrases are “Blood Never Lies” and “The Dark Passenger.”

More information on the show’s background, characters, and episodes can be found at Dark Passages: A Dexter Blog, as well as at Showtime-Dexter.blogspot.com.

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