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In literal terms a developer is someone who develops or is engaged in a development activity. In the real world a developer may mean different things in different contexts. For instance, in the real estate (property) business, a developer is a person who is engaged in the selling and buying of real estate for the purposes of developing the property into residences or businesses.

In the photography business or profession a developer is one who develops photographs (positive) from a negative (or film).

The word “developer” is also widely used in the software industry for identifying a person who develops or builds software by writing its code. In general terms a coder, developer or programmer in the software industry are synonyms. A developer who develops a new game by writing its code or software is called game developer. A specialized skill set is required to write a software. A developer has to learn some language or software development tools like C++, java, sql, visual basic, d2k etc. to be able to write a software program and become a professional software developer. The counterpart of developer who tests the developed product to find out bugs is called tester. There are a couple of interesting articles about software developers – one showing the difference between a developer and tester; and another discussing some facts about developers.

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