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Detroit Tigers, Slightly Better Than Before, Are World Series Bound

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Dear Detroit Tigers,

I'm sorry for all the years I made fun of your team.

I'm sorry for 2000, when you opened Comerica Park, at which point I claimed you don't give a kid with diarrhea a new diaper.

I'm sorry for 2001 when I called a "Catch-22" what your infield does with 100 pop flies.

I'm sorry for 2002, when Ernie Harwell retired as the team's play-by-play announcer, calling him "the luckiest man on the face of the earth."

I'm sorry for 2003, when your team lost 119 games, and to repeat all the punch lines I coined throughout the season would take up all of Blogcritics' bandwidth.

I'm sorry for 2004 when I hoped the team would only lose 118.

I'm sorry for 2005 when I noted how Tigers games would no longer be seen on Detroit's UPN station, noting that "Well, nobody's seen them play since 1984 anyway."

And I'm sorry for — like everyone else — predicting your team to finish just fourth in the division.

WOOOOOPlease realize that I joked out of love and not of hate.

Your pal forever,

There, I feel better. To be honest, "better" was the biggest understatement of the last 17 years.

And I'm not the only one to feel better after Saturday night's game, when the Detroit Tigers beat the Oakland A's 6-3 to advance to the World Series.

Magglio Ordonez feels better. After hitting 2-for-13 in the ALCS, Ordonez hit two home runs, including a 3-run homer in the ninth to seal the win and the series for the Tigers.

Placido Polanco feels better. After missing most of September with a separated shoulder, he's healthy and performing. In fact, he's doing so well (9-for-17 at the plate ) that he won the ALCS Most Valuable Player award.

Jason Grilli feels better. After walking three straight bDave Dombrowskiatters in the eighth inning in a tie game, Wil Ledezma came in and got Marco Scutaro to pop out to end the threat.

Sean Casey and Joel Zumaya feel better. Casey tore his calf muscle in Game 1 after sprinting out of the batter's box, and Zumaya experienced soreness in his throwing wrist, missing the last three games of the series. But they both have a week to heal up before the World Series.

Dave Dombrowski feels better. After taking the general manager job for Detroit five years ago, he endured four losing seasons and a fair amount of criticism before all of his roster moves finally resulted in an American League pennant.

On the other hand, the Oakland A's — who finally won a playoff series this year on their fifth try only to go winless in the next round — don't feel better.

Sorry about that.

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  • http://www.magicjunk.com/blog Mark Sahm

    Don’t forget the Yankees will feel better that they lost to the eventual World Series champs.

  • http://www.futonreport.net/ Matthew T. Sussman

    Yes, because that made ’em feel great in ’01, ’02, ’03, ’04.

  • http://www.magicjunk.com/blog Mark Sahm

    Well, it sure beats how the Twins must be feeling right now.

  • http://musical-guru.blogspot.com/ Michael J. West

    Don’t forget the Yankees will feel better that they lost to the eventual World Series champs.

    I hope the Cardinals will feel that way, too.

  • http://www.roblogpolitics.blogspot.com RJ Elliott

    Great article, Suss. Albom-esque.

    (And I meant that in a good way, just in case…)