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A detox (short for detoxification) is the removal of toxic elements from the body, either naturally or assisted by use of herbs or cleansing foods.

The body detoxes naturally each and every day, but how much depends a lot on what other activities are going on inside the body. For example, illness, regardless of how minor or major, can hinder or slow detox. Digestion will also hinder or slow down detox.

Any diet can be considered a detox diet. However, it depends on how much (and what) is consumed in a day as to the level of detox. For example, consuming just water (a water fast) can trigger a drastic detoxification, assuming the body is in a toxic enough state where a drastic detox is necessary (as is the case with most people on any of today’s standard diets).

Drastic detoxes may be necessary in some situations, but a lot of times, a more steady, pleasant consistent detox is all that is necessary. Raw food detoxes are recommended a lot of times because they are high in water, high in nutrients, and usually easily assimilated (especially when consuming “light” foods like smoothies and green juices).

Raw food does not include a lot of the more difficult-to-digest hard-on-your-body foods which is another proponent to making cleansing and detox easier.

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