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Detective Robert Goren: Relentless Pursuit of Evil vs. Evil Being Relentless In It’s Pursuit

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This series is a form of creative writing known as fan fiction. Detective Robert Goren is a regular character on the Dick Wolf television show, Law & Order: Criminal Intent. What follows is one longtime viewer’s breath of life into an already popular character.

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I caught up on a lot of reading over the last few days. Moby Dick (an old favorite) describes a quest for a whale that is referred to as evil. Captain Ahab is desperately trying to rid his universe from all things that are evil. The whale was deemed evil because Ahab was dismembered by it and thereafter it became his representation of everything EVIL in the world. Ahab with the help of 30 sailors set out for revenge, in an effort to kill all of the evil. In the end, however, the whale defeats Ahab and takes the entire crew ship to the depths of the ocean. One thing that stands out is Captain Ahab’s character and how his single-minded pursuit of justice results in failure and loss of lives. I believe that this truly shows the arrogance and selfishness of Ahab.

It makes me wonder, at what point does the pursuit of evil turn into another type of evil unto itself?

Where is that line drawn in the sand and how do you know when it’s shifting to far — or honestly, how do I know if I’m moving it onto the side of evil? We’ve all heard the examples of less than honorable actions from people in places of authority. The crooked cop that is so desperate to lock up a particular person that they set them up in a dishonest way. Then you have the rest of us that do not break the law to uphold the law, but we obsess. It does become an all-encompassing thought that runs amok and takes over.

What about those that are “allowed” to break laws in order to catch the bad guys? Cops that go undercover as drug dealers and such. Are they really any better than the real dealers? Why, because we tell ourselves it’s different? Is it really that different though?

I think most cops don’t really think about these kinds of things, they just do their jobs. But if in order to solve a crime we need to think like they do, act like they do and be able to pinpoint all of the little details — well doesn’t that make us just a little evil as well? We’re just two steps to the left of the line in the sand and God forbid it shifts when we aren’t paying attention.

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