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Detective Robert Goren Fading

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This series is a form of creative writing known as fan fiction. Detective Robert Goren is a regular character on the Dick Wolf television show, Law & Order: Criminal Intent. What follows is one longtime viewer’s breath of life into an already popular character.

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Have you ever watched someone who knew death wasn’t so far off? After they’ve come to a point of acceptance, if time still remains, then what? Someone that is close to me is watching a parent let go. Their health is failing and they’ve decided that being hooked up to machines meant to prolong “life” isn’t the road they want to travel. This is someone in their 70s who has led a very active life – for that person not being active and able to care for themselves is a form of death as it is. Confining them to a bed and telling them that maybe *if* they stay in that bed hooked up to those machines, then maybe they’ll get to live a tiny bit longer. What kind of life is that really?

How devastating it is to watch. This parent is still in their right mind and is able to make their own medical decisions. That includes deciding AGAINST some types of treatment. What is left is an elderly person who has lived a full life and they have now decided that it’s okay to let go with a bit of dignity.

The friend has discussed these types of things with their parent over the years. Whenever an acquaintance was in bad health … The parent has always stated that they didn’t want to be kept alive by machine. Now that the situation actually exists, the response is the same.

How painful for a child of any age to have to let go of a parent. To stand by and watch the parent face death without much intervention. All they feel they can do is fight for the parents wishes to be upheld. Beyond that, small pleasures that might bring a moment of joy to the parent are brought to the hospital daily. Anything to improve the quality of life even for a second because at this point, seconds count.

I listened last night as the friend unloaded. She is fighting tooth and nail for the parent’s wishes to be upheld. No one else is in a position to make decisions except for her so she can’t really be challenged. But the amount of mental pressure is unreal. Even ex-family members believe that they have a say. They want her to “force” the parent to accept the treatment.

Force it?

It never really occurred to me just how desperate people become when faced with someone’s death. What a horrible, painful situation. I mean, how desperate it is when you are trying to force someone who has lived a full life, to continue on.

So sad in so many ways. The friend needs fight for what the parent wants all the while knowing the end result will mean loss. Permanent loss for themselves. Trying to place the wishes of the sick one above those of themselves, hurting all the while.

The right to life. The right to die. The right to choose?

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