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Destructoid’s Details on God of War 3‘s Cut Content

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The depressing revelations that Sony Santa Monica's God of War 3 could have been even more epic and awesome keep coming. In a recent interview with website Destructoid, the game's director, Stig Asmussen, discussed elements of the hit PlayStation 3 game that had to be cut.

Asmussen describes, in particular, the Alpha stage of the game as "too big" resulting in a series of cuts so they could polish the rest of the game. Two things that were removed were the boss Argus, a beast with 100 eyes, and a massive cyclops, one almost twice as big as any other cyclops. Each boss had their in-game reveal and specific gameplay worked out but they were not finished.  Other elements that had to be removed from the game include "a big Titan scene at the end" where the player confronts Zeus on Gaia, who becomes involved in the battle as well. 

Sadly these elements were just too big for the game, which remains quite a substantial experience even though it has been edited. Asmussen states that their inclusion would have meant other parts of the game, like the remaining Titan scenes, would have suffered as a result and sacrifices had to be made.

So where does that leave the edited content? While Asmussen remained tight-lipped on both downloadable content in the interview as well as the series' future, he does claim that the game is almost "zipped up too tight" and that adding in any new AI, like Argus or the cyclops, or an extended epilogue may break the whole game. Despite these comments, fans will still be hoping that some of these elements will be made available as downloadable content in the future since purely releasing new challenges and character skins will probably not be enough to appease the God of War fans out there.

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  • Crangle

    ps3 really killed my wallet…

  • Rambo34

    man, those things sound so awesome. I was actually reading about this huge legendary cyclops in the the limited edition strategy guide. This could be the one mentioned in the article. He was much tougher than a normal cyclops and had more intellegence than the barbaric mindless creatures displayed in the game. The argus also sounds cool. This could have possibly extended the gameplay by a few hours. Are they saying the PS3 wasn’t capable of including these things? I think they should have gone all out. Not cutting anything. If this is really the last game of the series, go all out. No need in saving content for later if there won’t be a later.

  • Troy Mayes

    Yea they sounded pretty sweet. I think it was more they were running against a deadline that they couldn’t extend so to include these things would have been a few more weeks or so of development time to get them to their standards and they couldn’t do it. Also I think they were worried about burning the team out by putting too high a demand on them. It is disappointing to hear that these things were thought of but not included, definetley makes me want to play more God of War

  • Yea the Hercules fight is pretty damn awesome, as are most of the boss fights. Don’t think you are going to have much luck hoping for a 360 release, it’s a console seller and Sony won’t give it up