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Desperate Housewives Star Marcia Cross Put On Bed Rest

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Recent Golden Satellite winner Marcia Cross has sent the producers of Desperate Housewives scrambling for a solution after her doctor has ordered her to be put on bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy. According to TV Guide, the producers have decided to move production of the show to Cross' own house for two days to finish filming the rest of the episodes she is scheduled to appear in for the rest of the season.

FOX News says Marcia will be upstairs in bed, while the production crew is downstairs whipping her home into shape — turning it onto a replica of Bree Van De Kamp's house. Cross isn't due until April, but apparently Marc Cherry had already planned a way to keep Bree out of the end of the season in order to keep from having to write Marcia's pregnancy into the script.

They've been trying vehemently to hide Marcia's baby bump with mirrors, weird camera angles, etc. to no avail. Not only is the bump too big to hide, but so are her ample breasts that we all know Bree never had before. Her mother-in-law, played by Shirley Knight, even makes a mention of Bree's lack of endowment in season two when Andrew says, "Looks like Dad was into big breasts" and she replies, "Yes, that's why I was surprised when he married your mother".

Unfortunately, this probably means Marcia Cross' Emmy chances are shot — as she's had no exceptional episodes this season due to the hiding of her pregnancy, and thus will likely have no tapes to submit that could get her a nomination. Which is why it's even sadder that Cross is nominated for a Golden Globe this Monday that if she wins, she will not be able to accept because she obviously won't be attending.

In any event, it looks like the other actresses on the show are keeping things alive on Desperate Housewives — as indicated by this sneak peak clip of Teri Hatcher sporting the charming comedy chops we've come to know and love.

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