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Desperate Housewives Offers Busy Women a Good Way to Unwind

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If you like suspenseful, feminine, funny, and mysterious television, then Desperate Housewives is the show for you! The ABC show first aired in October 2004. It has since been through six glorious seasons with the seventh one premiering on September 26. The show can be compared to Sex and the City, except the Desperate Housewives have children and the stories present real life struggles that busy moms face on a daily basis. These women deal with raising toddlers and teenagers and gay sons, all while staying on top of their careers and keeping their husbands satisfied.

Born and raised on a farm in Oklahoma, writer and producer Marc Cherry attended California State University, Fullerton, as a theater major. He struggled to land a hit show and prevailed when he finally got his big break with Desperate Housewives. He had done previous work writing and producing for the The Golden Girls, between 1985-1992.

Desperate Housewives is my favorite TV show. As a mother myself I can relate to all of the women on the show in some way or another. The four main characters consist of two brunettes, a blond, and a redhead. The show kicked off with a woman named Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong), who narrates the series, killing herself. This stunned everyone on Wisteria Lane. Her life seemed so perfect, so it is very puzzling why she did such a thing. And her four best friends want answers.

Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher) starts out as the clumsy single mom of a teenage daughter. She is also a writer. After going through a few love triangles, she transitions from being a single mom to the married life. Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman) is the married, stressed-out mother of four. She is also very successful at an advertising firm. At times, I could even feel her anxiety as I watched her trying to round up her three rowdy sons while calming her crying infant. She could be seen as a supermom for sure.

And then there is the lovely Bree Hodge (Marcia Cross) who never has a single hair out of place, always has gourmet meals on the dinner table, bakes the best muffins, and whose house, garden, and lawn are always kept immaculate. She is married with two teenage children. Even when her life is about to fall apart, she still proceeds with a prim, proper look and a smile.

And we also can’t forget about the sexy Latina, Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria-Parker). The former supermodel married a rich man who gave her everything she ever wanted. It then turned out that he was a workaholic and never spent the quality time with her that she desperately wanted. For revenge she had an affair with her hot young gardener. Her married life proceeds throughout the seasons as an up and down roller coaster. Even though her selfishness is over the top, she makes up for it with great, humorous acting.

In the later seasons, the show fast forwards five years. This dramatic change gave the show a fresh new vibe, yet still kept it as enjoyable as it was before. And just when you think the drama and suspense are over, another clever scenario arises. There is never a dull moment in this awesome show!

I would suggest this mysterious comedy to any person who is trying to balance a career, children, love life, and household duties all at the same time every single day. Young women will also like the show. Some men may even like it, since the women’s husbands also make appearances. I have gotten many of my friends watching the show and they all agree that it is fabulous!

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