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Desperate Housewives Finally Digs Out From Under the Debris

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When we last left Desperate Housewives, a twister destroyed everything in its path. I have to salute Marc Cherry and his team for the visual image. Not only were homes destroyed, but viewers had their teeth set on edge when they realized residents could be trapped underneath the debris, or worse.

Perhaps the biggest nail-biter was the condition of the Scavo family. While Lynette (Felicity Huffman) was out chasing Karen McClusky's (Kathryn Joosten, The West Wing) cat, Tom and the kids were down in Karen's basement with Ida Greenberg (Pat Crawford Brown).

I've known for a bit which characters would leave Wisteria Lane for a home six feet under, but figured nobody would appreciate me blabbing prior to the episode being shown. Since there is always a chance someone connected with a show might read what I write, I choose discretion.

Stop reading if you haven't yet seen the episode and don't wish to read any spoilers.

Adam Mayfair (Nathan Fillion, Firefly) left Katherine (Dana Delany). You know, the more I see this show, the more I am reminded of Pasadena. Dylan (Lyndsy Fonesca) found a note Katherine tried to destroy, but it remains to be seen what it says. Viewers actually might wait a good bit to find out since this was the last episode to be filmed prior to the writers strike. Can anyone say fall premiere?

Carlos Solis (Ricardo Chivara), is presently blind due to tornado damage. Gaby (Eva Longoria) has not heard, but she has news of her own to share. Milton Lang (Mike Farrell), Victor's father, threatened to expose her affair if she tried getting money out of Victor's estate. I see where Victor got his morals and integrity.

So who died? Ida Greenberg. Lynette and Karen spread her ashes on the baseball field after breaking in with bolt cutters.

Hmph. Considering how widespread the damage was, does it make sense to only kill off two? No need to show anything, just have someone get a phone call. Or, get a character to mention the death to someone else. Easy enough.

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  • mskari

    Apparently when the show re-airs lynnette is going to lose a child! Im not sure how, i hope its not parker tho i think he’s a sweet child.

  • listen

    actually 4 people died….one-Ida two-Victor three-Slyvia and four-Al (the tax guy)

  • mo

    Sylvia makes three. Pay attention! 😉

  • Um wait a minute. Victor died -one. Ida died – two. Where did you get the three?

  • Three people did die. And i’m super glad Tom didn’t leave the show. He’s one of my favorites. Also the cat was Ida’s.

  • Three would have included one of the Scavos. Tom would have made the most sense, IMO. Also, Stella was at the house of Bob and Lee. Just saying.

  • I haven’t seen the fourth season but I wonder how long the thing will take to turn into a boxset this time around. I read the ratings come in under 20 million, so hopefully pretty fast. I agree with the whole two people being killed thing. There should have been three lol.