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In a broad sense, designers are professionals who are trained to design the structural properties of an object, but the term can also apply to intangible things, such as strategies, laws, methodologies, graphics and schematics.

Historically, one of the most important areas of design covered the major arts, which included architecture, painting and sculpture. The minor arts included the design of ceramic objects, pieces of furniture, tailoring and decorations, and practitioners were knows as craftsmen rather than artists. Nowadays, the term designer lends itself to a wider range of activities, including interior design, graphic and web design, game design, fashion and jewelry, engineering, lighting and sound design, and much more. The visual arts provide a fertile ground for designers to master their artistic skill and express their creativity. With the emergence of computer art, designers no longer have the bound by traditional media and are able to capture, create, manipulate and edit imagery, create illustrations and animations that would have been impossible to achieve by traditional means.

Fashion design deals with the creation of clothing items, either as a form of artistic expression or as every-day wear intended for the mass market somewhat like Fashion Designers South Africa extends to the fashion world. When clothes are tailored specifically for an individual, they bear the name “haute couture”. A number of fashion houses and renowned fashion designers typically create custom-fitted dresses and suites for celebrities or royalty, which are usually worn at red-carpet events. Items of jewelry and others accessories, such as hand-bags or belts, may also be especially designed for VIP customers. The fashion industry is currently one of the most profitable businesses in the world.

Depending on the scope and field of activity they are involved in, professional designers usually have to undergo a rigorous education to acquire the skills they need for their jobs. Regardless of the domain, however, designers rarely work alone. Design teams are typically formed, where an experienced or senior designer oversees the activities of his or her subordinates. The supervisor dictates the direction the design process takes, but will also be advising and guiding the rest of the team. Examples of design teams can be found in urban design, architecture and even fashion design.

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