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Dennis Miller: The Ultimate American Failure

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You have to feel a little sorry for Dennis Miller. He has become such a professional failure and so personally unpleasant that you almost wish God would relieve him of the misery which is his life. However, there are some who take joy in Dennis Miller’s constant failures because no matter how bad their careers get, they can always say, “Well, at least I’m not Dennis Miller.”

Dennis had his better days. I remember my friends and I would watch Saturday Night Live every weekend in the mid-eighties. When the “Weekend Update” segment came on, we would laugh so hard as to spit out whatever we were eating. Dennis Miller’s commentary was witty, relevant, and absolutely hilarious. Unlike some of the other “Weekend Update” anchors, he didn’t give the impression that he was trying too hard to be funny; he was the physical and intellectual definition of humor. He entertained us for years until he left to create his own show, The Dennis Miller Show, in 1992.

This new late night show was supposed to be “cool” and “alternative.” But not only did Dennis Miller act like he was obviously reading off of cue cards, he always looked as if he came to the set after drinking a little too much. Some blamed the extremely low ratings on contracting problems with the Tribune Company, but most likely tuned out due to Mr. Miller’s complete lack of humor. The biggest thing The Dennis Miller Show could take credit for was breaking the band Toad the Wet Sprocket through to the mainstream. That, itself, should be considered a crime.

In 1994, Dennis Miller made a smart move to HBO where he created Dennis Miller Live. It was a half hour comedy show that was simple, but funny and effective. He would usually have only one guest on a show and end it with a news segment similar to his days as an anchor on Saturday Night Live. The show won five Emmy awards but soon became a parody of itself as Dennis had, apparently, run out of funny material. After deeply declining ratings and horrid feedback from viewers, HBO canceled the show.

Just before Dennis Miller Live was canceled, Dennis tried out Monday Night Football where he attempted to add a funny twist to his awful commentary. He thought he could win over audiences with such quotes as, "Check out the helmet hair on Randy Moss, babe! He looks like some freakish anti-Mr. T after a long evening sleeping through Aida.” People were laughing at Dennis Miller more than they were laughing at his pathetic jokes. Even though I’m not a football fan, I have to admit to tuning in sometimes just to see Dennis Miller for the train wreck effect. In 2002, after awful ratings, Dennis Miller was told to pack his bags.

After being fired from both HBO and ABC in the same year (ouch!), Dennis began 2003 by reinventing himself as a bitter neocon, often criticizing celebrities who were against the war in Iraq. He appeared on FOX News during the Hannity & Colmes show sounding like a spokesperson for the Bush administration. It was around this time that one could sense mental and physical desperation. Mr. Miller’s skin started to look very rubbery and huge bags formed under his eyes. Even when he smiled, something was wrong. It didn’t look like he was having fun; he was desperately trying to make himself laugh since nobody else laughed with him.

After three awful career failures, Dennis Miller was somehow hired by MSNBC to star in his own show, simply titled Dennis Miller. By this time, watching Dennis Miller wasn’t a train wreck; it was the equivalent of plane crash. If you were one of the seven or eight people who actually watched the show before it was canceled, then God bless your soul. We all make mistakes one time or another in our lives.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Dennis Miller soon started to appear on FOX News commentaries with everybody’s favorite dildo- and vibrator-loving neocon, Bill O’Reilly. Dennis also became a star of 1/2 Hour News Hour, in which he laid out venomous, desperate diatribes on such targets as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Dennis Miller has turned into the physical and mental definition of misery. There is absolutely no hope for him unless there really is a such thing as reincarnation. How can people be so shocked at his venomous commentaries when it’s obvious that Dennis hates himself more than the subjects he tries to rip apart? Part of me understands Dennis because if I had been fired five times in five years, I would hate myself as well. Poor Dennis Miller!

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  • mexhapati

    fired from hbo and abc all in one year? because of his political views? nope, it was the ratings…the man is not funny any more

  • jm313

    This is another typical “Dennis is no longer funny because he makes fun of my liberal political views” article

    TO ALL YOU LIBERALS: Dennis Miller’s comedic style hasn’t changed and he is still funny the only thing that has changed is his targets. He used to mainly target conservatives and you guys were loving him for it but now he targets liberals a lot and you guys can’t handle it. Conservatives are 100% right that liberals are pissy crybaby’s. I see a lot of liberals today saying Dennis is a smug asshole with his dumb smirk. Well the smugness and smirking are part of his persona and you guys were in love with it back in the day.

    It’s very funny how liberals sit there and say they are so tolerant and open minded but cannot talk rationally to anyone with opposing views and cannot take criticism at all you liberals take yourselves way too seriously and think you are 100% right about everything!

    P.S. Dennis is a LIBERTARIAN not a conservative! If you actually watch his routines and listen closely he is actually more moderate.

    • keirmeister

      I used to LOVE “Dennis Miller Live.” His esoteric cultural references were so funny.

      Dennis stopped being funny when he became a Conservative (I’m sorry, but when you defend Bush and Cheney in their criminal enterprises, you’re a Conservative, not a Libertarian).

      His newfound lack of humor wasn’t because he attacked liberals, it was because he Joked Down. He started defending the actions of those in power while making fun of those who were fighting for alternatives. When one goes this route, one no longer speaks truth to power, but instead becomes a mouthpiece of the powerful.

      …And that is NEVER funny.

      • Molesworth

        That’s it, precisely.

    • EdwinNorth

      when he was funny and busting on we “typical” liberals, I could laugh at myself. No, he lost his edge after the SNL run and the few gems after..he’s become an embittered, desperate, drunken (or looking like he just finished a week long bender with no sense of his former intellectual irreverence. I wanted him so much to be funny..hell I went to see him live and it was great to get those knowing nods (we were very close to front row,) when I was the only one to laugh at a deep obscure reference.
      The sad fact is, he is no longer funny or relavent. He’s done and Faux Gnus can have him

  • Brandon

    Your article is moronic. It’s obvious you loathe the man for nothing other than his political views. Truth is he thinks conservatively on some issues and liberally on others. If you were significant enough for him to give any attention to, he would destroy you in a debate.

  • Dougyver

    It’s always entertaining to read an internet attack written by someone who hasn’t got one ten-thousandth of the credentials of the victim..
    Daryl, lemme know when you manage to swing a job with ANY major network, ya poor boob..maybe I’ll write a blog post about how much ya suck at it.
    I won’t hold my breath..

  • Salina

    How do I know? Called Kardashians selfish-greedy-gypsy scientologists=here comes calvary Dennis to report I am a blind-old-gypsy toBill old really. Not a good narc wrong on every count-(poor guys takin about their relatives that way)
    something about aiding and abetting failure

  • Salina

    Dennis bless his heart scares me very corporate spyish. He reported a cease and desist writer(me)to train wreck of one hit wanders stealing from the copywrite office and Bill O’Rielly

  • Rupert

    Dennis can be very funny and sometimes he is and sometimes he isn’t. His radio show alternates between a guest each hour and phone calls from the public. Understandingly he gives short shrift to callers as he is major star comic and wealthy which is not a crime either.

  • Carl T

    Dennis Miller was on The Factor the night after the election, and in his own smarmy way parroted FOX News talking points, i.e. anyone who voted Obama wants “free stuff.” Watching Miller then say that it all really doesn’t matter to him anyway, because “he has a great life”, was pathetic. It was his way of reminding everybody that he’s rich! But as many of his supporters repeatedly point out on this thread, Miller is no dummy. I agree. So at the risk of sounding trite in comparison to Miller’s brilliance, I can only trot out the oldest of cliches: money can not buy happiness.

  • Dr Puggles

    Great read. Denis Miller is toast

  • Pinta (or Santa Maria, or someone like that):
    “Since you cannot follow Dennis Miller due to his masterfull use of the English language ”

    More like an news-ad writer who went insane and just sits around blurting out random trivia news-facts and product-slogans and jingles– which was funny once for about five seconds (or years, if you’re a pre-teen), but has since gotten a bit “beyond ripe” and into necrotic.

    “Yeah, you can get your two all-beef patties and sesame-seed bun but if you wanna have a coke and a smile then you’d better get over the Battle of the Bulge faster than Josephine divorced Napoleon after Waterloo!”

    That’s not “masterful use of the English Language,” it’s MASTURBATING with it!

  • The problem with Miller is that he’s a one-trick hypocrite trying to sound funny AND intelligent, just by talking like a dumbass in a clear ripoff of Robin Williams (not just the dumbass-talk, but the annoyance-factor). At first he used to launch his left-wing jism all over the right, saying that gun-owners should be killed etc.; but then 9/11 happened, and he shit himself, and showed that he had no spine by doing a political U-turn at warp-speed, and simply proved himself a two-faced PUSSY when he just launched all over the LEFT without breaking stride, as if all those years of pinko-propaganda WERE ALL NOTHING BUT A HORRIBLE DREAM, and that he was ALWAYS a dyed-in-the-wool conservative.
    So in other words, it was fine to shit all over gun-owners and other Americans while Miller HIMSELF felt safe; but the instant that HIS ass-hair got a little singed, then he changed both his underwear AND his ideology, thus showing that he was just a complete pussy-coward with a big mouth and a sneering, arrogant, condescending, irksome manner of delivery. That might work well with teenage-loser audiences who think they know everything and will laugh at anything, but it’s pretty grating for adults who want a little TRUTH in humor.

    So he’s just a spineless, arrogant little wimp who’s sucking up to the school bully (i.e. the right) that he used to make fun of from a safe distance, now that there’s a new kid in town out to kick his ass.
    If 9/11 “changed” Miller, like he says, then obviously doesn’t this mean that he had his head up his ass BEFORE that, by being a sneering, arrogant, smarter-than-everyone mascot for Bill Maher?
    But NO; Miller has never showed an OUNCE of remorse or humility for his prior asshole-ways, nor has he reformed; rather, he’s just gone from a left-wing prick, to a RIGHT-wing prick.
    And right-wing audiences pretend that they don’t like pricks as much as the left– even though they really DO like pricks such as Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly etc, they don’t like to ADMIT it; and Miller hasn’t bothered to wear his obligatory “veil of right-wing dignity.”
    So he comes off as a smarmy and obnoxious right-wing jackass, who’s not only self-righteous but also supposedly more CIVILIZED than the left– and that’s where he fails.
    So the right rejects him, and he’s burned his bridges with the left– and so he’s basically up shit’s crick with nothing but a spoon.

  • Patricia

    Now his radio show has us wondering why the hell the media keeps giving him a show. His show is not funny, interesting, or informative. Give it up Dennis.

  • El Bicho

    a year later, the thread is still amusing and Daryl D is still wrong. Wonder where he’s peddling this stuff now

  • Jordan Richardson

    Oh Nina. Nina, Nina, Nina.

    It’s hard to take a post seriously when you preface the admonishment to “keep the personal attacks to yourself” with a pile of ’em.

    I do have to thank you for commenting on this stale thread, though. I always like a little Daryl D when I’m feeling blue.

  • Since you cannot follow Dennis Miller due to his masterfull use of the English language perhaps you should only listen to him with a dictionary or take someone along with you maybe like a 5th grader.Your anger is apparent and your envy also.What is it to you? I think you are the failure.To measure up you tear him down.Seek counseling. Be happy! Dennis is a humorous guy and loves this country more than our president, Odumba!! He is not a liberal.You can live a good and happy life without spewing anger on your fellow citizens. Try it. Maybe you don’t like him and that is ok. Keep the personal attacks to yourself and you will be a happier person.

  • Nick Stallard

    Nicely done! When O’Reilly gets tired of his stale crap, he will fall off the face, I look forward to the ‘where are they now show on some cable network, in about 5 years – Dennis Miller? We can find him! – last seen ranting in some shitholebar somewhere in nowheresville USA. Bye Denny Phoney Necon Slug

  • Thanks, Ray. A fun stroll down memory lane. I forgot what how much of a buffoon this character and his friends were

  • Looks like miller hit his stride in talk radio and far outlived your predictions for failure and misery….

  • Purvee

    Can we all just get along?

  • John P

    If a pathetic has-been like Miller has the gall to call U.S. Representatives and Senators (who unlike Miller have conviction behind their beliefs) “losers” and other childish insults from his forum on a phony news station, then we have the right to call him a loser for being a pitiful, hypocritical opportunist.

  • Me

    What a coincidence that this loser suddenly had a philisophical awakening after he had been fired from two high-profile jobs and was widely considered an unemployable joke. And now he works for Fox News!

    Liberal views cause death? Where the hell have you been the last 7 years. And if you’re referring to abortion you’re an idiot because conservatives haven’t done anything about abortion. They’re just paying you lip-service so you’ll vote for them.

  • Larry

    I find it amazing that folks actually believe that one can’t simply grow to hold a different world view as they get older. I was a very liberal youth, but as time went by and I saw what kind of death those views really create I have become more conservative. If you actually watched the HBO show with any regularity you saw his views change over the years, to say he did it for his career ignores reality. Not for nothing but who on HBO had a longer run than Miller? Anyone? FOr that matter how many had a longer run on SNL bymore than a season or two? To say he was fired from these gigs is again, to ignore the reality of how TV works. By your criteria everyone who was ever on SNL was fired, and went on to be a loser. At least be intellectually honest.

  • daryl d

    yes, got a job and it will probably last longer than Dennis Miller’s, judging on his thirty most recent outings.

  • Egbert Sousé

    “Dennis Miller is teaming with “Hell’s Kitchen” producer Arthur Smith to launch a weekly sports-themed gabber for cabler Versus.”

    You get a job yet, DD?

  • daryl d

    I should note that when I used the term “loser” it doesn’t necessarily mean financially or of professional status. To me, a loser is someone who is forced into doing something or becoming something he’s totally against just to get a job or remain relevant.

    It is my belief that Dennis Miller only became a right winger because he pretty much was fired from every “comedic” job he ever had. In a move of desperation, he turned into a right wing lunatic just so he could still have a job. I don’t believe he believes in half of the things he says. It’s just an act. This, in my opinion, is the definition of a loser. If Bill O’Reilly becomes a Democrat when his rating slides, I’d call him a loser too because he would become something he’s totally against.

    It is possible that Dennis Miller did have a change of political direction after 911 but it just doesn’t seem convincing. So, if you call me a loser for criticizing a famous celebrity while I am just a freelance writer and a blogger, you are missing the point. If I suddenly start writing for Fox, a news organization I am morally against, then you can call me a loser. I may be employed, but I would be selling my soul, which is what Dennis Miller did.

  • Brian

    You’re right Egbert. He didn’t last in Hollywood. He lost it as a liberal comedian. Which is why he came groveling at the feet of Fox News to keep himself employed. It may not be Hollywood, but it’s a job, and it keeps him in the public eye, no matter how pathetic.

  • daryl d


    Haven’t you learned yet that Andrea Peyser and I are actually blood relatives?

    Anyway, more ideas for my future articles:

    1. Britney and The Beatles-A Musical Comparison

    2. Michael Vick is A Great Man

    3. 911-Planned by U2

    4. Michael Bolton the Musical Genius.

  • duane

    Daryl continues his habit of posting over-the-top criticisms of celebs in order to draw the inevitable flood of “outraged” responses.

    Here are some possible titles for upcoming articles, Daryl:

    Hendrix — Musical Incompetent
    Britney is Fat
    Elvis — The Most Under-Rated Performer in Modern Times
    The Bush Legacy — Our Most Noble President
    Paris Hilton is a Genius
    Hip-Hop — The Leading Edge of American Culture
    Led Zeppelin Stole all their Music from Black Musicians
    9/11 — Tragic Cataclysm or a Copperfield Illusion?
    The Lowly Tapeworm — Parasite or Mankind’s Best Friend?
    Celebrity Blogs — Making the World a Better Place

  • Egbert Sousé

    “The article makes the point that Miller became a war-monger as a desperate career move. Maybe this was the only way Miller could “last” in Hollywood”

    Right, because Hollywood turned Right after 9/11. This comment is as ill-informed as the original article.

  • Brian

    If that really was Dennis Miller (I seriously doubt it), then he only proved the point of the article. Besides being not funny, his “you’d never last in Hollywood” comment is very telling. The article makes the point that Miller became a war-monger as a desperate career move. Maybe this was the only way Miller could “last” in Hollywood without being eaten by Al Roker (really lame reference, Dennis). The fact that Miller has millions of dollars does not qualify as an achievement when you’re perceived by the public as a pathetic clown. I mean, daytime radio? Why don’t you take two weeks off, then quit.

    And Dennis, we saw your last season of Dennis Miller Live on HBO, which was AFTER 9/11, the event that supposedly changed your life. Yet your material was mysteriously deprived of your now trademark war-mongering. Did you think we’d forget?

  • SonnyD

    Uh, Daryl, in #3, I believe the term you were looking for is, “The underlying point…” OK?

  • Oh come on, he dropped ‘Clare Quilty’ on us. That’s got to be worth a laugh.


  • daryl d

    Yes, that Dennis Miller response was funny, even though the target is me (the author). If that was actually Dennis Miller then it’s the funniest thing he’s done in ten years.

  • C’mon, Lisa, you gotta admit “And while you’re at it, for God’s sake, get a new shirt. You look like the love child of Rodney Dangerfield and Charlie Tuna.” was funny! If we dish it out, we have to be willing to take it, too.

  • lisa from LA

    That is a good impression of Dennis Miller: completely unfunny. I liked this article thanks for posting it. Whether or not Dennis is making money he had to sell his soul.

  • If that wasn’t Dennis Miller, it’s a damn fine impression! Either way, kudos to you, sir!

  • Dennis Miller

    Wow, I don’t mean to get off on a rant here, but this post was about as intelligent as Tori Spelling after a downing a four-pack of Bartles & Jaymes at Robert Downey Jr.’s house. You want “failure”? Before I read your piece, I hadn’t seen someone so petty and jealous since Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson showed up at Wilmer Valderrama’s 25th birthday bash. I mean, this ad hominem attack was so far to the left it nearly decapitated Lyndon LaRouche. Plus, I’m pretty sure that if there was an anti-war rally in your town, you’d be on it like Clare Quilty on Dolores Haze. And I’m supposedly a neo-con? Because I think protecting our country should be a priority? Come on! You make Dennis Kucinich look strong on defense. By the way, Amadeo Bordiga called, he wants his belief system back. And you’re criticizing me as a “failure”? You? A “freelance writer” for BlogCritics.org? Look, buddy, come out to Hollywood and you’d last about as long as the dessert tray at Al Roker’s house, circa 1999. So the next time you call somebody a failure, why don’t you look in the mirror? And while you’re at it, for God’s sake, get a new shirt. You look like the love child of Rodney Dangerfield and Charlie Tuna. As for me, I’m the Howard Roark of the entertainment industry. My new talk show is so big, it’s like Amancio Ortega starring in a Horatio Alger tome. So how about you get your medulla oblongata out of your duodenum for a few milliseconds, and make an intelligent blog post or two, okay, Babe?

  • RW

    ***You should do some research on the word ‘failure’ because you don’t know what that means either. ****

    Toss in “accomplishment” as well. Not exactly an impressive list (since they’re things that most anyone can do). Miller would know the difference between “accomplishment” and “activity”, so he could say it better than myself, but he’s probably busy polishing his shelf where he keeps his multiple emmys.

    Where’s the 800 number where we can call your syndicated show & discuss this?

    I’m guessing THAT would be quite an accomplishment.

  • Ellen James

    Wow–Dennis Miller actually has FANS. Go figure.

  • Egbert Sousé

    You should do some research on the word ‘failure’ because you don’t know what that means either.

    Again, how many television shows have you hosted?

  • daryl d

    Keep in mind, words always take on different meanings. The word “liberal” is not quite what it once stood for. I would have been proud to associate myself with the liberals of the 60s and 70s, but not quite today.

  • daryl d

    Actually, according to the definition, I could be. The big difference is-unlike five years ago-I would never vote Republican unless the candidate disassociates him/herself with George Bush.

    I would actually consider voting for Tom Tancredo.

  • So what are you saying, Daryl?– you’re a neocon?

  • daryl d

    Dave Nalle and John: I usually don’t like to give in because I always want to think I am right. But this time, I’m not. I did some research on what a Neocon is and apparently, the term was misused by me. But it has also been misused by a lot of others. Apparently, a “Neocon” is actually a former liberal who now rejects many liberal ideas. However, from reading Internet sites and message boards, I thought it was a term to describe the rightest part of the religious right. Ok, my bad.

  • John

    My curiosity got the better of me and I had to come back here to see if Daryl found a clue yet. No such luck.

    So how did that homework assignment go, Daryl? Did you figure out how many jobs Jon Stewart has had during his career? How about Bill Mauer? How about ANYONE who’s ever worked in the entertainment industry for that matter?

    Do you still place the prestige of your career as an out-of-work blogger above theirs? Just curious.

    And AGAIN Daryl… Research the term NEOCON. You have no idea what it means. It has nothing to do with religion. You might as well be saying that “bananas hate the Jews” or “bananas hate Hispanics”, because your use of it makes absolutely no sense.

    Here are some related terms that may enlighten you:

    “Halliburton” is not a type of ham-sandwitch.
    “Caucus” is not a sex toy.
    “Straw Poll” is not something you take fishing.

    And here’s an additional resource which you might find happy

  • daryl d

    Um, I don’t have a full time job now cause I just moved. I didn’t get fired, nor have I ever been released from any job, especially FIVE times as Dennis Miller has.

    If you don’t think Neocons hate Jews, you are pretty blind. Many moderate Republicans don’t hate Jews, but Neocons still hold it against them for the “Jews killed Jesus” thing. Grow up near Skokie, Illinois and you’ll know what I’m talking about. They may support Israel, but it’s not because they love Jews, trust me. Neocons, like Dennis Mille and Bill O’Reilly hate for the sake of hating. They hate themselves so they project that hate on others. It’s quite sad.

  • Like all the Neocons … hate Jews

    Your ignorance really is astounding, Daryl. Most of the prominent Neocons ARE Jews. It’s one of the main reasons they’re so hated by the left – their judaism and their support for Israel make them evil in the eyes of the standard racist socialist dogma.


  • Egbert Sousé

    To quote Daryl from another thread “I don’t have a job right now!” Yet Dennis Miller is “The Ultimate American Failure”. Now that’s funny.

  • Mr. Dennis Miller

    Actually, Miller’s show is broadcast on over 100 stations, which is pretty much unprecedented given that it is only a few months old.

  • Jeff Horn

    It’s easy for a radio show with a microscopic audience to be “fast growing.” If it grows fast enough maybe it will someday get to be tiny.

    I wouldn’t advise Dennis to put his show up against conservative pill popper Rush.

    They share the same declining audience segment.

  • Dan

    Probably, one of the most interesting turns in Miller’s career was the MNF gig. I think there was a website devoted to unraveling his arcane references.

    He added some filler for those lop-sided contests that were plentiful during his tenure.

    Sometimes he would sidestep the NFL’s unwritten rule to ignore the gambling aspect of NFL, (especially the large handle on Monday nights} and he’d be tuned in to which side the gamblers and the house had taken positions on. Al Michaels does this once in a while too, but Miller seemed more in touch with the anxieties of the wagering public.

    I don’t know how the ratings for MNF did in comparison, but I think a lot of folks might have tuned in only because of Miller.

    Still, I can take him or leave ’em in that format. I’ve watched every MNF contest in the last 20 years. Probably will the next 20.

    He left his mark on an what is an American tradition though. More success than failure, and an amazing credential to have in his portfolio.

  • Randy Couture

    If Dennis Miller is a failure, then I’d like to be the same sort of failure: a multi-millionaire who has appeared in movies and on television, and now hosts the fastest growing talk radio show in the country.

  • Egbert Sousé

    “No matter what I do in life, I’ve NEVER been fired from FIVE jobs.”

    What a moronic comparison. How many of your jobs were television shows? It’s hard to be fired when you write for free, although I don’t see why this site accepts articles with factual errors. You are obviously not smarter than the MSM. At the very least, they figured out how to get paid for what they do.

    And spare us your charity work. Dennis has hosted and appeared at plenty of benefits that raised money to employ a number of Daryls.

  • Another non sequitur, daryl. Ranting without any basis of fact certainly does not make you appear more educated than the “mainstream media”, left or right.You might want to focus.

  • daryl d

    but judging from the mainstream media, we are probably more educated then mainstream journalists.

    John: if it makes you feel any better on where I’m coming from, read my other articles. I ripped apart Dan Rather for being a Democratic shill for so many years and insulting journalism. I insulted Al Franken for being, well, the left equivalent of Dennis Miller. So, I am against the loony liberal type you accuse me of being of. The only difference between liberal and conservative policies these days is that the conservative policies actually kill people.

  • John

    Okay, I was going to let this slide and all, but I can’t resist.

    Daryl… For the love of God, please research the term “Neocon”, because you’re clearly unaware that it’s a term specific to “hawkish” foreign policy.

    It has nothing to do with social and economic ideologies. This whole racist-rich-hate-monger lunacy may be entertaining to the rest of us, but the terminology you’re using makes absolutely no sense.

    Please, if you’re going to spew your hateful stereotypes, at least get your terms right.

    Once again, I’m paying it forward for you buddy!

  • tsk, tsk, john and daryl—do you really consider a string of non sequiturs the foundation for debate?

  • John

    > Has Dennis Miller ever taught a mentally handicapped man who hasn’t spoken in twenty years to speak again?


    > Has Dennis Miller prevented a high school student from stabbing someone?


    > Has Dennis Miller ever had the guts to work with mentally ill patients in a nursing facility located in the worst part of Chicago, risking his own life to do so?

    I think he did twice.

    > I’m not going to brag about my achievements

    Strange. That seemed to be what you were doing.

    > Neocons don’t consider the above achievements since it doesn’t involve much money.

    lol. Oh Daryl, you’re cute. Filled with so much hate and you don’t even know why. Throwing around terms you don’t understand and silly stereotypes which make you look like a clown. HONK!

    > No matter what I do in life, I’ve NEVER been fired from FIVE jobs.

    That’s because the fast-food and super-market industries like to retain their employees to cut-down training costs.

    Seriously though D, I know you’re just spewing out knee-jerk outrage toward people who have the audacity to hold different views than you do, but let me give you a little homework assignment:

    Go ahead and research John Stewart’s career and get back to me on how many jobs he’s held in the entertainment industry during his career. And when you’re done, do the same for Bill Maher.

    Education is the key, my friend.

  • daryl d

    Has Dennis Miller ever taught a mentally handicapped man who hasn’t spoken in twenty years to speak again?

    Has Dennis Miller prevented a high school student from stabbing someone?

    Has Dennis Miller ever had the guts to work with mentally ill patients in a nursing facility located in the worst part of Chicago, risking his own life to do so?

    I’m not going to brag about my achievements because I know the Neocons don’t consider the above achievements since it doesn’t involve much money. No matter what I do in life, I’ve NEVER been fired from FIVE jobs. I do ridicule public figures on this site, but I know I don’t have much influence, so it’s more fun than pure vengeance.

    Dennis Miller operates on pure vengeance. Like all the Neocons (and I used to side with them five years ago so I’m not a loony liberal), Dennis has just let hate take over his former wonderful self. Neocons, like Dennis, hate everything: they hate gays, they hate blacks, they hate Hispanics, they hate Jews, they hate and they hate. It’s all for the purpose of hating and nothing else. Is their hate dangerous? You bet, because it has led to the maming of thousands of USA soldiers as well as even more innocent people from Iraq who had NOTHING to do with our problems.

  • John

    Dennis Miller’s great.

    You’ve got to love all the left-wing loons who feel that Miller has somehow betrayed them, merely because the event of 9/11 prompted him to re-prioritize his views on certain issues.

    As funny as Miller is (and he’s a gifted talent for sure), NOTHING is funnier than reading of someone who is actually upset that Harry Reid got picked on by a comedian. OHHHH the humanity! Not Harry Reid!

    And as fun as it would be to debate why some anonymous internet blogger named “Daryl” feels the need to critique a career that FAR exceeds his own in every way imaginable, I’ll go ahead and take the high road by complying with this forum’s rules. Adios kids!

  • Bubby Dean

    To quote Sir Dennis, Daryl… You couldn’t be more full of shit if you were a port-a-potty at Lallapalloosa!!

    I see you failed to mention the successful launching of his Westwood One radio show. He’s in over 110+ cities and they’re adding stations over there faster than Union Pacific railroad in the late 1800s! Wow, that sounds like a Dennis joke!!

    I guess attacking Dennis Miller makes you feel better about your own blogboy existence.


  • Morgan


    You are a blogger. Respect your betters.

  • Clavos

    Point, set, and match to Egbert et alia.

  • Egbert Sousé

    This was not a career move by Miller. Dave is right about there being no change in his political stance if you were actually paying attention.

    But who’s the real failure: A guy who gets paid to appear on television and radio or a guy who writes for free on the Internet?

  • Miller was and is a pro-defense libertarian. When it’s social issues the left is going to love him, when it’s the war or government spending he’s going to be unfunny and evil and have a failing career.


  • daryl d


    It’s not that he’s become a conservative, but is completely unconvincing in becoming one. It was a desperate career move since he failed at everything else. I would also have to say that anybody who still defends George W. Bush is really out of step these days and if you think this is coming from a commie liberal, read some of my other political articles.

  • politics aside, i thought the dennis miller show was hilarious.

  • Yes Daryl D, Miller has become rather a hawk and something of a “conservative” since 9/11. This proves that he is dishonest and no longer funny, and indeed must be a miserable basket case. Quad erat demonstratum.

  • Reader with a brain

    The anonymous writer “DarylD” claims that Mr. Miller has “turned into the physical and mental definition of misery.” I don’t see any justification for that.

  • IMO that’s the whole problem with Fox news’s attempt at humor on the Half-Hour News Hour. It’s all just too grim to be funny in anything but a dark and horrible way.

    Oh please…grim? Have you seen Dick Cheney’s face lately? Fox’s so-called comedy show isn’t funny because the concept, writing, and performers really suck. That simple. Look to the Daily Show for how to do good political comedy.

    And watching Miller go from an in-your-face anti-establishment icon to a whining apologist for Bush and the war was a bit like watching your best friend decide to become a woman (not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld would say.).

  • Brook

    Most of us would love to have achieved Dennis level of failure. He can fill up any comedy club in America with a 5-figure appearance, which adds up to well more than 6 on an annual basis. Smite me with this kind of failure, please!

  • Baronius

    I loved Bordello of Blood. Who doesn’t want to see naked vampire hookers exploding to the tune of “Ballroom Blitz”? It was my generation’s Casablanca.

  • Dan

    I guess I’m one of those who have grown, ideologically, with Miller. He’s just as funny to me now as he was back on SNL.

    Just as a related, contrasting percpective, I thought Al Franken was humorous then too. They have a different schtick of course, but Franken was good at sight gags, and personifying a couple of different funny character types.

    Now I just find him disturbing, and sort of troubled psychologically. It seemed at first that he maybe was just going for an Andy Kaufman/ Hitchcockian ruse. But a friend pressured me into reading “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot” and it gave me a look into a very serious, and ugly soul.

    Now, I could sooner laugh along with OJ Simpson, if he were to try to be funny.

    I dunno, maybe that’s how daryl feels about Miller.

  • Phil

    Miller tried to hitch himself to the Fox wagon after 9/11. I guess he figured he could revive his faltering career by pandering to neo-cons. Instead he found out that most of his fans were actually liberals. His ratings went from small to nonexistent. Now his only job is to follow Bill O’Reilly around all day and say, “May I get you some more ice tea sir?”

  • Egbert Sousé

    While I don’t find Dennis as funny as I used to since he determined the President was off-limits, he still has his moments.

    I know this is an opinion piece, but I don’t see why that entitles you to ignore the reality of situations. Got a link to the ratings and feedback regarding his HBO show because if he was such a mess, it doesn’t make sense that they would give him HBO specials?

    Miller was not let go from MNF because of ratings. It was because John Madden became available after leaving FOX. Miller was much more entertaining than that old, boring windbag. Miller’s last cable show aired on CNBC, and now he’s currently got a radio show, which some people do pretty well with.

  • daryl d

    I’m not a big fan of Reid either, but the diatribe by Dennis Miller, as well as his other diatribes, don’t come across as funny.

    Dennis Miller was a talented guy. But he just had the shit beat out of him by all his failures. I wish I made as much money for my successes as he does for his failures, but you get the point.

    The Daily Show is usually funny. Bill Maher is funny as well, but often trots into the “desperate” category with Dennis Miller. Politics and humor can work, but it’s very difficult.

  • Daryl, your link to the Miller video demonstrates very clearly WHY Miller is often not funny. Sarcasm isn’t always funny, and it’s often because, as is the case with Miller, it’s too true to be funny.

    Miller’s presentation of the Reed diatribe is as funny as he can make it, but at heart it’s an accurate criticism of one of our most mediocre politicians, and the fact that he’s risen to where he has really isn’t funny.

    IMO that’s the whole problem with Fox news’s attempt at humor on the Half-Hour News Hour. It’s all just too grim to be funny in anything but a dark and horrible way.

    And BTW, how could you fail to mention Miller’s other great disaster, Bordello of Blood and his movie career in general.

    All of this said, and acknowledging the truth of what you put in the article, I still think Miller is funny and one of the most important voices of my generation. I long to see Arriana Huffington stuck in a room with him and Ron Silver and watch her dry up to a shriveled husk when exposed to their desert-like dry wit.


  • daryl d

    The underline point of this whole article is to immitate the same diatribe against Dennis Miller that he uses against some “evil” liberals who don’t agree with his point of view.

    The left can be pretty harsh sometimes, but I have never seen such hateful diatribe escape the mouths of commentators like it does with the Neocons. It’s as if they are just so miserable with themselves that they are using others as a target.

  • Dr Dreadful

    Are you talking about Daryl or Dennis?

  • dentomark

    typical naysayer spouting personal diatribes against people you disagree with-you are “exhibit a” in describing the coarsening of American society, and the pathetic lack of class in todays commentators. how about a nice cup of java in a bill o’ reilly mug