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Democrats Offer Three Possibilities To Replace O’Connor

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During a meeting yesterday with President Bush, Democrat Senators offered three candidates to fill the Supreme Court Justice seat being vacated by the retiring Sandra Day O’Connor.

According to a story in the July 13 Washington Post, Democrats offered the names of three Hispanic federal judges and suggested that they could win broad Senate support. The three are Sonia Sotomayor of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, who was named a district judge by President George H.W. Bush and elevated to the appeals court by Clinton; Edward Charles Prado of the 5th Circuit, nominated to be a district judge by Reagan and named to the appeals court by President George W. Bush; and U.S. District Judge Ricardo H. Hinojosa of McAllen, Tex., nominated by Reagan.

The hour-long meeting in a study off the Oval Office was a first step in communications between Bush and Democrats. The next days and weeks will test Bush’s willingness to seek “advice and consent” of Democrats on his nominee. It appears the president wants to avoid a Democratic filibuster.

According to the Post, senators in both parties say they prefer to hold hearings in September. But Bush gave no hint of his timetable and made no promises to share names in advance.


This article first appeared on Journalists Against Bush’s B.S. (JABBS)

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  • Hinojosa seems qualified, but I haven’t found much information on his record in rulings yet. He’s not known as a great legal thinker from what I can see.

    Prado would be an absolute disaster. I hope we can count on Republicans to vote him down if he gets nominated. He’s on the wrong side of most civil rights issues and has a reputation for behaving bizarrely in court. In fact, I find it hard to believe they’d offer him as a serious nominee – he’s just too wacky. You can read his record (with a bit of liberally biased commentary at independent judiciary.com.

    There’s no way Bush will nominate Sotomayor. She’s just too liberal. Why they’d even waste time suggesting her is a mystery.

    My guess is that Bush won’t go with any of these suggestions and he probably shouldn’t. There are other moderates who are probably more viable and have sounder positions on key issues.


  • RJ


    Everyone knows Bush wants to appoint the first Hispanic/Latino/Latina judge to the USSC. Practically his entire presidency (at least the domestic side of it) has been aimed at making Hispanics/Latinos/Latinas a solid part of the GOP base.

    The Dems know this as well. So they are offering the names of potential Hispanic/Latino/Latina judges they would likely support.

    Thus far, things seem to be going pretty decently on both sides, especially when you consider the import of Bush’s eventual decision…

  • It seems kind of cynical to offer three Hispanic judges? Do ya think they were tryin to make a point.

    Not that obtuse political “points” don’t fly in DC like bowling pins at a Flying Karamazov Brothers performance.

  • RJ

    Informative post. But where do these three judges stand on the important issues of the day? How far to the right are they on a Left-Right scale?