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Democrats Gain Two State Senate Seats In Wisconsin, But Remain In Minority

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The results are in. Six incumbent Republican state senators in Wisconsin were facing recall elections, and four of them held on to their seats.

– In State Senate District 2, incumbent Republican Robert Cowles easily held his seat with 60 percent of the vote.

– In State Senate District 8, incumbent Republican Alberta Darling narrowly retained her seat. As of this writing, she leads her challenger 54 percent to 46 percent with 81 of 82 precincts reporting; she has been declared the winner. 

– In State Senate District 10, incumbent Republican Sheila Harsdorf retained her seat with 58 percent of the vote.

– In State Senate District 14, incumbent Republican Luther Olsen barely held on to his seat with 52 percent of the vote.

– In State Senate District 18, incumbent Republican Randy Hopper very narrowly lost his seat to Democrat Jessica King, 49 percent to 51 percent. Hopper was hampered by allegations of corruption, unethical behavior, and general immorality. 

– In State Senate District 32, incumbent Republican Dan Kapanke was defeated by Democrat Jennifer Shilling 45 percent to 55 percent. This was an expected result, as the district is strongly Democratic.

Prior to the recall elections, Republicans held a 19 to 14 majority in the state senate. Now they retain a narrower majority, 17 to 16. About $30 million was spent on the recall election campaigns, mostly from outside groups.

Next week, two Democratic Wisconsin state senators face recall elections. Incumbent Democrat Jim Holperin in State Senate District 12 faces Republican challenger Kim Simac, and incumbent Democrat Robert Wirch in State Senate District 22 faces Republican challenger Jonathan Steitz. The incumbents are favored in both races. 

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  • Arch Conservative

    Is it any wonder that union membership in the American workforce has shrunk to 7%? In another ten to twenty years it will most likely be less than 5%

  • Why so many recall elections? Are Wisconsians just pissed off at the lot of them? Or did someone succeed in pushing through a recall for one senator, then the other side said, “No fair! We’ll show you! Recall this, m*****f*****!” and it proceeded to escalate into a tit for tat sort of thing?

  • Well basically the political left and the unions went apeshit after Governor Walker and the Republican-controlled state legislature passed the Budget Repair Bill that curtailed some of the collective bargaining rights of public employees. So they got enough petitions signed to have recall elections for six Republican state senators. Conservative and Tea Party groups responded with a recall effort of their own against three Democrat state senators.

    Tens of millions have been spent on the various recall campaigns, mostly from outside groups. It’s become very much a national issue, not just a state issue.