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Democrat or Republican? Very often it doesn’t matter

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I’ve stated quite often in the past that there really wasn’t much difference in substance between Bush and Kerry, just as in Britain, there may be a slight difference in tone between Labour and the Tories, but very often they vote together. Bushwatch takes a look at the Democrats’ voting records:

With 17 key votes under their belts, 48% of the Senate Dems in the 109th Congress vote Republican more often than Democratic. While Boxer leads the Dems with a 96% Dem vote record, and Kennedy follows with 90%, Hillary Clinton, who leads the list of ’08 potential Dem presidential candidates in various national polls, only votes traditionally Democratic 66% of the time. While we’ve recently reported on the Dems who defected to the Bush camp on his energy bill, a number of Senate Dem votes during late May and early June, as well as the recent CAFTA vote, have now been added to our running list of key Senate Dem votes that have been taken by the 109th Congress.

I don’t care about the rhetoric from either the staunchest Democrat or Republican, at least they could have a bit of honesty to themselves however, and admit the only real difference between the Republicans and Democrats these days is style, not substance.

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  • As you may have noticed, multiple simultaneous posts are throttled down to displaying only two by the same poster in the Hot section – saves us from channel-flooding.

    Thank you for your contributions, though – interesting points, particularly this one.

  • Yes, i’d noticed that. Thanks for the explanation, and the generous comment.

  • Maurice

    An excellant observation. It is troubling that both sides have abandoned their creedos and have morphed into something none us of like.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the republicans would go back to being mean old men that pinch pennies and democracts would go back to being idealists that want to make the world better?

    It is interesting to me that as both sides have slowly become each other the angry rhetoric has increased.

  • Indeed, Maurice, unfortunately these days, angry rhetoric is very often the only thing each side has to use against the other.

  • Nancy

    I threw a hissy on another thread this morning & got quite hysterical about the current Republican party. I’m calmer now, & will try to re-state w/out getting so hot.

    From the time of my 18th, I was a Republican. Yeah, yeah, I know: I attack Smirk & Co. so consistently everyone could be excused for thinking me a Dean liberal. But I’m not. I remember a GOP that once stood for something besides corruption, lies, dirty tricks, smears, libels, contortions, & spin. I remember a GOP that once would have spit on scumbags like Bush & Rove & DeLay, & had enough ethics & strength to drive out & drop-kick Nixon from the party, rather than suffer his poison any longer. And they were the better for it, personally & as a party. Now we have a plethora of *new* scandals involving lies, dirty tricks, corruption, et al, but the GOP not only ISN’T interested in cleaning house, they’re positively wallowing in defending filth that doesn’t bear or deserve defending, “just because” the slime in question happen to be Republican. Nominally.

    I have no words to describe the white-hot rage I feel for seeing my erstwhile party hijacked by a bunch of lying nazis (& I will NOT retract that term, so don’t even bother trying to scream about it!) who will resort to anything and destroy anyone to gain their own selfish ends & political points. Unlike many, I am still able to distinguish between partisan attacks & undisputed facts, and I will not defend those who are not worth defending, “just because” they happen to be the ‘right’ party, nor will I attack those who haven’t earned it (IMO) even if they’re in the ‘wrong’ party. Every single one of them stands on his or her own. And so far, they’re all pretty much on very shaky ground, & I do wish I could send just about every single one – of both parties – straight to the hell they deserve. Both sides have sold out to corporate & special interests, betrayed the people – the public -they’ve sworn to serve, & are the lowest of the low as far as ethics, moral, honor, or credibility are concerned. Polls rate politicians below even used-car salesmen in terms of public trust & esteem. They are so far removed from reality & the mores of the rest of us, so hardened to the criminal and cynical atmosphere they have created and wallow in, they think nothing of scandals & corruption that revolt & outrage every decent person on the street, & argue that it’s no big deal. It’s just the ‘other side’ (fill in the blank, according to the accusation) being partisan.

    Well, it IS a big deal. To ME, it’s a big deal to have to be so ashamed of the depth to which congress has sunk, that I can no longer in good conscience be registered & publicly associate w/either one. It should be a big deal to everyone who reads or writes these blogs, & it should be an even bigger deal to those in congress & the administration who perpetuate & defend corruption, “just because”. There’s NO excuse for defending crime or corruption “just because”. None. Now or ever, regardless of party.

  • Good post and comments. It’s a shame it’s only a “Two party” system. That is specifically why I joined the Libertarian Party. I got fed up with the two parties.

  • Nancy

    I’d go anarchist, except I don’t think there is one.

  • Mr./Ms. Voice 1, great post. I refuse to deal with either the GOPs or Dems because neither represents me or my ideals. The closest party would be Green, but even that party has some ideas with which I have serious problems. Therefore, I have chosen to align with no one. It helps me sleep better at night.

  • Freedom

    Wake up all of you. White House is the code name for money and power for whichever party is in there. Their all a bunch of liars and crooks and we the people take in in the butt no matter which side is in power.

  • The two party system is NOT serving America well at the moment and hasn’t seemed to for many years. I look at elections in other countries where there are 4 or 5 strong parties (at least parties strong enough to influence the way goverment works if not to elect a national leader). But times change and perhaps a third party will gain strength in America again. The votes for Perot and John Anderson and Ralph Nader reflect the desire for alternatives, perhaps a really strong third party candidate will arise sometime and that might be enough to tip the balance.

  • An American Abroad

    It is good to see people stating their opinions more in line with some sort of reality. I read the Washington Post or the New York Times these days and it more and more feels like some sort of ranting insanity that Douglas Adams (Author: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) would write then the reality of the world as I would like to know it.

    American Politics has been able to get out of control because the people are not making enough waves. I hate to admit, but Michael Moore is right. People must say something, must stand up and above all must voice their grievance towards the way these politicians are behaving.

    Bill Clinton is just as bad as bush, but he at least was investigated and money was spent for no other reason then to smear him. 75 million dollars could have fed everyone in American a decent meal once, but money better spent on hassling. The reason I say BC is just as bad. He became the president about as wealthy as any middle class American and left a millionaire. What is the difference between him and bush? He got some and got caught.

    Americans must go out into the streets and do something, or things will continue to be the same. My favourite suggestion is that every single American wait to file their taxes at 11:59pm April 15th. if the government hears anything it seem that it is money. Better everyone quit paying their taxes through withholding and wait to pay them till April 15th… that they would no definitely hear.