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Democracy quiz

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Country X is a democracy. So is Country Y. The democratically elected legislature of Country X makes a decision that the military of Country Y does not like. In response, a defense minister of Country Y expresses displeasure that the military of Country X was not more “forceful” in bending the rest of the government to its will–hint hint. The defense minister essentially endorses a military coup in the other democracy.

If it were within your power to decide, this defense minister would:

a) Lose his job immediately for his betrayal of democratic values.

b) Receive a firm rebuke from the President, who forces the defense minister to apologize and retract his anti-democratic sentiments.

c) Receive gushing praise from you and your fellow conservatives, because, when it comes down to it, “democracy” is just a word, and you don’t really give a shit about it.

I predict that President Bush will answer “c,” but not quite in those words.

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  • Joe

    d. Cannot be answered with the information provided.

  • I think it’s pretty unrealistic to interpret Deputy Defense “Minister” Wolfowitz’s remarks as “seeking to undermine Turkey’s democratic government”, much less endorsing a military coup.

    But to answer the hypothetical question, I’d have to go with “b”, since the government couldn’t function if talking out of one’s ass were sufficient cause to be removed from office. Massachusetts, for example, would probably need to have a monthly special election to fill the latest congressional vacancy…