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Delusional Larry Holmes Claims He Could Still Beat The Klitschko Brothers

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–Johnny “Gutter” Walker

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  • Kiev Charlies

    Holmes is a tool.

  • san potkins

    Assuming they fought in the same era Holmes lateral movement and pinpoint power jabbing would cut up the Ukrainians. Very close fight to call. Holmes destroyed a few big power hitters weaver and bonecrusher also dynamic inside boxers like Norton or shavers or

  • san potkins

    ….stoppage Holmes . Larry had a great chin the balance and timing to keep a bigger man from getting close. Klich brothers would definitely bd top contenders. Larry was also a strong in the late rounds. Not a spectacular knockout punches but had a talent for finding the soft spot. Almost every five seconds tap. Tap. More than enough to make the big boys of his generation want to quit.

  • dave

    larry holmes in his prime would have beaten them no question

  • Kiev Charlies

    Vitali smashes Holmes to bits. Wlad will knock him out too.

  • RussiaKOcolonizers

    Is this guy on drugs?
    There have been more white people that attack the Klitschko’s! The US media is not controlled by Black people, but by white-racist!
    Carl froch, a white-skinny, ugly-looking retarded actually called Wladimir Klitshko a coward
    The Africans never had a cold war with Russia, it was you white-racist from USA and uk – the same countries that built their empire by raping, slaving, torturing and killing the black people!
    Also Russia stopped you racists from invading Zimbabwe!
    You racists-USA & UK are responsible for the propaganda against the Russians! I personally support the Russians, even though I am born in the UK!

  • Alex Mallinson

    If Holmes fought either of the Klitschkos today he could be killed in the ring. In his prime I still think he would lose by UD because he couldn’t use his jab as Klitschkos reach is too long.

  • boxer-man

    a prime larry holmes is often ranked in the 10 heavyweights, he’d easily beat klitschko’s. even now


      Holmes wouldn’t have a prayer….not now..not even in his prime I seriously believe he would be beat into semi-death and carried out on a stretcher.

      • jasper

        hellhammer you have lost your got dam mind don’t know boxing black heavyweight go to nba nfl fool

    • jasper

      larry holmes is on the belt klitschko wholes

    • jasper

      you is a dam lier

  • Robert Bachman

    With all do respect the Klitschko’s are great fighters, but in his day Larry Holmes was super great and he had the best jab in boxing. I miss Larry Holmes. He always seemed to be an underdog, but somehow managed to win his fights. I think he is the most under rated heavyweight boxer in history. His legacy should be up there with Ali and Rocky Marciano.

  • jasper

    Marciano beat joe after he was old and jersey joe fool

  • jasper

    just a bunch of goofy ass white boys