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DeLay Booked in Houston

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Rep. Tom DeLay turned himself Thursday just after noon at the Harris County sheriff’s bonding office, where he was fingerprinted, photographed and released on $10,000 bond.

DeLay was accompanied by his attorney, Dick DeGuerin. The entire process took less than half an hour. DeLay was expected to appear in Fort Bend, but avoided the media circus by going in for processing in Harris County. Texas law allows the accused to check in anywhere in the state.

Two grand juries have charged DeLay and two others in an alleged scheme to violate state election law. Donations from a DeLay-founded political action committee were sent to the Republican National Committee, and the RNC then sent the funds back to the state for campaigns in 2002. Texas law allows corporate donations only to cover administrative expenses. The initial warrant was issued late Wednesday by a state court.

DeLay has denied any wrongdoing and holds that the charges are politically motivated.

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  • practical joe

    Delay was involved in deals that amount to a few hundred thousand dollars.

    He dealt in small potatoes.

    Consider Senator Ted Stevens.

    He has fostered a $225,000,00 bridge in Alaska that goes nowhere.

    Delay’s issue amounts to about 1% of Steven’s pork.

    When his boondoggle was being questioned, Stevens warned the Senate not to cut his pork — otherwise he would resign.

    So the Senate caved, and 83 Senators approved the bridge to nowhere.

    Only 15 stood up against Stevens.

    The Pork wins!

    Why do we tolerate this misuse of tax dollars?

  • practical joe


    Delay’s issue amounts to about 0.1% of Steven’s pork.

  • Nancy

    Or he’d resign? As in, take his ball & go home? Why didn’t any of them tell him not to let the door hit his sorry venal butt on the way out?

  • Getting approval legally for a pork-barrel project is politics. A conspiracy to violate campaign laws is a felony, if I am not mistaken.