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Deicide busted for drugs

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From Blabbermouth.net

Buffalo News reports that two members of the Florida death metal band DEICIDE were arrested at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge when they were found with drugs and weapons in a mobile home they were driving here from Canada, state police said.

Full story here.

As far as I know, only Eric Hoffman is a member of Deicide. Benajmin T. Boynton is not a member of the band; I assume he’s a driver or roadie of some sort. I’ve read other reports on bulletin boards that say lead singer Glenn Benton was in another car and was not held by police, but I can’t find any confirmation of that on the band’s web site.

Deicide has described itself as “Demons from Hell sent here by Satan himself. They are the most satanic evil death metal Band in the world.”, but in recent years they seem to have mellowed out a bit. Glenn Benton did not actually follow through on his claim that he was going to kill himself when he was 33, and after it was revealed in an interview in Metal Maniacs that he lives in a gated community in Florida, I guess the band figured they needed a new way to get their “evil” reputation back. The band has a new album out soon on Earache Records, and I suppose this will only help publicity. Hopefully, no one will go to jail for this, the new album does well, and the guard at the front gate of Glenn’s neighborhood still allows his bandmates to visit him.

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  • Eric Olsen

    As reported first by BRICKLAYER, our sainted death metal reporter. And THOSE are most definitely Cookie Monster vocals, braying like a mule on Drano.


    The evil truth is that Glenn Benton WAS in the bus. He used a Satanic mind screen to make himself invisible to the INS!

    Oh, and Mr. O, if you are referring to me in the above post, thank you sir, those are probably the kindest words anyone has spoken to me since Mrs. Bricklayer announced “Oh, alright, just get it over with so I can go back to watching Touched by an Angel”.

  • Eric Olsen

    Indeed, I know no other layer of bricks. The angel reference is irony made flesh to walk among us!

    That must be a tough dual lifestyle for the Deicide lads: killing deities by day (and some of them just don’t want to stay down!), death metal band by night: “To the Dei-cave!”

  • I know Eric was busted for steroids. It doesn’t suprise me at all. I remember seeing Deicide when he was a scrawny waiff of a person…then several months later he was all beefcaked out. I was telling people there was no way someone gets that amount of muscle mass that quickly without some kind of chemical assistance…looks like I was right.


  • The mental image of Cookie Monster bellowing the lyrics to “Kill the Christian” are seriously way up there on the comedy scale. “Me make special cookies for da Christians. MMMM COOOKIES!”

  • resd

    fuck the rest

  • daniel

    fuck the cops glen benton is the best

  • Andy

    I am sick to death of ppl calling musical roaring “cookie monster vocals.” That’s just like calling opera “a bunch of watery vibrato.” It’s short sighted and does nothing but take away from masterpieces like Cannibal Corpse’s “Bent Backwards and Broken,” or Glenn’s recent Vital Remains contribution, “Dechristianize.”

    Finding humor in everything is one thing, taking worth away from music with name calling is another. If you disagree, go listen to your WAHWAHWAH emo, or your senseless hooting of rap music. Oh, did I make a music generalization that pisses people off? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.