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Degrassi Season 10 Premieres July 19 With New Episodes

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Degrassi: The New Generation has turned into a telenovela. Starting July 19, there will be 40 new episodes premiering every Monday through Thursday. In this season, the writers of Degrassi introduce new characters and new storylines that cause plenty more drama.

The season will start off with the two-hour Degrassi movie called The Heat Is On. The next six weeks will be filled with Degrassi drama. It all ends with the season finale on August 26. On Fridays, TeenNick will re-air all the episodes from that week.

"Season 10 will give fans a lot more of the Degrassi they know and love," Linda Schuyler, co-creator and executive producer said. "Although it may feel slightly different, the honest storytelling of the show will remain the same — a mandate that we believe has made the series a favorite with teens for so many years."

The show will deal with a lot of issues facing teens. Some of the issues have never been addressed on Degrassi, such as gender identity and runaways. In the first two one-hour episodes, "What A Girl Wants" and "Breakaway," the show will focus on a variety of characters. In "What A Girl Wants," we meet Fiona's (Annie Clark) new boyfriend, who is definitely not a good match for her. Also in the episode we are introduced to the new Media Immersion teacher, Ms. Oh (Cory Lee) after Mr. Simpson (Stefan Brogren) announces a big change. In "Breakaway," Holly J (Charlotte Arnold) has a competitor for class president.

There are four new students at Degrassi this year: Bianca DeSousa (Alicia Josipovic), Elijah "Eli" Goldsworthy (Munro Chambers), Drew Torres (Luke Bilyk), and Adam Torres (Jordan Todosey). Bianca's a troublemaker. She's described as a female version of Jay Hogart. Eli's a mysterious outsider. Drew may seem like a nice guy with his charm, but he'll bring some drama when he enters a story line with Riley (Argiris Karras), a football player who is struggling to get out of the closet. Adam is different and he knows it — and he'll show it.

Degrassi airs at 9 p.m. ET on July 19 on TeenNick.

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  • Degrassi fan #1

    I woul love to see more shirt less guys and can u tell me whats goin happen with darcy and adam is he goin hurt her. were is shawn?

  • Degrassi fan #01

    Do they ever figure out who raped darcy if so?
    is darcy pregent?
    did darcy have sex with peter or someone else?
    is page bysexual?
    is spinner goin stay with jane?
    does jimmy get out the wheel chair?
    weres hazle?
    why is manny such an fake friend to emma and not to darcy?
    is emma goin get pregnet by sean?
    is ashley goin to get pregnet by jimmy they make a cute couple?
    PS.i love your wife nick shes my idoil please read this on the tv it would mean a lot to me love fan#01

  • bad +super=me

    i want to c degrassi the boiling point soo bad

  • Degrassi-head

    Darcy left the show like 3 years ago, they never find out who raped her.

    Jimmy dosent get out of the chair, he proposes to a girl named Trina.

    Ashley left the show 3 years ago.

    Hazel left the show 5 years ago

    Sean left the show 3 years ago, and isnt coming back.

    Emma apparently has sex with spinner in the movie.

  • bbanks5787

    Loving the new episodes…..I’m in tv heaven this week. 🙂

  • degrassi freak

    the new episodes suck…. i miss the old degrassi… and try and find ppl who can actually act