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Degrassi and Beyond the Break premieres new episodes January 5

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The-N's hit dramas Degrassi and Beyond the Break return with new episodes on Fridays starting January 5, 2007. Degrassi is a Canadian show famous for dealing with teen issues that most shows are afraid to touch. Topics in the past include: rape, school shooting, drugs, abusive boyfriends, sexuality, the list goes on and on. Beyond the Break, a newer drama about to premiere its second season, is about four girls who want to become pro surfers. Last season was mild compared to the upcoming season, like a death and a surfer leaving the team. Although I am not really interesting in surfing, Beyond the Break is one of my favorites.

On New Year's Beyond the Break premiered an episode with cast interviews, spoilers, and behind-the-scene access. It's called "Boys, Bikinis, and Boards." If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it. Aren't you a bit interested in the cast thinks about Ross' (Bailey Reese) personal grooming habits or what Sonya Balmores (Kai Kealoha) has to say about David Chokachi (Justin Healy), her costar AKA former Baywatch babe. Blogcritics also got exclusive interviews with the cast–Tiffany Hines (Birdie), Natalie Ramsey (Lacey), Suzie Pollard (Dawn), and David Chokachi. Speaking of interviews, Blogcritics also interviewed Sarah Barrable-Tishaeuer (Liberty) of Degrassi.

The most exciting thing about the Degrassi's premiere (you know besides getting new episdoes) is hottie Craig Manning (Jake Epstein) returns to Degrassi. Craig was dating Manny (Cassie Steele) when he left to follow his dream of becoming a musician. He, also, left Miss Ellie Nash (Stacey Farber) who had a huge crush on him. Although the same old Craig returns, he brings a huge habit. He starts doing drugs. He lies to Manny about it, but on the commercial, it showed that she catches him. Now, we see if this new addiction will destroy his dream relationship and dream career. Now, on commercials, it has shown Manny with a new guy. My speculation is she will dump him and he'll go over to Ellie. Also, on January 12, the band Taking Back Sunday will rock with Craig in a special guest appearance. On January 28, a death will occur and someone will die. There is so many speculations on who it is, it's hard to guess who's right.

Beyond the Break's premiere is going to be sweet. I'm quoting the commercial when I say it involves, "An old fling, a new thing, and a diamond ring." The old fling is Justin and his soon-to-be ex-wife. The new thing is Kai and Vin and it's really heating up. Kai, who feels responsible for Lacey being in the hospital, is taking pain killers and when Vin finds out, things aren't pretty. Marcus, Birdie's boyfriend who getting relocated to Iraq, is going to ask Birdie the ultimate question.

Whatever happens, it is sure enough to be awesome. You know, unless Craig breaks up with Manny. Because, that would break my heart, but other than that, be there. January 5, starting at 8.

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