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Deeply Troubling

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“I believe and have fought for the principle that we should protect the fundamental rights of gay and lesbian couples — from inheritance to health benefits. I believe the right answer is civil unions. I oppose gay marriage and disagree with the Massachusetts court’s decision.” Senator John Kerry in response to yesterday’s ruling.

I think the point of the clarification handed down yesterday is being missed or ignored by candidates for fear of backlash from their supporters. I’m not sure if this has any impact on how they will, or won’t, fight for equality for gay couples. If there is one thing that bothers me, it is the political nature of this topic. As a gay man I don’t really appreciate my life being toyed with by people trying to win votes.

In a nutshell the clarification says that the right to civil marriage and the rights that accompany it also include the right to use the terms “marriage” and “spouse”. The court correctly recognizes that the choice to op for marriage all but in name (“civil union”) is more than semantic but a deliberate attempt to paint gay and lesbians as second class citizens. They also point out that separate is rarely, if ever, equal.

I voted for Senator Kerry in the South Carolina primary on Tuesday. Did I make a mistake? I think it’s too early to tell. What puzzles me is that Senator Kerry has said that if a state decides to “recognize” gay marriage that he would not be opposed. With this in mind I can’t help but point out that Massachusetts favors gay marriage 3:2 yet their legislators and even their Governor are vying for a state constitutional amendment.

Everyone, President Bush included, has made it clear that the people should decide what course of action is taken. Well, the majority of Massachusetts residents are in favor of gay marriage. Why all the commotion? I think as the first gay marriages loom on the horizon that public awareness of the deliberate and unwavering agenda to persecute gay citizens will be brought into the light.

The legislators don’t want the people to choose. They have already chosen for them. I would think that even those opposed to gay marriage would find this fact deeply troubling.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Excellent points Eryk, thanks and welcome! I agree with you that this has become a political football and deplore that development. The state legislatures are falling over themselves to “defend marriage” – from what? I didn’t realize deeply committed couples wnating to partake in one of societies most sacred rituals was an attack – more like a confirmation. I’m 100% with you on this.