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Deconstructing Harry

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Deconstructing Harry was just another typical Woody Allen movie. You have to watch it at least twice to follow the whole story. I didn’t know anymore at times who’s who and who’s just a fiction character and who’s real. Or were they all unreal? LOL, hmmm. But one thing that’s interesting is whenever Allen makes a movie 100s of big stars are coming and joining in, just like in this one. Even Demi Moore was in it, and I wished she made more big movies. She’s a great actress. Don’t know whatever she’s currently doing – probably just getting old.


SYNOPSIS from Rotten Tomatoes

Upon returning in glory to the college from which he was expelled, sexually voracious and dyspeptic writer Harry Block can find no companions for his trip–except, that is, for a hooker he’s hired. The trouble with Harry, as it were, is that he’s alienated everyone in his life, from a string of wives and psychotherapists to all his living relatives, by rehashing their dirty little secrets in his fatuous, mean-spirited writing. A new height of self-loathing for introspective auteur Allen, who meditates upon a self-reflection theme based on Bergman’s WILD STRAWBERRIES.

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