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Declaration of Independents: indie music on iTunes

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The indies have arrived at iTunes! Matador Records just licensed much of its extensive back catalog, as well as new releases, to the Apple iTunes music store. Matador planted a flag for Spain by saying they’re the first indie to ink a deal with Apple. Sail on, fearless digital music adventurers!

Matador also said that in the months ahead, it hopes to make exclusive material available via iTunes, such as previews from forthcoming studio albums, outtakes, live tracks, and demo versions.

(via MacMinute)

Just checked… they’ve already got 3 full Belle & Sebastian albums up, the recent Interpol release, and some Guided By Voices. Say goodbye to all of my disposable income. I can’t look at it any more… I just can’t.

Next up? Indie fave CDBaby (Yes, Virginia, it’s true). Got $40? Sign your band up through CDBaby’s digital distribution service and you, too, could be on iTunes.

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  • san

    It’s also good to see that this digital music revolution is *finally* having a real effect on CD prices. $10 for Jet’s full-length debut on iTunes. Just picked it up for $7 at Target.

    Alas, the back catalog prices are still awful in the tangible world. I actually paid for an eMusic subscription just to get all the B&S records at something less than $19 per CD.

  • This is great news! I bet they’ll have a lot more online by Thursday. Come to think of it, perhaps it is the arrival of the indies that Thursday’s announcement is really all about.

    Still, it seems odd that Apple would say that “The year’s biggest music story is about to get even bigger,” and not also include iTMS/Win.

    So iTunes/Win, iTMS/Win, the indies, perhaps some new iPod accessories (as rumored), I suppose the combination might be worth renting out Moscone.

  • I just checked the ITMS for those B&S albums again. They’re $9.99 each (save for Tigermilk, which is $9.90 because it has only ten tracks), which is normal.

    What isn’t normal is that they aren’t listed in the ‘Just Added’ listings, which covers the last four weeks. I guess they’ll be showing up this Tuesday, unless they’re going to hold off until Thursday for the big announcement.

  • The three Belle & Sebastian albums did show up today on the “Just Added” list, along with the Interpol disc and two Guided By Voices albums.

    I still expect a major announcement on Thursday about the indies.

  • Yes CDBaby’s digital distribution service for their artists is incredible, what’s more they’ve now decided to waive the 40 dollar fee, so now the service to get on itunes is free.

    My favorite feature of itunes is the individual song purchase feature. So many albums today have one or two good tracks the rest just filler. Purchasing individual songs is a great way to weed out the mediocrity, thanks to itunes you no longer have to shell out 18 dollars for a 15 songs album just to hear the one or two good tracks.

    Regards Fujitsu Kyoko

  • Fujitsu

    No wonder the iTunes Music Store has been named “Invention of the Year” by Time Magazine!