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Deception: The Dangerous Politics of the Left and Right

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When Congress wanted to know who disclosed the identity of former CIA agent Valerie Plame, an aide to the vice president (I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby) obstructed the investigation and was convicted and sentenced. The president responded by commuting his sentence.

Congress still wants to know who fired eight prosecuting attorneys. This time Congress wants a conversation with Bush advisors Karl Rove and J. Scott Jennings. Bush doesn’t want Rove to talk. He also didn’t want former White House counsel Harriet Miers to talk either — so she ignored a congressional subpoena.

White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten also ignored a subpoena — and both Miers and Bolten may be cited for contempt. But, the Justice Department has already stated it will not prosecute either one. So, it is likely Rove and Jennings will follow the pattern set by Miers and Bolten in defying the authority of the legislative branch.

Congress, the media and ordinary American citizens have petitioned the executive branch for access to hidden data relating to 9/11. The CIA and Pentagon still doesn’t want anyone to see what’s in its video and report data on 9/11. Senator Ron Wyden, and others who have inquired — including a host of media — have all been denied access.

Senator Hillary Clinton wanted to know more about the Pentagon’s contingency plan for withdrawing troops from Iraq. The Undersecretary of Defense sent Hillary a letter on July 16, 2007 stating her request “reinforces enemy propaganda.”

The next day (July 17, 2007) the president signed an Executive Order that gave authority to the Secretary of Defense (State and Treasury secretaries also) to “block property of certain persons who threaten stabilization efforts in Iraq.” This order specifically targets American citizens. Hillary made a public statement expressing her own discontent. The Secretary of Defense got involved in the public dispute and not much has been said since.

Thus far, we have seen time and again where Congress and the executive branch have butted heads. And in each instance, the executive branch has won. There are many more confrontations than the ones above that could be cited as examples of the executive branch claiming extraordinary privileges while Congress complains and does nothing.

But those examples merely show one side of the picture of a Republican leadership that does what it wants, when it wants and how it wants. The Democrats, on the other hand, seem to do little more than whine about what the leaders in the White House, and the GOP, are doing to undermine America.

Even as a Republican — and a conservative one to boot — I can clearly see the legitimate points made by Democratic leaders. But, there is yet another point to be made. And you won’t hear it from the Democrats.

Inherent in the power of Congress is the power to declare war … and to end it. No Democrat has sought to exercise that authority even as its party leadership bitterly complains about the manner in which the president and his administration have run roughshod over the U.S. Constitution and international laws as well.

Inherent in the power of Congress is the ability to impeach and remove executive leaders who have misled the American people into an illegal, illicit, unjust and immoral war. The cost of the war in lives and money is incalculable. The number of lies and deliberate deception is, however, well documented.

Additionally, Congress has the ability to seek its own independent investigation into whether the U.S. truly was attacked by rogue terrorists on 9/11 or if there was some complicit involvement by the executive branch. If it turns out to be as one former national security adviser testified before a senate committee earlier this year, the people could discover that our own government created the horrific scenes we witnessed that day. Numerous questions still remain and millions of citizens have constantly called for a real investigation.

Congress — in particular the whining Democrats opposing the leadership in the White House — have ignored the cries of the people.

Inherent in the power of Congress is the ability to impeach the vice president. Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced a bill to impeach the vice president — warning that if the president was impeached first, Dick Cheney would simply move up. But if Cheney is impeached, then Congress can impeach the president immediately thereafter, causing a monumental shift in leadership.

It is not only a strategy that is good for America and our troops in the Middle East, but the Democratic Party as well. Still, it is going nowhere. It is as if the political enemies of the republican administration might also be serving as his ally against the American people.

Kucinich’s bill, H. Res. 333, has 14 co-signers and is currently stuck in the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Civil Rights icon, John Conyers.

Conyers, who claimed to be on the side of impeachment a year ago, is ironically the sole authority preventing the impeachment bill from heading to the floor of the House for a full vote. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, indicated on the same day the bill was introduced that it would never see the light of day.

Two powerful Democrats decry the abuses of power of the White House, while simultaneously suppressing the opportunity for the people’s representatives to vote on impeaching the executive branch leadership they whine about.

Congress could immediately call an end to the war in Iraq and demand the withdrawal of all troops from the Middle East. The president is merely the Commander-in-Chief, not the dictator. He doesn’t even have sole authority to declare war. That license is reserved for Congress. Yet, Congress refuses to exercise its power. It merely complains.

Congress could refuse to fund the war. That would force the president to withdraw his troops. He could, of course, require them to remain where they are and place them in jeopardy without needed materiel reinforcements and supplies. But Congress could also remove the president and vice president and then remove the troops.

Instead, Congress, which presumably represents the people, is comprised of quite a deceptive group of underlings serving the executive branch.

While all eyes and polls are on the president, the prissy Pelosi and the cunning Clinton in Congress are standing on the sidelines cheering as the façade of political enmity with Bush maintains the attention of the American people.

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans represent the will of the American people, which poll after poll indicates overwhelmingly that we want an immediate withdrawal from the Middle East, come what may.

Additionally, we want a real, honest, thorough investigation of 9/11 by an independent authority with zero connections to the White House. Such an investigation ought to include the many legitimate scholars and experts (which include military, aviators, air traffic controllers, special ops, ex-CIA, etc) across the country who bring to the table a feast of evidence to be considered along with a veritable flood of questions that remain unanswered to this day.

America is at a critical juncture. As we approach a presidential election year, we have seen the executive branch speed up its efforts to solidify a permanent U.S. military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have seen the sabers rattling, targeting both Iran and Pakistan. We have seen the augmentation and expansion of presidential authority and executive privilege. We have seen the new creations of authority, including the latest National Continuity Coordinator.

We are now witnessing ongoing nationwide experiments, such as “Operation Noble Resolve,” that are supposed to ensure our safety in the case of a major terrorist attack.

America has been warned of a potential “false flag” operation to be conducted on our soil by our government in order to garner support for an attack on Iran. That warning came from Zbigniew Brzezinski in a testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Feb. 1, 2007. Millions of Americans are convinced that 9/11 was just such an event, ushering in unprecedented support for unilateral executive authority to abuse our military.

Today, we see the signs of two parties operating as two pockets of the same pair of political pants, walking all over the constitution and the will of the American people. We don’t have much time left. A staged “terrorist” attack on this nation just prior to the election would create an immediate condition of martial law.

The National Continuity Coordinator’s “Plan” (due on Bush’s desk this month) would go into effect nationwide. Congress would be required to collaborate with the president under a definitive chain of command that filters down through the states to county and local government officials.

Anyone who objects or is branded an obstructionist will be subjected to the enforcement of the executive order issued on July 17, 2007, in which all property of that person will be confiscated.

The Continuity of Operations (COOP) will go into effect in order to ensure the Continuity of Government (COG). All the principles of the “Plan” created by the NCC will be overseen by the Office of Homeland Security.

And if you think this scenario being described cannot happen, perhaps you may wish to turn the channel you are watching. I am merely fast-forwarding the tape. The event is already underway. Congressman Peter DeFazio, who sought to inquire more about National Security Presidential Directive 51 (NSPD 51), which outlines the Continuity of Government, was rebuffed.

DeFazio, a sitting member of the House Committee on Homeland Security was told his request for information on the subsets of NSPD 51 was denied. He followed up with a letter signed by fellow high-ranking congressional members, who asked for access or a reason why access was denied. I suspect they will receive the latter.

To date, no response has been received from the White House regarding the request made by House Homeland Security Chairman Bernie Thompson, Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Chris Carney and DeFazio himself.

DeFazio, who has served in Congress more than 20 years, is now so baffled by the current circumstances in which he finds himself that he admitted on July 20, 2007 the following statement:

“Maybe the people who think there’s a conspiracy out there are right.”

Thanks Congressman Defazio for listening to the people. Perhaps now you will take further action with your colleagues to defuse the coming explosion of power in the executive branch? After all, Kucinich is going to need some help dragging Conyers and Pelosi off their dead derrieres and pulling their hands from covering their eyes and ears. Perhaps you may wish to get Senator Hillary Clinton to join your team? And I hear Congressman Ron Paul might be the only Republican option in all of Congress.

It looks like the American people will have a chance if DeFazio is serious. We shall see. If he joins Kucinich and begins to make a public plea for more signers to H. Res. 333, it will force Conyers and Pelosi to open the doors of democracy and allow a vote.

I don’t hold any hope for Hillary, however. She would be a powerful voice. But, as we have recently witnessed, she was slapped down by a Pentagon underling. And despite the power she wields and the presidential connections she has, she has sat down and shut up … just as she was told.

So, it appears as though the American people may have to place desperate hope in a few honest individuals and pray they will forcefully impose the will of the people over the will of their colleagues. Otherwise, the alternative scenario is quite grim.

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  • Lumpy

    Good name choice, chester. Dead on given your mental condition.

    BTW there’s video of the plane hitting the pentagon. You can see thw plane.

    Believe the conspiracies and u miss the real threats.

  • crazychester

    I don’t like conspiracies myself, especially when you are provided with a multitude of examples on the ineptness of government management in so many arenas, especially when a long chain of command is involved. It’s also off the topic of this article, which is well written and accurate regarding the lack of difference in the two parties right now.

    With that said, folks like Dave seem to dismiss any conspiracy speculation out of hand. Sept the 11th did not have to be planned and executed by the government. It only needed facilitation. This facilitation seems obvious to me when you ask where the military jets were. The FAA scrambled U.S. jets to the side of Payne Stewart’s chartered flight within minutes of losing contact. If you know anything about Class A airspace and the commercial airline system, no plane is ever out of radio or electronic contact with ATC for any period of time.

    A few other demonstrable facts leave gaping holes(no pun intended) in the official version of events:
    WTC 7 had absolutely no reason for collapse.
    Cheney ordered a military jet “standown” well after the first plane struck.
    No steel framed building in history has ever collapsed due to fire.
    Something airborne hit the Pentagon, but it was most definitely not a 757.

  • Dr Dreadful

    I can’t wait…!

  • Lumpy is REALLY not gonna like the article i just submitted…



  • Takes one to know one.

  • Lumpy

    Now there’s an endorsement to make u proud. You’ve captured the mIndless troll audience. The quality of comments on this thread compliments the idiocy of the article perfectly.

  • REMF

    “Given the choice between believing Mr. Green or believing Nalle & BushCo, there is no choice, really: I believe Mike Green hands down.”
    – Nancy


  • hey now, the fruit of our labor is easy as pie to pick a peck of pickled pundits portraying peachy prognostications pertaining to a plethora of pseudo prophetic perambulations and permutations of perplexing profundity paraphrased as pithy purple prose presenting popular populist potentates potentially pontificating perennially ponderous pronouncements precursor to profitable pandemonium!



  • Dr Dreadful

    Ah yes, gonzo marx: punmeister-general.

    Take it away, gonz…

  • yas are getting into a fuzzy subject there…

    but i digress,


  • Clavos

    Trust me, Doc; it’s the pits!

  • Dr Dreadful

    What I want to know is: where exactly is this peach bush and what is in it that everyone’s so interested in?

  • Clavos

    Tut, tut, mate.

    He wasn’t writing Strine at least :>)

  • STM

    “Exceptionally well researched artical”

    Nicely researched use of English.

  • Bolt

    Exceptionally well researched artical.Impeach Bush !

  • The last 6 years have been like Christmas for the neocons.

    Oh yeah, like the kind of Christmas where people stab you and leave you to freeze to death in a ditch.

    The PNAC has basically fallen apart. The Neocons have turned on each other. They’ve been proven to be incompetent. Their entire movement has been discredited. Yeah, they’re doing great.

    Either the conspiracy people are right or they’re not. They make their case less credible by latching on to every speculation. It goes back to first-year law school, the theory of the crime. The official/common version tells a coherent story. The conspiracy version is disjointed.

    Exactly. And there ARE real conspiracies out there. One of the things the conspiracy nuts do with their ridiculous theories is to cause us to overlook and not take seriously the real conspiracies which do exist.

    Real conspiracies involve small numbers of people and very limited and specific deceptions. They don’t involve thousands and require incredibly complex coordination of events or bizarre and far-fetched explanations which violate Occam’s Razor.


  • Clavos

    There are times when rescinding the First Amendment becomes a tempting option…

  • X

    Only the US Government had both the motive AND the ability. I don’t buy the story that 19 men that could barely fly defeated our air defences and struck the most well-defended building in the WORLD that day. That, to me, is a tough one to sell.

    And though it may appear that the neocons are having a bad run, they’ve still done their job: serve the Military-Industrial Complex (and the World Banks) by giving them their unending war. And anyway, when the next “terrorist attack” occurs on American soil, you’ll find that they’re all smiles again.

    Look at the footage, and believe your own eyes. I don’t know anything about people trucking plane debris around, but look at the hole in the ground in Shanksville and compare it to, oh, ANY OTHER domestic plane crash. I think you’ll notice a difference. If that doesn’t make you think that somebody might not be telling you the truth, well… I’m at a loss.

  • Dr. Reality

    Very well in sighted article. Those who believe the governments story of 911, OKC and every other ‘act of terror’ are ignorant of history. 911 was an obvious final act in a coup de tat. I would think at this juncture every rational thinking person on the planet would recognize this.
    Holding onto the fairy tales of the Federal Mafia is an act of desperation of the child who won’t grow up and needs to blame someone else for their mistakes and faults.
    Take a hard look at who is profiting from the ‘War on Terra’. Is it indigent Arabs who have had their lives destroyed, their land contaminated with depleted uranium for an eternity, their natural resources plundered by multinational oil cartels? Or is it the military industrial banking complex that has seen it profits soar in government funding, its CEOs awash in obscene profit as it loots the national treasury.
    I for the life of me cannot understand how anyone can hold onto this false belief that 911 or any other sophisticated ‘terror’ attack could be pulled off unless it benefited the pockets of the rich.Dr. Reality

  • Baronius

    X – I think you missed my point. I didn’t question whether the government would have a motive to destroy the Twin Towers. I said that there’s no motive for them to have moved a crashed plane from West Virginia to Pennsylvania. To convince me of a new story, it’s got to make more sense than the old story.

    It’s possible for the government to have a motive to have faked the WTC and Pentagon attacks. It’s hard to believe that all the explosive charges required for two 110-story demolitions would have withstood two aircraft impacts. It’s absurd to think that two administrations would have had the motives to fake WTC attacks. It’s outrageous to believe that a military aircraft shot down United Flight 93 over West Virginia, then a massive coverup took place to make it look like the crash site was in Pennsylvania.

    To put a bow on it, Mike sees collusion between the parties. (At least that’s how I read his article.) And, X, you see the last six years as Christmas for the neoconservatives, years which have seen their cause and leaders gutted. I just can’t get there from here.

  • X

    Is it really so hard to find a motive for the government to destroy the WTC? The last 6 years have been like Christmas for the neocons.

    Also, it should be known that the government’s official story is also a conspiracy theory… one with many gaping holes in it.

    Look up the FBI’s “Wanted” sheet for Bin Laden online. See anything missing from it?

  • Baronius

    Dave, I took some time and looked at a bit of 9/11 conspiracy theory online. I discovered that the same people claim a controlled demolition in NY, a cruise missile in VA, and a shot-down aircraft in WV transported to PA. Which leaves me with the question, why move the wreckage of United 93?

    Let’s say that the government had a reason to blow up the WTC and managed to do it. Also, they had a reason to fire a cruise missile into the Pentagon and pulled it off. Maybe those reasons would coincide. What would be the reason for shooting down a plane over West Virginia and moving the wreckage? In the aftermath of the first attacks (or “attacks”), there would have been no reason to lie about shooting down a commercial flight. There would have been *no* reason to lie about where it happened.

    Either the conspiracy people are right or they’re not. They make their case less credible by latching on to every speculation. It goes back to first-year law school, the theory of the crime. The official/common version tells a coherent story. The conspiracy version is disjointed.

    Another problem with the conspiracy people’s credibility is inherent in the word “conspiracy”. More reasonable people think that people act similarly out of similar motives. These theories characterize individuals with opposite motivations working together in secret. That’s a red flag for me.

  • troll

    y’all realize that the collapsed bridge is right on the route of the proposed secret super byway…I smell a budding conspiracy theory

  • Not so much, actually. These particular folks would never make that comparison because they don’t believe there WAS a holocaust. The people who make the holocaust comparison are more hardcore left wingers.


  • Baronius

    Dave – those are the people who love to compare the Palestinian camps with the Holocaust, right?

  • Ah, Baronius. So naive. You’re not up on your conspiracy theories. The truly hip conspiracists currently believe that the Jews ARE Nazis. I wouldn’t presume to try to explain it, but they believe that the Jews basically believe in the philosophy of Nazism, replacing Arabs with Jews as the people to kill.


  • Baronius

    Dave (re #25 & #27) –

    “(Joe Proskauer was involved in the attempted coup of FDR and is a known nazi sympathizer that looks Jew)”

    This is maybe the first statement ever that’s anti-Nazi and anti-Semitic.

  • Animal Farm

    RE # 27

    Hey Dave, Carl just called he wants you to pick up his lunch now. He said you can get back to defending “BushCo” on the net after you finish doing what you were hired to do.

  • To #16, here’s a novel idea: how about we sometimes delusional and smug Canadians hyped on Tim Horton’s coffee apply and shift some of these suggestions towards ourselves for a change?

    Ah but deflection is soooo much easier!

    As for conspiracy theories, everyone knows that Major League Baseball (as I have stated before) is watching everyone. Just ask Bart.

  • Nancy

    Given the choice between believing Mr. Green or believing Nalle & BushCo, there is no choice, really: I believe Mike Green hands down.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    “Find out why the U.S. is really pushing a $20B arms deal on Saudi Arabia and offering another $30B deal with Israel.”

    I’ll bite, Mike; why is the US pushing all these deals? Particularly the one with the thieves in J-lem?

  • troll

    creative paranoia is where one gets through the titillating disappointment of having his worst hopes and fondest fears constantly justified…the feeling that something just isn’t right

    it’s a hedonistic pleasure and rationality has little to do with it

    the interesting thing about conspiracy theories is that they actually reflect – albeit distorted as through carnival mirrors – something

    btw – the author is correct about dems and repubs alike selling out liberty…

    our ‘democratic’ elections are spectacles of forced choices – rituals even…not unlike genital mutilation

  • I think post #25 puts this entire exercise in perspective. It’s where Green would be if he didn’t have the veneer of complete and grammatically correct sentences and a slight awareness that he’ll lose credibility if he just opens up his twisted mind and spews every thought in there.


  • The problem with opening a book in the middle and begining to read the story is that one’s entire perspective is based upon information gleaned from a particular point in the adventure rather than the actual beginning.

    That’s why I wrote the book I referenced above. The U.S. did not begin to distort and deceive in the aftermath of 9/11 in order to go to war in Iraq. The U.S. told the same lie about WMD’s in Iraq in 1990. It repeated the same lie again after much of the world condemned the military control of Iraqi skies under an illegal takeover.

    The daddy Bush told a lie to the Saudis regarding an imaginary Iraqi army amassed along the Kuwaiti-Saudi border ready to invade Saudi Arabia.

    The daddy Bush told Americans that we needed to defend our “vital interests” and if need be, Saudi Arabia as well. Check out my video on Google and see if the president’s own words are good enough evidence for the detractors.

    The U.S. lied to go into Iraq just one week after it lied to Saddam about being unconcerned over his dispute with Kuwait.

    The Congress was lied to about the horrors of incubator babies.

    The Congress was lied to regarding the so-called Iraqi Liberation Act of 1998.

    Clinton lied in order to maintain continuous bombing raids throughout Iraq during the 90s.

    Bush lied to regain an opportunity to send ground troops again to invade Iraq.

    The media lied about the War in Iraq being separate from the Gulf War. A “cease-fire” is not an end to a war, especially when the fire doesn’t cease.

    The U.S. lied about having the support of the world, when in fact, the great majority of the world has condemned the U.S. intrusion into Iraq from the 1991 invasion to the present day.

    The U.S. liked about its support of Saddam Hussein and furnishing him with WMDs of a chemical and biological nature along with the measn to deploy them.

    The U.S. lied about suspecting Saddam had nuclear WMDs (both in 1990 and again in 2002 and 2003. In fact a CIA agent who was specifically assigned to the case and closest to the German Intel was provided a copy of Colin Powell’s speech prior to its presentation to the United Nations. He struck out all reference to Saddam being suspected of having nuclear weapons. That information did not come from the Intel agents. It came from two Iraqi CIA guys (Ayad Allawi and Ahmad Chalabi, both of which ended up with enormous power in Iraq after the overthrow of Saddam).

    The government lied about so many things regarding Iraq and Iran and Saudi Arabia that those who do not know the history from 1950 to the present day are merely spouting off about pieces of insignificant propaganda that fails to see the big picture in its entirety.

    The U.S. has long been the aggressor in the Middle East. Al-Qaida is a scapegoat and an excuse to be in Iraq. But the truth is that the U.S. isn’t fighting Al-Qaida at all! It is a total myth!

    Now, is that statement insane?

    Only if you believe the propaganda emanating from the White House and regurgitated by the mass media.

    First the president says it. The the VP. Then the Pentagon. Then the stooges placed in leadership positions in Iraq by the U.S., then the U.S. military leaders beholden to the president. There, is that enough evidence for you the detractors say?

    Um, no. If every liar under the Bush administration makes the same declaration it doesn’t change anything. It’s merely another liar beholden to the same regime.

    Similarly, you would not believe Saddam, so you should believe his Foreign Minister, or his Generals, or his Secretary of the Interior, or his media.

    The reason why I have and still do accurately predict the occurrences before they happen regarding the U.S. involvement in the Middle East isn’t because I’m getting revelation from space. It is because I know the WHOLE truth.

    It would serve some of you better if you would find alternative information to which you can compare your data from the national press corps (aka the Bush propaganda machine).

    For example, try finding out what the rest of the Iraqi parliament thinks of the U.S. in Iraq and its “benchmarks” and its control over the Iraqi Oil Ministry and its deceptive installations of so-called Iraqi leaders like Ahmad Chalabi.

    Find out what the majority of nations are syaing today about the U.S. and Great Britain and what they were saying in 1990 and 1991.

    Find out what the U.S. relationship is and has been with Iran. And why Iran isn’t the aggressor, but rather the U.S. is.

    Find out why the U.S. is really pushing a $20B arms deal on Saudi Arabia and offering another $30B deal with Israel.

    Stop bashing folks like me who seek to inform and alert, and begin challenging the government to speak truth and back it up with solid (not circumstantial) evidence.

    Get the government to open the doors of doemocracy and allow the people access to documentation we ought to have access to. And challenge the congress to unlock the door to democracy that seals us from voting on imeachment articles supported by 15 members of congress!

    Let’s stand together rather than apart. That’s what the Dems and repubs are doing. That’s why the troops haven’t been brought home. Congress can end the war anytime it wishes. It has that power. And it could remove the vice president and president. It has that power. But BOTH parties signed the facade known as the Iraqi Liberation Act. Both side initiated the expansion of the executive branch known as the Homeland Security Act and USA Patriot Act. Both sides have continued misleading the American people with numerous executive privileges and orders supported by both sides.

    Yes, America … wake up. Please. before its too late.

  • All roads to this political corruption took a major turn for this worse when Skull and Bones men with sworn oath to a secret nazi agenda and the federalist also sworn to overthrow the government came together in a common pursuit that is rapidly becoming known as Patentgate. Some major law firms, Proskauer Rose (Joe Proskauer was involved in the attempted coup of FDR and is a known nazi sympathizer that looks Jew) and Foley & Lardner headed by Michael Grebe (RNC Chief Counsel, Former CEO of Foley, now CEO of ultra ubber right Bradley Foundation and biggest backer behind the scenes of Reagan, Bush I and Bush II the worst years of the country). Reagan was like Bush, script readers for this man who is re-writing the Constitution by the second to serve a nazi agenda for America.
    They came together to steal patents and cover up when they were caught by Arthur Andersen including doing secret deals to transfer the patents to energy company Enron. That led to those two being vanquished from the planet trying to cover up the bigger crime. Realizing that they had been caught in hundreds of crimes against the United States, leading the patent office to suspend the stolen properties while investigations remain ongoing, they plotted a cuop on the country through election fraud. Once in, well the fox is in the henhouse. For all those interested in the truth visit the Iviewit homepage at http://www.iviewit.tv and also read the book at the home page The Fight for the Grail, to not know this story is to not understand the history of inventions heralded as the holy grail and the story of how those who tried to steal it are beginning to fry in hell. This is not a repub/dem thing, this is skull and bones and no matter who won the last election it was one of these two spoiled Yale kids Bush or Kerry who have sworn oath to what is called by them “The Order of Death” and who eat off nazi flatware and believe in two classes them and their slaves.
    All great systems get perverted when spoiled third generation pukes, get power, join secret clubs with agenda’s against the people they have sworn oath to, in fact, agenda’s that are treasonous in nature. Screw impeachment, these guys need to be tried for war crimes and treason and hung at dawn, nooses on iviewit. Like all spoiled kids of kings, who because of their unearned status of elite, mistreat the people, well history says no matter how they change laws or whatever they do, they soon are to have pitchforks in their heads. Conspiracy Theory this is not, that is there tag line to make you think it does not exist, kind of like how they cover up their organizations and acts in flowery terms like patriotism and hard work. dick cheney has been the kiss of death to everything in his life, every campaign he touched, he is from winnetka il, where a lot of rich kids who hate hard workers plot plans. This one seems to have taken on legs. both republicans and democrats need to weed the parties of this trash.
    the sleeping sheep have awoken, they are exposed and things are being done by many good people to stop them, hold on, more will surface soon about the plot.
    eliot bernstein
    [Personal contact info deleted]

  • X

    If 9/11 was actually a legitimate, unexpected terror event that precipitated the U.S.’s enormous military retaliation, it would have been the exception, not the norm. Anyone remember the Gulf of Tonkin? Lusitania? The Maine? Pearl Harbor?

    You people who can’t seem to find a single hole in the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 need to take stock of what is really going on in your own minds.

    It’s time to wake up, America.

  • Baronius

    Mike, the dumbest thing that a person can do is try to psychoanalyze his political opponent. Republicans wasted a lot of time trying to understand Clinton’s motivations. A lot of people on this site do the same thing with Bush and Cheney. With Bush, it’s usually something religious combined with a father fixation. Cheney usually is depicted as a combination neoconservative and devil.

    I know it’s pointless to approach the other person’s political position psychologically instead of rationally, because you never learn to construct an argument against him. But for the life of me, after listening to the 9/11 theorists, I can’t find reasoning. The thinking doesn’t seem to be driven by fact or by politics. I have to resort to psychology.

    Take the claim that Bush lied us into a war. All evidence indicates that the world’s intelligence agencies believed that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. The Baath government did support various terrorist organizations. They broke their post-Desert Storm cease-fire agreement repeatedly. Bush didn’t lie about those things.

    I get that the war hasn’t gone as expected. That doesn’t make a prior decision a lie. But every single thing I’ve just written, you’ve read before. I’ve read the other side’s arguments. They’re wrong. I’m just stumped: either the anti-war people are ignoring the facts, or they’re distorting the facts deliberately. I’m sorry that comes out as an accusation, but I don’t know what else to think.

  • I made an error in a statement in comment #21. I stated:

    “However, those who have little knowledge of the historical definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors” would argue to their deaths that deliberate deceit of the American people in order to send the country to war sinks to the depth necessary to remove a president.”

    I meant to say:

    However, those who have little knowledge of the historical definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors” would argue to their deaths AGAINST the notion that deliberate deceit of the American people in order to send the country to war sinks to the depth necessary to remove a president.

  • Thanks to all who have replied.

    Please allow me to address some of the concerns regarding my sanity.

    I try very hard to write articles that are readable without merely citing sources throughout. But few things are more frustrating than folks attributing relevant, factual and researchable data to my presumed insanity.

    For example, if the detractors would simply do their own research without sitting on the sidelines slinging nasty muddy comments perhaps they would expand their own mental horizons and discover the following:

    Conyers is the sole authority preventing a democratic vote on articles of impeachment presented to his committee by 15 members of Congress. (That’s 15 against 1 for those of you keeping count).

    For those of you who have failed to read the charges within H. Res. 333, well, perhaps you all are afraid of being wrong? The vice president is indeed impeachable. The evidence presented is his own testimony over and over on many separate occasions — contained within the bill that was introduced. The damage committed by this administration is incalculable in millions of lives impacted and billions of dollars spent, predicated upon deliberate deceit.

    Pelosi and Clinton together could easily prevent the executive branch from conducting its tyranny, yet neither have any intentions of doing so. Thus, we have a conspiracy of compliance between the legislative and executive branches … against the American people.

    The president has indeed committed acts that are impeachable offenses. However, those who have little knowledge of the historical definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors” would argue to their deaths that deliberate deceit of the American people in order to send the country to war sinks to the depth necessary to remove a president. Such an argument flies in the face of the rationale presented by those who wrote the constitution.

    But before one goes wandering into a minutiae of reasoning behind a single charge, perhaps the detractors should examine all of the numerous acts of definace committed by this presidential administration (and keep in mind that I was also in favor of impeaching Clinton, who undermined due process and justice for an American citizen he wronged in order to cover up other nefarious acts. No president ought to abuse his or her authority at the expense of the citizenry, whether it is one or millions).

    Regarding that which is well documented:

    The expansion of the authority of the executive branch is well documented.

    The decisions to refuse compliance with the legislative branch is documented.

    The refusal to open the doors of public access to critical information pertaining to alleged crimes to the media, the American people and the qualified legislative representatives of the people is well documented.

    The support of illegal detainment, illegal espionage upon Americans, illegal threats to foreign governents, illegal wars, illegal imprisonment, illegal torture, and a number of other illegal acts are indeed well documented.

    But is scares me most of all is not what Bush and Cheney do and have done, but rather to see that the acts committed by this administration sit well in the minds of some as acceptable. In fact, if the acts committed by this administration, which have gone beyond the illegal acts committed by previous administrations, are acceptable to detractors on this post, it appears that whoever is in power in 2009 will have Carte Blanche authority to do as they please.

    And that, my friends, is the scariest scenario of all … when the American people willingly turn over complete authority to the executive.

  • REMF

    “Bush and Cheney have done nothing impeachable.”

    Yeah, but would someone please give these two blowjobs so we CAN impeach them…?

  • Baronius

    Nalle, it’s true that when you’re on the flat part of the bell curve on either side, you can sound similar. The thing that amazes me is that, as the article says, there probably are millions of people who believe this stuff.

    I know I’ve said this before, but I’m reminded of something Arendt wrote. The totalitarian mindset develops in a culture of cynicism and gullibility. They seem to be opposite things, but the deliberate cynic will always assume that the official story is false, leaving him to accept any unofficial story, no matter how absurd. C.S. Lewis once said something similar – I don’t recall it exactly, but I think it was that people believe absolutely nothing that they read in the paper.

  • It’s beyond me, Baronius. And the mental contortions they have to go through to deny obvious fact and accept bizarre alternative theory instead have got to be painful – at least to the sane mind. But maybe they are no longer sane.

    I have to comment that I’m irked by the title. The only reason the author isn’t of the left or the right is not that he’s in the middle, but that he’s so far out in ultra right/left Bircher paranoia land that he’s beyond the partisanship of left and right and has become a partisan of pure insanity. That is more dangerous than simple old left or right.


  • Baronius

    Bush won in 2000 and 2004.

    Bush and Cheney have done nothing impeachable.

    9/11 was a terrorist attack.

    Some people say that the Big Lie wins by being repeated so many times that people believe it. I don’t think so. I think that people don’t believe it, but get tired of disputing it.

    I’m kind of baffled that the 9/11 conspiracies have continued to gain strength, though. I mean, vices are supposed to give you pleasure. Lying to oneself about 2000 and 2004 is probably soothing to a Democrat. But what cheap thrill does one get by self-delusion about September 11th? I dunno.

  • Matt

    I’m canadian and you jerks down there better get your shit together come this election and stop the economic and moral spiral that i percieve your country as taking. Bush STOLE the election the first time and then WTF you elect him again? and now your dollar is crappy your boys are dying (not that ours aren’t but they’re in afganistan y’know…with terrorists) and your so called “freedoms” don’t exist. investigate 9/11 all you want but fix the political system first.

  • Nancy, was #12 directed at me? You have factual evidence that Bush was behind the WTC attack? Wow, share it with us. I’m eager to see it.


  • zingzing

    “i believe that the united states government would not killtheir own 3000 citizens for their own agenda.”

    oh, i believe they would kill their own citizens, but i doubt they’d do it here when they can just do it in iraq.

  • jackieo

    may I start off saying that i respect you opinion and your voice concerning the day of september 11th and that this blog was very well written. I agree that there are holes in the stories the bush administration has told the citizns of the United States about september 11th, however, by focusing your attention and pointing the finger at the bush adminstartion and the US government you are assuming that the events of 911 were infact a inside job. assuming that the government has not released all the imformation because then the data would point a finger to the government, which caused the death of 3000 of their own citizens to further help politics. It seems that you are saying that the government is this corrupt body of people that are in office to voice the people they represent, however they are acting through a different agenda that doesn’t include the American people? i think that there are holes in the information that the government has left out when telling us the truth, however, i believe that the united states government would not killtheir own 3000 citizens for their own agenda.

  • Nancy

    I – & the rest of us with open eyes – don’t understand how you can be so willfully blind to ignore, misread, misinterpret, or twist the FACTS that have been reported or are there in living color via video, radio, or transcript, of BushCo’s actual words & deeds. Au contraire, you willingly & willfully swallow all the pap, spin, & lies dished out by the shovelful by Snow & all the other BushCo puppet speakers, or by Bush & Cheney – the Liars-in-Chief – themselves. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see, whether thru misguided loyalty or refusal to admit being wrong. The FACTS are there, in print, on tape. Too many for any sane & thinking person to ignore.

  • Millions of Americans are convinced that 9/11 was just such an event,

    Which just proves that millions of Americans are idiots and that those who perpetuate these conspiratorial fictions are victimizing the weak minded.

    And you massively mischaracterize what Brezinski said to the Senate. What you interpret as a ‘false flag’ operation is his suggestion that the US might provoke an incident with Iran – like the recent seizure of British sailors – to use as a pretext for a war. Hardly the same thing as blowing up the WTC and killing almost 4000 Americans.

    I really don’t understand how you can repeat these lies and look at yourself in the mirror every day.


  • David

    Lovely article. If only we could believe Al and trust our own government. Sadly, no one with an open mind who has researched this topic can say that it’s not going to happen. This time if/when the bushites try to take control, I’m gonna fight back if it means going to gitmo, or dying. I’m not a martyr, I’m just standing up for myself, and my rights, I have no reason to fight with a cause, unless it suits me.

  • dr rdw

    In response to couple of amazingly naive comments made above. The official government conspiracy theory has been so well discredited that I’m amazed there any who still buy into it. Further, the steady erosion of liberty and rights in our country is a treasonous reality. It has been deliberate with an obvious end in mind.

    Oh, an Al, why don’t you demonstrate with data and sources where the comments regarding BushCo. are 99% wrong. Should be interesting to see you try.

  • Nancy

    Unfortunately, Al, when it happens (not if), it won’t be any comfort to those of us conspiracy theorists to tell YOU, “We told you so….”

  • Yeah, yeah, with the cheesy conspiracy theories already. This statement in particular right here regarding the Bush administration is pretty much 99.9% factually wrong “The number of lies and deliberate deception is, however, well documented.” You just made that up based on what you want very badly to believe.

    Any president is likely to push their bounds of authority to some extent, and there are certainly a few points where Bush et al have done so.

    But Congress can’t just do anything they want anytime they want, and they certainly do not get to demand absolutely anything they want from the White House. Bush is probably right to be resisting a lot of those specific things you list early in the article.

  • weekapaug81

    great article

  • Lee

    Might I suggest Debunking 9/11 Debunking by David Ray Griffin and if you have not read it, pick up a copy of the 9/11 Commission Report along with David Ray Griffin’s Omissions and Distortions. Google Operation Northwoods for a glimpse at what elements within our own military were willing to bring upon our nation 40 years ago. At the very least, do some research into Philip Zelikow who was the executive director of the 9/11 Commission.
    This is such an ugly scenario that some people simply can’t look at the evidence with an open mind and prefer to believe and defend an outrageously silly and simple story about 19 Arabs with box cutters! But denial won’t get us anywhere. When another “terrorist attack” occurs within our borders I suggest that we all face the music and consider domestic rather than foreign enemies. We’re in for a bumpy ride folks.

  • moonraven

    Actually, Bush and his Gang already pulled two coups. Successful ones, in fact. And not a shot was fired.

    Having the voting machines on your side is more effective than paying off a bunch of generals–who might just take the power away from you.

    There is no question in any aware person’s mind that the US is a dictatorship. The only question is:

    How long will it last?

  • Nancy

    Good job. It’s about time someone besides me suspected that BushCo is setting up a scenario for a political coup that would lead to a permanent Bush white house. Likewise I agree, the Dems in congress are doing nothing – NOTHING – to either stand up to BushCo or to prosecute on their own, but on the contrary the two female leaders are seemingly doing everything they can to block active impeachment &/or prosecutions or investigations. One has to wonder what stake they have in all this. I suppose we’ll never know.

    Meanwhile, Bush, Cheney, & Rove are plotting highest treason unimpeded, while the maggots in congress sit in the infested carcass of the capitol, wring their hands, & do nothing.

    Would that Al Qaeda or some such would get their brains & their balls together & take out those actually responsible for their putative perceived wrongs, instead of bombing everyone else.

  • Michael

    Wow. When a Conservative Christian says things I’d expect to hear among my Liberal Atheist crowd, I think it’s time to worry. It’s a challenge just to get other liberals to agree that there’s no work more important than impeachment right now. Pelosi and the Democrats claim that it’s more important to pass good laws, but those good laws have been vetoed every time, and bad laws that reflect that administration’s every wish get passed instead. How in the world can this be said to be progress?

  • Please, all the conspiracy theories have been debunked. Move on.