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Deborah Coleman – What About Love?

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There is just an incredible diversity of music available. If all you’re relying on to find new music is what your DJ tells you is hot, or what pops up on VH1, you’re missing a huge underground of music.

How huge? Well, I consider myself a pretty savvy and informed music consumer. I buy a lot of stuff. I get a lot of review copies of CDs. I pay attention (like, I read this site, for one thing). Yet, once a while an established performer slips through and I think, “Damn, this is good. How did I miss this?”

Such a performer is Deborah Coleman, who’s new CD “What About Love?” arrived on my desk a few days ago. Coleman has been recording and performing professionally for a decade now.

If you’re not a blues fan, Coleman isn’t likely to turn you into one, even though her sound is hardly esoteric, but she is a strong and vibrant performer who’s songs reward repeated listening. Coleman sings and plays some tasty and powerful guitar. Her sound is fresh and modern without being overproduced. She lacks the bombast of many modern blues musicians, which may be one of her most appealing aspects.

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