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Death to Spam

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A new Harris poll confirms what most of us already knew: computer users are are really, really sick of email spam:

    The survey, conducted Nov. 22 to Dec. 2 on 2,221 adult Web surfers, finds that people detest spam by larger numbers than they did in March 2000. Eighty percent of respondents today say they’re very irritated by spam, compared with 49% almost three years ago.

    Most agree that porn spam is the worst. Nine in 10 find unsolicited sex mailings very annoying. Right behind porn on the hate list are come-ons for mortgages (79%), investments (68%), and real estate (61%). [Information Week]

Funny, no mention of the Nigerians in urgent need of assistance transferring large sums to the US, but at least those pricks are polite.

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  • Anne

    I’d add e-mail with the subjects of “Pre-approved credit card!” and “Enlarge your *whatever* Clinically proven!” to the list of most annoying spam messages. I’ve taken aggressive measures to stem the tide of junk mail to my inbox; by and large they’ve worked.