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Death Row Records Founder Suge Knight Invents A New Dance – The Choke Hold

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What do you do when your record company is in the toilet? Take what you can from it and enjoy the rest of your life. That apparently is what Death Row Records founder Suge Knight seems to be doing according to this YouTube clip.

Apparently, Mr. Knight likes to get a tight grip on the ladies he dances with.

I wonder what was on his mind when he ignored the person who had the camera on him. I bet he was thinking, "Since I suck at music now, why don't I just go choke a woman while dancing? I'll create a new dance craze and keep my name in the news."

Whatever his mindset was, I have a funny feeling that clubbers all over the world will get attention with this move.

If he held a gun to the woman’s head, he could have a spin-off of that move called "The Hostage."

I can imagine someone at a corporate office somewhere sitting there being appalled by this, but sending the video out through the company email anyway. Some of those same types of women might even be attracted to the idea of having some big guy’s massive arms over their own necks.

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  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “Since I suck at music now, why don’t I just go choke a women while dancing?”

    Since when did Suge Knight NOT suck at music?

    Anyways, I figure since he can’t afford bullets anymore, he has no choice but to resort to physical harm on women…

  • Eric Olsen

    hilarious and disturbing Matthew, thanks! Maybe he picked this move up in prison

  • Symon Dagrapp Brother has been arrested on cocain charges/trafficing bail set at 50,000 damn symon keep your head up man.


  • Bill Gates is a real Gangsta, and he don’t have to kill no one to be that way.

  • BomptonPiru

    yall crazy this still the MOB

  • BomptonPiru

    yall talk alot of BS,But i bet you wont come to Bompton, to the HOOD talking that Shit,this BADBOY RU,from BomptonPiru,MOB Style any how LPP4Life

  • BomptonPiru

    What Up MOB James,Timmy RU Much love,this Merl,tell my pip Lacey MOB,i said much LOVE

  • Suge Knight

    Just playin yall!This dance is me just wantin’yall not to otice hoefat my bellies gotten

  • Sam Dogg

    real niggaz do real things

  • THUG!

    yo Sugh a gangsta i dont care what you fake ass punks say!

  • Denise8989

    Wat da Hell is goin on theses days???/