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Death Penalty For Child Molesters

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In Oklahoma, a State Senator is pushing for legislation that could give repeat child molesters the death penalty. According to KTEN News,

Repeat child molesters are becoming more and more an issue today. They are set free, only to shatter the life of another innocent child. Oklahoma Senator Jay Paul Gumm is committed to making Oklahoma the safest state possible for your children.

The Senator has written legislation to ensure that repeat child molesters face the toughest penalty possible. It’s called Senate Bill 1747. It would make repeat child molesters subject to life in prison without parole or even the death penalty.

Only thing, we used to have such laws where rapists were given the death penalty. Then the Supreme Court said that was cruel and unusual punishment. As such we went several years with no death penalties, because they were illegal (aka unconstitutional). As a supporter of the death penalty, I believe this particular law might get thrown out in another Supreme Court case. Give them life in prison, but death I don’t think will fly on Constitutional grounds.

Senator Gumm is confident this new bill will pass in the Senate and become a law. However, as I said, I am not so sure. I would love to hear what each of you think. Is there another way to keep these despicable human beings that prey on our young off the streets? I would like to see all the states become safer from these people. Question is how do we do it?

And that’s what I think! And now for your comments…

Kevin Surbaugh, of Topeka, KS owns KevinsView.com and is an ordained minister (97) who spent 2 yrs (95-96) with the ministry of Jesus People USA, which runs Cornerstone Festival in western IL and operates Grrr Records at its headquarters in Chicago, IL.

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  • I’m one of those people stuck in the gray area between hating the death penalty and recognizing that it’s sometimes just. So I don’t know if my opinion would be much help.

    But as for how, besides the death penalty, we can deal with child molesters? Forced sterilization. Perhaps this would also be considered cruel and unusual, but it would certainly be appropriate to the crime.

  • Bing

    How about bringing back penal colonies not only for child molestors but all violent repeat offenders.

    We find a nice little remote island in the pacific and put all these animals on it. NO houses, running water, no electricity, no beds.. nothing.

    Have a plane that flies by once a week with some rotten meat, stale bread and some bottled mexican tap water.

    Also there’d be a helicopter gunship on a nearby island that would patrol the waters around the penal colony to make sure there are no escapes and to fly over the island and blast any makeshift shelters the prisoners have made.

    One last thing. Any liberal judge who gives a childe molester/murder a lightweight sentence will also be sent to this island.

  • This is a tough area for me. There are many factors which contribute to why a person becomes a child molester. I’m not advocating it, just laying otut the facts. As someone who was molested as a child, I know this first hand. I know what contributed to my abuser’s deviance. It doesn’t make it right, but it does lend credence to the importance of education and healthy discussion of sex from the earliest ages.

    That being said, I do believe that any convicted child molester who has sexually abused and subsequently murdered a child should be put to death, period. There is no compromise. It’s one thing to take a child’s innocence. But to do so with death resulting deserves nothing short of a mandatory death sentence.

  • Dave Nalle

    This ties in peculiarly to my article on the British National Party. The death penalty for child molestors is also one of their big issues. Not to say that it’s automatically a nazi/totalitarian issue, but it does seem awfully extreme.


  • Dawn

    I have zero problem with executing those who sexually abuse anyone say under the age of 13, and clearly if there is violence against the victim of any kind, there should be no question.

    That said, I am willing to accept life in prison without parole for offenders. And really, what excuse is there for “repeat” offenders. Anyone who molests a child should NEVER, EVER be given an opportunity to do it again.

    That is a huge freaking duh!

    I like the way they think in Oklahoma, it’s about damn time someone in our government take violence and sexual abuse against children seriously.

  • I have zero problem with executing those who sexually abuse anyone say under the age of 13,

    What if the assailant was 18 and it was consensual? I know that in the eyes of the law, a 12 year old cannot consent, but what I mean is what if it wasn’t by force and the assailant was 18. By your statement here, it would still be a death penalty.

    Isn’t force against any weaker person bad? A woman cannot defend herself (in many cases) against the physical force of a 280 pound man. If the woman is 110 pounds, she’s experiencing roughly the equivalent of what a 12 year old would experience against a larger assailant. So death for violence against some weaker victims is okay but not others? So do we do the death penalty for all sexual crimes?

    It’s a slippery slope to me. As a taxpayer, I would support having to fork over the money for a lifetime behind bars for the guilty party, I know not all taxpayers want that though, but once we start expanding what the death penalty covers, who’s to say where it stops?

  • Baronius

    This is a toughie. I think I believe that capital punishment should be reserved for murder (or treason), but on a visceral level, why should we even wait for a repeat offense before executing a pedophile? Usually, policy should follow reason rather than emotion, but I’m not sure what is right in this case.

    Michael mentions forced sterilization. To the extent that molestation is a sex crime, sterilization makes sense. To the extent that it’s a crime of violence, it’s ineffective. You’ve just taken the angriest, most asocial person in the world and given him something to be very angry about. You’ve lopped off what for many men is a big part of their identity, and no doubt a bigger part of the molester’s identity. I can’t imagine that things would end well. Then there are female sexual abusers, and other things a male can do, and other stuff I don’t want to think about.

    One last comment. We have a moral duty to protect the prison population, an obligation that we’ve failed to live up to in the US. Sexual violence is common in prison. That’s a whole separate topic, I know. But somewhere along the line, not executing sexual predators becomes cruel and unusual punishment for the rest of the incarcerated.

  • paul


    You are comparing apples and oranges when you put a child molestor in the same category as an 18 y/o having consensual sex with a 14 y/o. The law doesn’t put them in the same category either. By the way, there is something wrong with the pathetic 18 y/o that has sex with a 12 y/o. Many times in child molestation cases, it isn’t by force because the child doesn’t know any better and just goes along with the adult.
    Your point about physically weaker victims doesn’t hold much water either, because then if the woman weighed more than the man there would be no crime committed…right?

  • Paul, research Matthew Lymon in Kansas. He was 18 years old when he had oral sex with someone who was 2 weeks short of turning 18. He is serving a 17 year prison term for it.

    The law doesn’t make distinctions, which was my point. Notice the italicized part of my comment, that is what someone else actually said. I was throwing out a hypothetical for consideration, since that comment didn’t make a distinction either.

  • correction, he was 17 (a minor) who had consensual oral sex with a 15 year old.

  • anon

    The correct spelling would be Matthew Limon.

  • Nancy

    Every study on the subject finds that recidivism among pedophiles is 100%. Even avoidance therapy techniques don’t work on these guys. How they got that way is immaterial. Understanding their backgrounds or empathy with their ‘pain’ is immaterial. They are dangerous, vicious – and unregenerate. As such, like any dangerous, vicious, and unregenerate animal, they must be destroyed. Not warehoused at public expense. Not given years of therapy in hopes of non-existant rehabilitation and repentance. Destroyed.

  • I have to agree. Even if this law passes in the state legislature, the Supreme Court would easily knock it down. You have to also remember that there is somewhat of a growing consensus that child molestors are suffering from a sickness or mental illness. There would be a good deal of protest from the psychological community to impose even life sentences on those convicted of this heinous crime. The Supreme Court did strike down capital punishment for rapists so I doubt whether or not they’d let it slide for child molestors or rapists…

  • Nancy

    It sounds to me like this is headed to a point where despite general public support, the USSC is going to eventually deem that no crime, however vile, and no criminal, however violent or dangerous, is worthy of execution. What then? Will the only answer to eliminating these vermin & protecting the public be vigilantism – taking them out before the courts have a chance to get their over-protective noses into it? I hate the idea, but it does seem to me as if increasingly the courts are more intent on protecting the rights of criminals than they are in redressing the wrongs of victims or protecting the public.

  • Felix Evans

    I don’t know where you get your ‘facts’ from Nancy, since the recidivism rate amongst paedophiles is not 100%. Even a basic search on Google will provide evidence to support this. One article quotes a recidivism rate of 52% for child molesters at the end of a study. I wouldn’t say that this wasn’t high, but it most definately is not 100%.
    Definitions of recidivism are also variable, as you can see from this article:


    As for warehousing people at public expense, did you know that it costs on average $160,000 extra to execute someone than to jail them for 20 years?

    Are the wrongs of victims really redressed by executing their attacker? Do you think a 10 year old rape victim is going to feel any better knowing that the person who violated her is dead?

    Four brief reasons why the death penalty should not be used in these (or any) cases:

    1. An innocent person may be executed.
    2. There is little evidence to show that the death penalty acts as a deterrent for the crimes to which it is applied. It is unlikely it would be a detterent in these cases.
    3. The state has no legitimate authority to kill its citizens – the function of the state is to protect people from each other, and to provide essential services.
    4. All of the rights of government derive from the rights of individuals. Since no citizen has the right to kill another citizen, the government does not have this right either.

  • Susan G.

    I support the death penalty for child molesters. I think we need to acknowlege as a society that people who abuse children cannot be salvaged and they need to either be put to death or locked away someplace forever.

    Earlier posts quoting the recidivism rate are bothersome for me. The published rate I read is 4%, I believe. However, the 4% are the ones who are CAUGHT a second time. I believe the rate probably is much, much higher because I honestly cannot see how someone who could harm a child can ever be cured. I support the death penalty for pedophiles, but I fear that if it were instituted, there would be an even greater burden of proof on prosecutors and maybe fewer would be convicted than now.

  • Luz Algarín

    If we were in the nation of Israel, 2.000 years ago, child molesters would be stoned to death.

    Can anyone inform me: my former brotherin-law molested my niece. Can I make it public?

    Court Ruling:

    Due to Article 73 (33 L.P.R.A. Sec. 3412) “a victim of sexual abuse has 5 years to file charges against the victimized if the victim was over 18 at the time of the crime. If the victim was less than 18 at the time of the crime, he or she has 5 years after reaching adulthood (18) to file charges” the charges were dropped.

  • sonia

    Society can’t think rationally long enough to deal with a solution to child sexual abuse (CSA). Curing someone of a sexual desire for children (pedophiles-different from child molesters) takes time and effort. Signs of this behavior are often exhibited during a child’s teenage years. Nearly 40% of CSA is perpetrated by other CHILDREN. How about, instead of killing all CSA offenders we actually try raising healthier human beings from early on?

  • i think that these sick people who prey on our children to have a mandatory life sentence, no second chances, no parole. it isnt fair to our children to keep letting these animals back on the streets to hurt another child. i also think that the dealth penalty isnt a good idea, let them suffer in prison for life.

  • Mary

    Most people who have repeatedly experienced sexual abuse as children live in constant pain, terror and shame because of this. They are psychologically scarred for life and will never feel normal again. Unfortunately, society doesn’t seem to take the issue of child sexual abuse seriously. It makes me question just how much human beings value the life of an innocent child. I believe that child molesters deserve the death penalty, in an ideal and absolutely fair justice system, for causing a lifetime of pain and suffering of other human beings. If people truly understood the effect sexual abuse has on a child, I’m certain that anyone would agree. Currently, about 1/3 girls and 1/7 boys are sexually abused by the age of 18. This sickness must be stopped.

  • s dumont

    I am a survivor of two FEMALE adolescent offenders, and can assure you that my case is not so much “rare” as it is under-reported. What we really need to be considering, is why these people become offenders in the first place. Before we go “offing” them we need to say that we truly did all that we could to help them. The problem is that most sex offender programs are less than affective, because they are lax in reaching the root of the problem. I happen to know that most sexual offenders have also themsleves been molested, and that far from justifies it. But what it means to me, is that I too could have followed that path, and certainly understand the pattern. I am grateful that I did not become an offender, but if I had, would hope that someone would have taken the time to really understand what happens to the mind of a sexual assult victim. It has taken me many years to come to where I can speak openly, and hope that we can provide acknowledgment for victims of ALL types of offenders!

  • myra

    i didn’t really read what others have said. I think death is too kind to a child molester. They need to spend the rest of their lives with the inmates that hate them and abuse them everyday. Maybe then they will know what they did to the child for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, they usually are in protective custody. Too bad no one can get to them. A VERY slow and VERY painful death is what they deserve. And it should come from the family(The mother, father,sister, brother, etc) of the one that was molested. An eye for and eye…

  • maureen

    I abhor opponents of the death penalty! Who are you vehemently trying to protect? The victim or the perpetrator? I can tell you as a victim, it screwed up my life for a long time. It probably even affects me today, though I thought I’ve dealt with it. This crime affects the SPIRIT of a person forever. It confuses sex with love. It damages a person/child for life! It’s hard, rather next to impossible to heal/reform these scumbags. I want to help enact the death penalty for these child killers, because that’s what they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No parole or death, they’re the ONLY options. Please, someone tell me how I can help enact this legislation.

    Thank you,


  • sr

    Just found this Blog by Kevin Surbaugh. What is so sad it started 1-27-06. Thats almost 4 months ago and Im #24 with a comment. Where is the concern? Where is the outrage? America is more focused on American Idol, Who’s the greatest guitarist, ete etc. Yes Im pissed off.

    Bing#2. Right on dude.

    Sonia#8. Try raising healthier human beings from early on. Are you serious? That kind of ignorant liberal thinking is why were having this discussion. GET REAL. DUH.

    Myra#22. A very Slow and very painful death I like. Let me just have a chance to inflick torture. I’ll do it as a free service and would let the family view it. Would also give them a free DVD, sounds and all.

    Maureen#23. How do you enact legislation when America has their heads up their own butt’s. America would say to you Maureen, like Clark Cable said in Gone With The Wind. Frankly Maureen I dont give a dam.

    The death penalty is to easy Maureen. You just go to sleep with no pain and dont wake up.
    Would like a life sentence for the these maggot invested perverts. Give them a 5gal bucket filled with petroleum jelly which he will offer as a gift to his life-time cell mate, BIG HORNEY BUBBA who stand’s 7’5″ and weights 498lbs. This is enacting legislation.

    For all you human debris, maggot invested, low life perverts that would harm a child I say to you, your only protection is the law. I would kill you in the blink of an eye. Thats after my torture program.

    Will copy this blog, comments, including my own. For certain much will be deleated. BC, If you care about innocent children, DONT EDIT PLEASE. LET THIS FLY.



  • Here’s the best damned reason for NOT having the death penalty for rape you self-righteous hypocrite!

    Man Cleared by DNA Leaves Ohio Prison

    COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 15, 2005
    (AP) A man who spent seven years behind bars for the rape and murder of his mother-in-law was released Thursday after DNA evidence from a cigarette butt helped clear him.

    Clarence Elkins, 42, walked out of the Mansfield Correctional Institution with his wife, Melinda.

    Elkins was convicted in the 1998 rape and murder of Judith Johnson, 58, as well as the rape of her 6-year-old granddaughter. He was sentenced to life in prison and would not have been eligible for parole until 2054,

    DNA analysis of a pubic hair and other biological material on the victims showed that Elkins was not the killer, said Bill Canterbury, spokesman for the Summit County prosecutor’s office, which tried the case in 1998.

    Also, Elkins helped secure a DNA sample of the investigation’s current focus _ fellow inmate Earl Gene Mann _ by retrieving a cigarette butt Mann had used. And authorities said a DNA analysis connected Mann to the slayings.

    Elkins learned of his impending release from his wife, who said she told him: “Pack your bags, you’re coming home baby.”

    “When my wife told me I was coming home today for good, I was just overwhelmed with joy and tears of joy. I was amazed it was so soon. I thought it was going to drag out,” Elkins said in a telephone interview before his release.

    Mann, 32, is serving a seven-year sentence for raping three girls. He has not been charged with the offenses for which Elkins went to prison, but Canterbury said he recently failed five polygraph tests about his role in the crimes.

    Mann had a relationship with a woman who lived near one of the victims, Canterbury said.

  • sr

    Jet, is this directed toward me? Hope not. Did I use the word rape even once? NO. Was I for the death penalty? NO. Am I a self righteous hypocrite? NO. This is about innocent children. It is about repeat sex offenders like John Coey and a multitude of these pervert maggots that DNA has proved time and again they keep repeating.

    This being said I must assume your comment was directed at someone else.

    Think I will sit back and see the views of others that may comment.


  • No it wasn’t directed at you, however I will emphisize one line from the article quoted above.

    …as well as the rape of her 6-year-old granddaughter. He was sentenced to life in prison and would not have been eligible for parole until 2054…

    If you go by the title, this innocent man would’ve been put to death for his crime only to be found innocent later. A lot of crimes turn out not to be committed but “urged” by police therapists into testifying to a crime that never happened, only to be later proved innocent.

    I’m all for molesters being severely punished, but no one should be put to death on a conviction which might have been in error

    Solus mei sententia

  • Rodger

    I have read through the comments above and although I initially entered this forum in full support of the death penalty for sex offenders (particularly child molesters), I think that some of the points about innocents being put to death before their innocence can be discovered is a very valid point. However, I think the least we can afford to give someone who has been convicted of committing one of these crimes is life in prison without the possibility of parole – regardless of what may or may not happen to them in prison and regardless of whether the cost is a little higher or lower. This issue is not so much about just punishment as it is about protecting children. There is no way that we should accept any penalty that does not remove the threat that these criminals pose. The damage they cause is irreversible and inexcusable. Children should not have to carry this type of burden. They should be busy worrying about when Scooby Doo will be on again or what new word Big Bird will teach them today. I have no sympathy for anybody who could even consider stealing something that wonderful away from a child. I envy my children on a daily basis – the excitement they are able to derive from the most mundane things imaginable. This innocence is a commodity of immeasureable value that can never be replaced once it is taken. The victims of these crimes go from having this wonderfully curious and optimistic perspective on life to being thrust into a situation that completely objectifies them and drags them into one of the worst/if not THE worst scenarios adulthood has to offer. Any act of this nature is unforgivable. I understand that some of the people who are truly guilty of this crime have been molested in the past and are reacting to that trauma but that doesn’t mean that we should allow them the opportunity to harm more children – regardless of their history. How would you feel if you were told that your child was molested by an adult and you were told that it was not their fault because that person was only reacting from a similar experience they had as a child? Would that really make you or your children feel any better about what happened? Would you want to explain to ANY child that they had to endure such an unspeakable act because we didn’t feel it was right to take DRASTIC actions to prevent it from occurring?! This is not an issue we can afford to show mediocrity on. Real steps NEED to be taken to prevent even one more child from having to fall prey to one of these people. Try to explain anything less to Adam Walsh’s father or the parents of Molly Bish (to name only the first two that come to mind). We can correct flaws in the system after the safety of our children has been insured – not continue to allow it to go on while we bicker about the flaws that may occur or the injustices that may happen to repeated offenders. Let them wait not the children!

  • Rodger

    By the way, I’m all in favor of the death penalty (the more painful the better) for anyone caught running a child pornography website. I sincerely hope that there is a “special” place in hell reserved for anyone who would encourage the abuse of children and exploit it to make a profit. I would like to hear that more is being done to exterminate this abomination. A more appropriate website would depict public executions of the people responsible for this crime against humanity.

  • I was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to three years in prison for producing marijuana in California for people who had the lawful right to obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes.

    WRONGFUL CONVICTION: My conviction was reversed on appeal AFTER I was released on parole. All charges were subsequently dismissed by the trial court.

    Can you imagine how I feel when I hear about a child molester who is sentenced to prison for 5 years for sodomizing a child? I doubt it!!!!

    That would mean that providing lawful medicine for people to alleviate suffering is 60% as bad as sodomy of a child?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I favor death for child molesters; NO PROBLEM!!!

    However, I am personally aware that cops prosecutors and judges are so corrupt that any and all convictions must be questioned unless one has personal knowledge of incontrovertable facts that prove guilt.

    Imprison corrupt cops, prosecutors and judges and the criminally unjust system will self-correct.

    Oh, by the way, we’ll have to greatly expand our prisons to accomodate all of the corrupt cops, prosecutors and judges.

  • sr

    Joe, Maybe we should just eliminate our corrupt legal system all together. Joe, my mind is open, well sometimes anyway. Senator Rob says, speaking on CNN he would correct our legal system by —————————————————-

  • Dan

    I should preface this by saying that I find child molesters as horrible as the next person, I just don’t think what we’re doing works.

    I think as a society we have let our vengeful outrage cloud our judgment, and our “tough on crime” rhetoric blind us from logic or reason.

    We are wholly unwilling to even dare to consider any approach other than tougher and tougher penalties, which to me seems irrational. Just as with the “war on drugs”, we refuse to consider a new approach, just keep escalating the approach that has been completely unable to stop drugs.

    We know that the typical offender is a close and trusted family friend or relative of the victim, yet we worry more about strangers in the neighborhood being registered online, so people can harrass them, and point at their house whenever they walk by. We restrict the number of offenders who can live in the same house, though we know that with alcoholics, having someone to talk to can stop a relapse. Nobody wants them to live by them, nobody wants them to work for them, which is understandable, but I ask: no matter what the offense, don’t these conditions make it more likely for someone to snap, regardless of the crime? Doesn’t that mean that our wish to exact vengeance overshadows our desire to prevent future crimes against children?

    We can be told that early release and therapy prevents lowers reoffense rates, and yet most of us will say “I don’t care, they’re doing full time!” That’s insane to me, if you know you can prevent future crimes at the expense of your bloodlust, then why on earth wouldn’t you do it?

    In some states, therapists are required to report to police if a patient reveals urges of this kind. Wouldn’t it be better to encourage people with urges to get treatment? I don’t know any child molesters, so I don’t know how it works, but I assume it doesn’t happen overnight. Why do we insist on pure vitriol, forcing these people to hide their sickness until they snap and act on it? Isn’t it in our better interest to try to help them not offend in the first place by getting help the first time they catch themselves having these thoughts?

    I guess all I’m saying is, when it comes to child molesters, I think it’s wrong to punish for the sake of punishment, it’s simply not working, and I think we should try something new.

  • John Wayne

    This amazes me.

    It should be as simple as this:

    Have harmful physical contact with any minor (sexual and other) and get the electric chair. This law should fall outside of states local age of consent law. That covers teenage romances…as long as the minor is of legal consent age.

    Pedophiles are the scum of the universe and deserve nothing short of death.

  • C/O

    As a matter of justice child molesters should be executed. As a matter of reality, legislation to lock up 1st time offenders permenately may be more useful and give sufficient time for the accused to prove thier innocense. A law that contains ” penatration” including digital and oral(usually recieving) w/ age of victim under 13 accused 18 +. Not saying that is what I think is completely just but I feel it stands a better chance w/ the politicians and courts.

  • Stupid liberal morons will destroy the world

    Hey Jet… What are the chances that a person will be accused TWICE??? Remember this is for repeat offenders. I personally think we should line them up and shoot them PERIOD.

  • Tom Atlanta

    Anyone who attacks a child under the age of 12 should be exterminated. They have destroyed this child’s life in one of the most hideous ways. I even find that those I talk to who are not in favor of the death penalty often pause when I ask them about this.

    No two strikes, it should be enough that the predator did it once. I think this crime is worse than murder because many times the victim still lives with such horror.

  • Melissa

    we dont have enough room in prisons these days and i think to put repeat child molesters in place of someone who has a chance of recovering and being a productive member of socioty is wrong. im not saying put them on the streets im saying give them the death penalty. anyone who can steal the innocence of a child over and over again is the scum of the earth and i dont want my tax dollars going to pay for their meals and shelter. i belieave they should get the death penalty.

  • Clavos

    There’s a much simpler and cheaper solution than either death penalty or life in prison (at least for male pedophiles): castration.

  • sr

    Dan. You say it’s simply not working, and we should try something new. Would cutting their balls off and let that be their dinner work? Maybe it would work or not. If it were my kids that would be real satisfying for me.

  • lizzyhart

    My daughter was molested by a close friend of the family. She kept the secret until she was 16 and then told a nurse about it after a suicide attempt. She had been a bright, talented, happy child but from the age of 13 on became severely depressed and anxious, anorexic and self-harming. It had been terrible watching my beautiful little girl disintegrate but I think the most terrible moment in m life was when I realized who and what had caused it. It turned my whole world upside down. We did go to the police and the man was charged but in the end it never went to trial because my daughter was too ill. For a couple of years I regretted having gone to the police (I still do) and wished that I could have just taken care of the creep myself. I investigated hiring a hit man. The results of this man’s actions took a terrible toll on our whole family (including friends and extended family). My daughter is actually doing better now and is almost back to her old self but we lost a lot. She has never had a period and will probably never have children. She has self-inflected scars all over. She has damaged her heart and liver with her eating disorder and suicide attempts. She was never able to finish school (in spite of previously being a top student). Her teenage years were basically stolen from her and us. But I don’t believe in the death penalty for child molesters. Why?
    1. There is a significant danger of false conviction. One thing I have learned from our ordeal is that memory is a very tricky thing especially when emotions run high and people are traumatized. Even in my daughter’s case with numerous corroborating bits of evidence I could not be 100% sure of what had happened. The sexual abuse had made my daughter very ill – both mentally and physically. There was no guarantee that her version of events was 100% accurate, in fact although I have no doubt she was molested, she herself admits she cannot remember a lot of the details.
    2. Sex offenders are people – they are a mix of good and bad. As much as I despise the man who did this to her, I have to recognize that prior to discovering this I thought he was a good friend. This very evil thing he did is one aspect of him. I can admit that I have hurt and betrayed people in my own life, perhaps not as spectacularly and not intentionally but nonetheless I feel badly enough that I am not prepared to sentence people to death for what might be one evil thing in an otherwise decent life.
    3. Sex offenders are not who you imagine they are. They are not the creepy unmarried loser living in his mom’s basement – at least not most of the time. 90% of the time they are your friend, brother, uncle, husband, teacher, coach – someone you know and trust and that is a fact. 60% of the time they are a family member and the person they abuse is also someone who loves and trusts them. So think how you would feel if the perpetrator was your loved one. Still want to see him drawn and quartered?
    4. We’d have to execute a hell of a lot of people. An oft-quoted statistic is that 1/4 girls and 1/7 boys will be molested by the time they are 18. For girls half that number will be sexually abused by the time they are 11. In my own social group this was the case. Of the people I told about the abuse approximately 1/4 had a story of their own. These were people I had known very well and I never knew this about them – including 2 of my siblings. I was very depressed for a long time thinking about, in my mother’s words “how many awful men there were in the world.” And who were the perpetrators? – fathers, uncles, cousins, brothers, teachers, priests, doctors, friends of the family. Not one had been assaulted or molested by a stranger or by someone known to be a pedophile. Usually the perpetrator was married with children of their own. Usually the child trusted and even loved them. So do the math. If 1/4 of girls are molested usually by close friends or family members, how many men are molesters. Are we prepared to see them all swing?
    5. The victim is already usually carrying a world of guilt and shame. Do you think she/he would feel better knowing her father/uncle/brother/godfather/aunt, etc. was going to be executed? Would this encourage victims to come forward.
    6. Knowing that he will face the death penalty if caught perpetrators are more likely to panic and kill or violently threaten the child if they are afraid of being found out.

    The damage done by sexual abuse is not so much in the sexual acts themselves, which are usually not violent, but in the shame and secrecy. The best way of fighting sexual abuse is getting it out in the open and transfering the shame from the victim to the perpetrator where it belongs. Perpetrators should be held accountable, they should be shamed, they should be punished and they should be made to make amends to the people they have harmed. Executing them solves nothing – unless they are also child killers. Then I say go for it.

  • shootingstar08

    Being a teen myself I believe that the death penalty for child molesters is better than life in prison because what is the point of keeping someone locked up for molesting a child. It doesn’t change anything. Yes they can’t commit the same crime twice but they are still alive. The sad part is that most pedophiles that are still alive in prison today don’t really care about what they have done. They just put it off as another day in life. So take my word for it. Knowing that you can’t go one day without thinking about if your going to be the next victim or not is pretty scary.

  • Melissa

    i am 18 years old and my mother and her sisters were sexually abused by their fater and their step father and not only does my mother have a drinking problem and was diverced from my father when i was 2 because of the effects still messing with her but, but my aunt has 3 children by a man who went to jail for beating them and she does drugs. my other aunt has raised 3 boys with no fater because the man she married was a piece of crap. my life was greatly affected by the way my mother was because of the abuse she endured. i met my mothers fater once as a 7 year old and he gave me the creeps. if a 7 year old gets the creeps from her grandfather, then something is extremely wrong!!! even now some older men freak me out, so something as simple as one man abusing his daughters carries into 10 other lives (my cousins and i) these men should be dead. also im doing research on sex offenders right now and according to dr. mace knapp, a nevada state prison psychologist “the serial killer has the same personality characteristis as the sex offender against children” i think thats says it all. we kill serial killers lets kill serial life ruiners.

  • Old Poncho

    Melissa. Lord sweetheart you break old Poncho’s heart. Have always believed God,s greatest work was precious little girls. Im not the brightest turnip in the cabbage patch, however I do care about your welfare. Will not get into punishment concerning sex offenders or child abuse. My temperment on this subject is not suited for BC and for sure I will be deleted. My daughter is a Navel Aviator and the pride of my life. Just understand Melissa that no matter what happened in your past you can accomplish anything you want and conquer all obstacles that confront your goals and dreams. Old Poncho is in your corner. God bless you Melissa.

  • Old Poncho

    You talk about priorities. Fatima comments run way over a thousand. My comment makes 44. Kevin, this just shows filty child molesters are NOT a priority. How sick.

  • lizzyhart

    Dear Melissa,

    I know only too well how far-reaching and damaging the effects of sexual abuse are. I thought your expression “serial life ruiner” was very apt. I think the man who abused my daughter has certainly damaged, if not ruined, a number of lives. I think your estimate of 10 lives damaged is an understatement. I think of not only my daughter and her immediate family but her extended family (it almost killed her grandmother), her friends, my friends. Everyone who knew and loved her carries a burden of sadness and guilt. But I have been trying to get away from the term “ruined”. I did at first when everything seemed so terrible but now I think it isn’t a good idea. It gives people who are abused the impression that they can never get over it. We should NEVER give sex abusers that much power. They are pathetic losers. I told my daughter that it is like being attacked by a cougar. The cougar does what it does because it is a cougar. A pervert does what he does because he is a pervert. It doesn’t have anything to do with who the victim is or what they do. A lot of the damage to victims comes from the guilt they put on themselves (and other people put on them when they act completely horrified at what has happened). In some ways my life has changed positively. I try very hard to be a good person now because I never want to cause, by thoughtless or selfish acts, even 1/100th of the damage my daughter’s molester caused. An even though my daughter will probably always carry scars I hope that in the long run she will turn this terrible thing into a strength. God bless, Melissa.

  • kasey

    im not sure they should get the death penalty
    thats the easy way out

    i think if you harm a child you should get life behind bars and no chance for parole

    in this country we give ppl more jail time for taking money than kidnapping or sexually abusing a child

    its ridiculous. they think they can get a way with it..and obviously they can. we need to send a message and crack down on them.

    they either think they wont get caught or if they do the SHORT sentence they get will be worth it. some guy raped a girl for 6 years and got 4 years a prison and in 1 year he was out on parole. wtf?

  • Suzanne

    Ambush Legislators and Family Court Judges!!! Demand change from those we elect!!

    You know…I think that so many people want an answer to this problem, and, including myself, don’t really know how to go about it. I think that nothing will get done by yelling and name calling. Molesters are sick and they are never going to get better, period. Should we kill them? I can only say that I think only God has the right to decide the fate of a human life.

    Should they be removed from society THE FIRST TIME they get caught? ABSOLUTELY. Repeat offenses should not even be an issue. I should never again receive a notice in the mail of yet another child molester that has moved into our school district. I should not have to walk my son to the bus until he is fifteen years old just so that I can be sure he won’t get grabbed. So what to do? Well, here’s my theory. I am going to start looking for every politician that has been elected from a ballot I had in front of me, and start sending them letters and e-mails demanding that they do something to ensure the safety of our children. And this is improtant, THE JUDGES in family court have to be targeted the most!! I was a Child PRotective Caseworker, and I can tell you for sure that they protect the damn molesters way more than the children! What’s even worse is that these judges think that it is better for the child to have them placed back into the family where they were abused rather than letting them “languish” in Foster Care. SAY WHAT? A child will always say he/she wants to be with their mother or father that has abused them because this is how human beings inately survive, by clinging to their parents. But any idiot can figure out that a child is never going to become healthy again after being placed back into the home where he/she was offened. Unless maybe the offender was permanantly removed.

    And what about Shawn Hornbeck?(imprisoned for four years by a pedophile? Does the fact that he had contact with his parents and the police and yet he said nothing tell you how badly that man terrified him? OK, I’m getting off the topic. I’m so sick of these people being free to walk our streets. I’m so sick of the molesters getting more consideration from our elected officials than our children do. I actually heard a judge say about a boy molested at age 5 (and was repeatedly raped since who knows when) that this boy would probably recover and have a productive life because the abuse happened when he was young and he would probably forget it even happened!! I’m not kidding!!! These judges put their head in the sand because they think that children are “resilient”!!!! I’m sorry, I don’t care how “resilient” my sons are, I hold thier innocence and their emotional/physical safety with more regard than ANY right a molester may be entitled to, Your Honor. Let’s hold them accountable. The next time you get a phone call about politics, tell that person the only thing you really care about right now is getting the molesters out of our society!!!! Thanks for the forum.

  • baneman

    The death penalty for repeat offenders is a good idea and should be put into law in all states. Another law would hold the news, film makers, media whether on the internet, cable, etc. liable and accountable for the perverted sexual content, excessive violence, lewd behavior,… by fining them or taking away their license for production that impact people up to 21 years of age.

    The media plays a large role influencing our children. Whether on television, internet, radio, and electronic games. The entertainment industry is out of control. There are no quality movies or shows that teach solid values for minors and society period!!! It’s pathetic, you wonder why our children are on shooting sprees. They have been taught to be violent, and to express anger with violence instead of discussion. This is a big problem, that needs to be addressed.

  • Sexual predators should be castrated, or put to death. Preferably, the latter. Please, as a society, who are we supposed to protect — deviants, or children? Let’s stop playing games. This isn’t complicated: You molest/violate a child, you die. Over and out.

  • Annonomous

    I am a Mother of 3 sexually abused children, 3 assailinats, all strangers, all different times. I am totally for sending theses molester’s where the need to be Behind Bars Forever! Children are not meant to suffer for another one’s pleasures! That is why I have started M.O.M (Mom’s Over Molester’s) Literally!! Please Join our fight to keep these predator’s off our streets and defineatly away from our children.

  • Chelsea

    I was a victim of child molestation by my step dad from the time I was six months old until after I was 9 years old. I now have Post Tramatic Stress Disorder and right before me and my sister were going to prosecute him, he hung himself in his jail cell and it made me so made b/c I wanted to look at him and spit on him and I wanted him to be tortured. He was supposed to pay for my medical bills for the rest of his life but b/c he killed himself my husband and I have to pay for all the medical bills that he caused me to have.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    I agree with those who say that child sex offenders should have mandatory life imprisonment with no possibility for parole.

    This would amount to a life sentence of constant bullying and rape for the offenders, who are considered the lowest form of scum in prison “society”. Prison society being what it is, this can easily mean the offender having his teeth knocked out of his mouth so he can more easily be forced to service those who would rape him at every opportunity.

    After five years, the convicted offender would beg for death to release him from the daily torture of fear of rape and assault.

  • Therealdeal

    Get a life! Go watch Oprah!

  • LifeIsTemporary

    I am amused by those who say that the death penalty is “extreme.” To these people, life in prison is somehow more “humane.”

    Please explain how locking someone in a cage until their death by natural causes is more “humane” than a quick death?

    Also, please be willing to contribute your own personal money to keeping pedophiles alive and in jail at a cost of $80k per year and up. Some of us are tired of paying so much money to delay the inevitable. And don’t give me the old “the death penalty costs more than life in prison.” That is horse manure. Not in Texas it doesn’t. When you streamline the system to eliminate the endless appeals for the admittedly guilty, you save a lot of money by execution.

  • sr

    Ruvy, liked your comment,especially about the teeth being knocked out of his mouth so he can more easily be forced to service those who would rape him at every opportunity. Lethal injection is the equivalent of anesthesia. Just put you little head down and go to sleep. How painful is that. I like the torture and pain until they die. If they hung them upside down by the ball,s that would be good. Of course I,ll now get comments from the frecking libs telling me how cruel sr is as they do a candle vigilance.

  • becky torgerson

    I heard this on AM radio this morning, and about fell out! I have been saying this for years. I myself as a survivor, and I say that literaly. There are so many victims, that never make it. They die from aids, drug overdoses, domestic violence, suicide, but never is it listed that they died from being molested. They might not have been killed by the actual act, but IT was the majoe contributer to there failing in life.
    My sister died in a car wreck because she was upset about the color of roses her boyfriend had bought her. That might sound as if it had nothing to do with child molestation, but she was driving in a very suburban neighborhood at 60 mph. Her rage levels were so out of control because of never knowing how to really feel. Well needless to say, on her death certificate, it says car accident. I knew different, we had the same molester.
    When someone molests it takes away a chids life, and I don’t care if you don’t agree. If one child handles it better, or comes out better in life, it’s really a mute point. How do you tell a three or a five year old how there suppose to feel.
    CASTRATION DOES NOTHING YOU IDIOTS! Molestation is ALL ABOUT CONTROL, sex is not the main issue.
    How about institutionalizeing them and study there brains, if they run out of bed space then kill them, let them feel the affects of someone else having control.
    I say BRAVO to Oklahoma for actually doing something. I also have said that this issue might have been dealt with earlier on if not for all the perverts living in WASHINGTON DC, after all it is the child porn capital of the US.
    I’ld also like to know how big the slave industry is in the capital these days.

  • Dominic

    Most of the arguments in favor of merely imprisoning these fiends are fatuous at best.
    the recidivism rate is skyrocketing,the victim tally mounting in the hundreds of thousands now.
    Something needs to be done and soon.
    I for one WILL refuse to pay any further state taxes if these animals are not put down.
    Start killing these perverts when they are caught,the very minute you apprehend them.
    Go on ”in flagrante” evidence alone,and you will get the job of excizing these cancerous filth from society.
    And as to the prohibitive expense of executions,look no further than your neighborhood knife/gun-shop.
    Bullets are cheap,and beheading with a sword is far cheaper.
    They were doing it in pre-Nazi Germany as late as 1922,for all manner of perverted offenders,among them violent homosexual rapists and pedophiles.

    They got the job DONE.

    Why can’t we?

  • ant

    I would be more than happy to bring WELL DESERVED JUSTICE to the ones set free.

    I just don’t/can’t see how people can be so blind, dXmb or shy as to where they won’t say anything or do anything about this crXp. We have a few PITBULL attacks and people want to kill off the whole breed altogether…… Yet, we see childmolesters getting set free only to destroy another life. Time and time again this happens and we do NOTHING!!!!! LET US KILL OFF THE BREED!!

    “Dear Mr. President,
    I would accept the duty of relieving this world of such scXm bags. Once and for all. Please think about this with intense sympathetic views towards the victims and get back at me.
    One Very Pxxt Off and Disapointed American”

    Someone should seriously start a bounty on these aXX holes…… DEAD OR ALIVE like they would have 150 years ago………..

  • Chris

    I believe that all court cases, especially child molestation cases, should be sentenced on an individual bases, and not lumped into categories. “Oh no, you can’t do that, that would make everything too complicated for the poor trial lawyers”. TOO BAD! It’s about time the WE THE PEOPLE took back our country from the pathetic, sniveling little libs who sit behind their desks, drink latté’s, watch “gay TV” all day and worry about everyone’s feelings! We need to take a stand and it needs to be in the next election. We MUST vote for candidates and not parties. TAKE THE TIME TO RESEARCH WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR. Talk is cheap; look at their actual voting records. If the people in office are not a reflection of your ideals, then VOTE THE BUMS OUT! Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now!

    I propose this: If the evidence is circumstantial and/or not particularly overwhelming, in other words, there is a remote chance the poor bastard really is innocent, the sentence should be as follows: LIFE, HARD TIME WITHOUT THE POSSIBILIY OF PAROLE in a maximum security prison. This will allow him/her plenty of time to prove his/her innocence.

    If the evidence is bullet proof, i.e. DNA or eye witness, then the penalty should be DEATH by public hanging, to be carried out outside the courthouse immediately following the sentencing.

    Oh, by the way, to those who say “the victim won’t feel any better knowing that their attacker is dead”: what are you basing that ridiculous assessment on? My wife was violently raped when she was in high school. Unfortunately, like many kids do, she blamed herself for the rape and did not report it. There is not a day that goes by that she doesn’t wish that SOB was dead. She now carries a gun wherever she goes because, always in the back of her mind, “is that bastard lurking in the shadows?”.

    Let’s make the term “REPEAT OFFENDER” obsolete.

  • Sandra

    As an attorney who sees men railroaded for these crimes on a daily basis, I have to wonder if we are not becoming like the witch hunters of Salem. Ex-wives who want their husbands out of the way are getting their street smart Lolitas to conspire with them to put hubby out of the way. 13-year-old girls whose dads are cramping their styles by forbidding their sexual escapades with numerous boyfriends are getting even by reporting their dads to Child Protective Services. Secret investigations are conducted, and overworked public defenders usually recommend copping a plea because just being accused of these crimes usually means an assured guilty verdict, even if the only evidence is the word of a 15-year-old disgruntled teenager.

    So, I say, if we are going to throw the book at these offenders, then we better come up with some statutory controls which require comprehensive investigation of the crime, with defense access to all the evidence compiled, with no interference from prosecutors with defense counsel’s ability to interview witnesses, obtain school records, and demand psych exams of both the alleged victims (to determine credibility), and the accused (to determine chance of rehabilitation and potential for recidivism).

    I’m all for throwing the book at real repeat offenders. I am for trying to help first-time offenders. But, in the first instance, I would recommend very stringent guidelines be followed regarding proof required to convict a man in the first place. It should never be based solely on the investigation of a CPS investigator, many of whom present very skewed renditions of the evidence, a la Nurse Ratchet!

    As the law is now in most states, a father should really think twice before ever being alone with any female under the age of 18 (daughters included) without a competent adult witness (preferably an adult female you can trust — not the child’s mother) present at all times. You don’t know what hell is until a female teenager tells a school counselor that you have “touched” her improperly. You might as well bend over and kiss your ass goodbye, because you are probably going to be in prison the rest of your life.

  • Nancy

    DNA testing having improved even in the past few years, I’d make DNA testing a mandatory part of ANY investigation of ANY violent crime, be it rape, child molestation, or murder. It does astonish me how many people are convicted without said testing, even when the materials for it are readily available. If nothing else, it provides a closed door against the argument that someone was innocent (if it’s positive). If negative or neutral, it doesn’t preclude conviction, just makes marshalling alternative evidence more imperative.

    Having said that, I maintain that if DNA convicts the offender, s/he/it should immediately be put to death. No appeals, no delays, no concerns for whether it’s painful or not. Dead. It wouldn’t cost so much to put someone to death if the appellate process weren’t so belabored, abused, and stretched out by monsters desperate to grasp at any straw, & the lawyers & courts who help them do it. Especially in the case of repeat offenders – those who have been in & out of the courts & prison for various crimes for years, in which the violence they’re convicted of invariably increases – there should be NO chance of parole, of recidivism, of anything. Nor should the public be forced to pay for their upkeep. Should the death penalty not be applied, I’d recommend in that case working them to death – the rest of their (hopefully) short lives at hard/dangerous/noxious labor, say working some of those very dangerous mines that have been caving in lately – or using them as test animals for companies needing to test new products, whether drugs or cosmetics. At least in this way they ‘earn’ their keep & repay society to a degree.

  • Brittany

    These Statements, I Agree With But With Parole?
    They Should Kill Them Off And Get It Over With.
    They Have Nothing Better Else To Do That Hurt Children Then They Need To Die.
    Simple As That.

  • Brittyy

    Okay, My Opionion?
    I Do Think That These Sick And Twisted People
    Deserve To Die.
    They Have Nothing Better Else To Do.
    And Its Pathetic, Because Of The Crap They Do.
    Kill The Child Molesters And Child Abusers, Its Not Fair To Let Them Go And Ruin Someone Elses Life.
    Its Pitiful, And I Cant Stand It.

  • I agree child molesters should pay for their crime period. End of story. When they molested a child they had no mercy on the child so why should we have any on their “soul.” If it were up to me i would put them all in the death penalty…..lucky for them it’s not.

  • SpinningDaisies

    I can understand the lure of capital punishment. It’s unimaginable how sick a human mind can get, MY GOD THERE JUST CHILDREN!!! But the fact that we’re dealing with “sick minded people” is exactly why I believe capital punishment won’t act as a determent.

    As it stands, consider the consequences of committing such crimes. Starting with the humiliation of being publicly charged and convicted. Then sent to prison where the fear of possibly being repeatedly beaten, raped, and or murdered hangs over head. Then to be released back into a society that loathes the very breath you breathe. With your face, address, and criminal history made public knowledge for the rest of your earthly life. Not to mention living in continual fear of reprisal.

    Now if this isn’t enough to persuade someone not to commit such crimes. Then clearly these type minds aren’t given to rational thought. If this is the case capital punishment will not serve as a determent.

    Further more; I’ve heard this argument used in favor of capital punishment as a determent. In a nut shell: Pedophilia is incurable. And that a pedos desires actually worsen over time. But capital punishment will send a strong message to the pedos. This is an illogical conclusion; to suggest that you can deter someone from something is to say that the person has it in their power to choose. Which implies change is a real possibility.

    Capital punishment, as the title suggests, can only serve as a punishment!

  • be careful

    im wondering why no one has brought up the possibility of false accusations and wrongful imprisonment, google said, s. a. i. d. this is not uncommon and the statistics reguarding how many could be innocent, retractions made after (years after in some cases) being found guilty? think about it

  • bianca

    i was one of those kids who got molested but he only got 3 months in jail without parole and now i feel like he wants revenge. i strongly agree with the death penalty but to me i reakon that they should get a slow and painful death or something to show them what it feels like to be violated.

  • bianca

    . i strongly agree with the death penalty but to me i reakon that they should get a slow and painful death or something to show them what it feels like to be violated.

  • nunya

    i dont know why people think castration or sterilization have anything to do with stopping child molesting.a LOBOTOMY would be more effective.this is a sickness of the brain,not the gonads.remove the part of the brain that motivates the sickness.or simply put a bullet in his/her sick brain and rid the world of more scum.the supreme court who ruled the death penalty to be cruel and inhumane punishment obviously never were molested and/or never had anyone they knew molested.if they had,they would KNOW that there is NO punishment to harsh for these p.o.s’s

  • nunya

    felix evans said:
    As for warehousing people at public expense, did you know that it costs on average $160,000 extra to execute someone than to jail them for 20 years?

    Are the wrongs of victims really redressed by executing their attacker? Do you think a 10 year old rape victim is going to feel any better knowing that the person who violated her is dead?

    sorry,felix…i can buy a whole box of bullets and get the job done for a lot less than $160,000,saving the taxpayers 20 years ort more of money.

    as for the other comment,betcha,she would! she’d feel safe from THAT one! never have to worry when he gets out and moves back in her neighborhood,or trys for HER kids…

  • Cindy D


    Maybe we should start by executing all the children who have been molested–get a jump start on the problem. After all it’s generally these people who become child molesters. I wonder if there is a connection between child molesters and being “nurtured” by a society that commoditizes both people and sex?

    Don’t worry about it though. Just put child molesters into our new corporate prisons and they’ll all commit suicide saving the expense of putting them to death.

    Suicide Exposes Squalor in Texas Prison

    It makes me wonder what the “free market” solution is. Treat prisoners better to keep them alive longer and increase profit?

    Somehow I doubt it.

  • phill shaw

    Having gone through the care system here in the uk and been attacked by those the state employed to care for me i agree that all child abusers should die a very slow and painful death. We dont have the death sentence in this country so my advice to you all is use all the tools at your disposal. No-one will miss these animals.

  • Cindy D


    be careful makes a valid point, I think.

    #66 — May 13, 2008 @ 17:47PM — be careful

    im wondering why no one has brought up the possibility of false accusations and wrongful imprisonment, google said, s. a. i. d. this is not uncommon and the statistics reguarding how many could be innocent, retractions made after (years after in some cases) being found guilty? think about it

    I hope your wife likes you phil and would never falsely accuse you…

  • Dave

    You can’t change or cure a pediphile anymore than a person who is straight or gay. It can’t, won’t, doesn’t happen!!! They will always want to have sex with a child!!! Period!! Even if you take their physical ability away, they will still molest the child because they enjoy the contact. Just like a straight man who could not perform would still enjoy the company and “contact” with a grown woman. This is a very violent crime. The victim ALWAYS gets HURT!!!

    Life in prison should be the least penalty that a first time convicted child molester/pediphile should be given. They should not be given the opportunity to molest or rape another child!!!! If, they already have prior molestation/rape convictions, then the death penalty is VERY appropriate!!!

  • Laura

    I believe that if the accused admits to the molestation that they should be put to death. I have just come home from court, an hour ago, where my disabled sisters ex husband pleaded guilty on 4 counts of child molestation on his 5 year old step daughter(my niece). He got 6 years, with 3 years suspended. With time for good behavior he will be lucky to serve 2. Also, he only has to register on the sex offenders list for 10 years. How wrong is that? After 10 years it will be as if it never happened to him. Wheres the justice there? My niece has a life sentence because of him. NOT RIGHT!!!!

  • Dave

    Ok people the issue is not rape it’s CHILD MOLESTATION, NOT ADULT…A CHILD. Defenseless Innocent and Weak. If we cannot protect the weak and innocent in our society then our society is meaningless and has no grounds for existance. Almost all other mammals protect and defend their young. Child predators should be shot in the back of the head upon conviction or given to the family of the victim to meet out just as they see fit no exceptions. I work in a prison and these a-holes are manipulative, cruels, sick, and depraved. If they do it once they will do it again, because I see the same people back in jail in the span of a few months. then the court system slaps them on the wrist and gives them probation for recurrent offences. If I was a father of a victim I wouldn’t trust justice in the hands of the course I’d kill the f*&()%r myself and make sure he’d never do it again to somebody else’s kid.

  • s musgrave

    i thank all pedophiles should die and in a horrable way prefurablely by electric chair

  • s m.

    i thank thay should all die if thay truly did it and the facts are all strate then i say lets hang them in the town squar

  • s m.

    i agree dave compleatly

  • randy

    Bullets cost money and in a time of budget cuts, money is almost as scarce a commodity as ammo. Ropes can be used as many times as it can last. Easier said than done I suppose, but are we to keep these vilest of society alive indefinitely? Perhaps cut them and let them loose? I say no. It’s been said that crimes such as these are not motivated by sexual gratification alone. I care nothing of the cause, only the cessation. Who is to say a prison is escape proof? I can run faster than most of the prison guards I know. It’s not like any of you have never heard the term jailbreak. What of the recidivism rate of inmates released back into society? How many of these foul chunks of fecal matter have harmed another innocent child? How many judges have given a slap on the wrist or probation to a monster who perhaps only got told on one time after defiling any number of children or hurt and harmed anyone else for that manner? How many offences would you like to grant them before you say that’s too many? There was a story told to me last night about a baby that was admitted to an emergency room with 5 broken ribs. Baby ribs are pliable meaning that they cannot break easy. A fractured skull and something else a leg I think. The child was removed of course and the family had taken anger management and child rearing classes and whatever they had to do. The child was returned. 14 months later the same child was returned to the same hospital. Cigarette burns all over covered by makeup, bruises you name it. Same mother. She did it. I would shoot her right in the face. I would even clean up the mess. That’s where we get into the benefits of hanging vs shooting or electrocution. You know we need to save electricity!

  • Gawesna

    I have survied sexual childhood abuse and haven’t turned to abusing children or anyone….
    I believe death is the ONLY way to handle these offenders..
    I have been looking to raise my child in a safe small town and almost all have some offenders.
    PLEASE think about this ITS important…


    The punishment at least for repeated offenders should be immediate death.
    If it was up to me, I’d sentence them death at first offense, you cannot take chances with these people, once they’re released they will go on hurting children again, these scums can’t be saved.
    Shoot them dead is the only solution and to set examples to alert others no making the same mistakes.

  • Andrea Barbs

    Dr David Kenneth Cochrane registered Sex Offender Six Counts of rape including minors, three counts of indecent assault all involving patients dating back to the early millennium. Psychiatrist 6 months in Jail, 2 years probation, including 6 month license suspension. North Bay Canada Ontario and now re-employed for the regional health centre.

  • naveed gul kazi

    as those who are against the death penalty even for first timer i say “just imagine if those disgusting beast lay their dirty hand on your child, niece etc (family child) what will you want?” if possible i say kill them in public, hang them, just mutilate them piece by piece so they beg for death thats how i feel you disgustied so called human right champians

  • Beharrell

    As it is today the only cruel and unusual punishment is on the society that is made to accept these evil so-called people as they revolve in and out of prison.

    The only cruel and unusual punishment is on society for having to put up with this! First the taxpayer has to house and feed someone who is less respected than the basic murderer. But that will only be for a time. Then we are supposed to sit here while they re-enter society. Someone will have to hire them for a job and someone will have to rent them housing. So someone innocent loses a chance at that particular job and apartment. The sex offender registry is another burden on society. We, the innocent people, are expected to psuedo-police them by making sure no one’s children walk up to the wrong door selling wrapping paper for their school fundraiser. By virtue of being a decent human being, you feel its not just your job as a parent, but as a citizen. We know what happens when people try to carry on as if we live in a free country: disaster! How many children have been kidnapped and worse just trying to get to the school bus stop and home? We’ve spent a Gazillion dollars and have had our troops killed and maimed fighting terrorists around the world. But we have violent, sexual terrorists within miles of everybody’s home. It is like WE are the ones in the PRISON. What about my constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Does the Constitution only apply to sex offenders? What about those of us minding our own business? Why does a child in the USA have to live in constant fear of his or her safety? How can a child grow up under those conditions? One thing I hardly ever see is children on bicycles. Things we took for granted growing up. Those days are gone. No, we are a society that is imprisoned because of THEM. They are not welcome. What is the difference between the USA and a country like Afghanistan where some monster marries a little girl and injures her so bad that she dies? Well, Americans condemn that sort of thing. But then in a few years would let that same kind of person walk out free TO DO IT AGAIN leaving the innocent unprotected and made to feel that they are responsible for keeping up with the registry. That is sick within itself! These politicians might be able to live behind walls in gated communities but the rest of us have to live in the real world. I spend every day of my life in a battle against evil. This is not how I want to live my life. But I am not free. When I am not safe, I am not free.

  • David James

    It seems reasonable to me that even first time offenders that have harmed a child sexually would qualify for execution. Unfortunately, however, I think children who are victims of sexual abuse would be killed more often than presently, due to fear of death penalty. Yet, it still may be a suitable punishment for these offenders, and may dissuade many thousands of incidents through legislation of the death penalty. Same for kidnapping.

    • The death penalty is completely unacceptable in any circumstances.

      • David James

        Thank you for your opinion. My God allows the death penalty for serious offenses such as in the subject.

        • Your god doesn’t allow anything because it doesn’t exist.

          Any time you feel like attempting to justify state sanctioned murder, feel free to have a go at it…

      • David James

        You can live with the next convicted murderer in your home, since we do not agree to support him. But do not let him outside your house, or it is open season. How is that for justice, since the death penalty for innocent people who have NOT murdered anyone is completely unacceptable to me and my family and neighbors, under any circumstances, and we outvote you and your liberal friends who want to hold them and love em up? Don’t like it? Move.

        • You appear to be threatening to commit crimes?

          • David James

            It appears you are attempting to show your disdain for the solid opinion of millions of people, likely the majority, many of whom are your neighbors. You can quit playing dumb and accusatory any time now Rosey, and again, bring the pedos and killers into your home to live with you, and all will be well with the neighbors as long as you keep them indoors forever.

          • Oh, I see, you are actually both misunderstanding my words and making absurdist remarks; I find such a combination unanswerable so let’s just agree to disagree.