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Death Penalty For Child Molesters

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In Oklahoma, a State Senator is pushing for legislation that could give repeat child molesters the death penalty. According to KTEN News,

Repeat child molesters are becoming more and more an issue today. They are set free, only to shatter the life of another innocent child. Oklahoma Senator Jay Paul Gumm is committed to making Oklahoma the safest state possible for your children.

The Senator has written legislation to ensure that repeat child molesters face the toughest penalty possible. It’s called Senate Bill 1747. It would make repeat child molesters subject to life in prison without parole or even the death penalty.

Only thing, we used to have such laws where rapists were given the death penalty. Then the Supreme Court said that was cruel and unusual punishment. As such we went several years with no death penalties, because they were illegal (aka unconstitutional). As a supporter of the death penalty, I believe this particular law might get thrown out in another Supreme Court case. Give them life in prison, but death I don’t think will fly on Constitutional grounds.

Senator Gumm is confident this new bill will pass in the Senate and become a law. However, as I said, I am not so sure. I would love to hear what each of you think. Is there another way to keep these despicable human beings that prey on our young off the streets? I would like to see all the states become safer from these people. Question is how do we do it?

And that’s what I think! And now for your comments…

Kevin Surbaugh, of Topeka, KS owns and is an ordained minister (97) who spent 2 yrs (95-96) with the ministry of Jesus People USA, which runs Cornerstone Festival in western IL and operates Grrr Records at its headquarters in Chicago, IL.

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  • Chelsea

    I was a victim of child molestation by my step dad from the time I was six months old until after I was 9 years old. I now have Post Tramatic Stress Disorder and right before me and my sister were going to prosecute him, he hung himself in his jail cell and it made me so made b/c I wanted to look at him and spit on him and I wanted him to be tortured. He was supposed to pay for my medical bills for the rest of his life but b/c he killed himself my husband and I have to pay for all the medical bills that he caused me to have.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    I agree with those who say that child sex offenders should have mandatory life imprisonment with no possibility for parole.

    This would amount to a life sentence of constant bullying and rape for the offenders, who are considered the lowest form of scum in prison “society”. Prison society being what it is, this can easily mean the offender having his teeth knocked out of his mouth so he can more easily be forced to service those who would rape him at every opportunity.

    After five years, the convicted offender would beg for death to release him from the daily torture of fear of rape and assault.

  • Therealdeal

    Get a life! Go watch Oprah!

  • LifeIsTemporary

    I am amused by those who say that the death penalty is “extreme.” To these people, life in prison is somehow more “humane.”

    Please explain how locking someone in a cage until their death by natural causes is more “humane” than a quick death?

    Also, please be willing to contribute your own personal money to keeping pedophiles alive and in jail at a cost of $80k per year and up. Some of us are tired of paying so much money to delay the inevitable. And don’t give me the old “the death penalty costs more than life in prison.” That is horse manure. Not in Texas it doesn’t. When you streamline the system to eliminate the endless appeals for the admittedly guilty, you save a lot of money by execution.

  • sr

    Ruvy, liked your comment,especially about the teeth being knocked out of his mouth so he can more easily be forced to service those who would rape him at every opportunity. Lethal injection is the equivalent of anesthesia. Just put you little head down and go to sleep. How painful is that. I like the torture and pain until they die. If they hung them upside down by the ball,s that would be good. Of course I,ll now get comments from the frecking libs telling me how cruel sr is as they do a candle vigilance.

  • becky torgerson

    I heard this on AM radio this morning, and about fell out! I have been saying this for years. I myself as a survivor, and I say that literaly. There are so many victims, that never make it. They die from aids, drug overdoses, domestic violence, suicide, but never is it listed that they died from being molested. They might not have been killed by the actual act, but IT was the majoe contributer to there failing in life.
    My sister died in a car wreck because she was upset about the color of roses her boyfriend had bought her. That might sound as if it had nothing to do with child molestation, but she was driving in a very suburban neighborhood at 60 mph. Her rage levels were so out of control because of never knowing how to really feel. Well needless to say, on her death certificate, it says car accident. I knew different, we had the same molester.
    When someone molests it takes away a chids life, and I don’t care if you don’t agree. If one child handles it better, or comes out better in life, it’s really a mute point. How do you tell a three or a five year old how there suppose to feel.
    CASTRATION DOES NOTHING YOU IDIOTS! Molestation is ALL ABOUT CONTROL, sex is not the main issue.
    How about institutionalizeing them and study there brains, if they run out of bed space then kill them, let them feel the affects of someone else having control.
    I say BRAVO to Oklahoma for actually doing something. I also have said that this issue might have been dealt with earlier on if not for all the perverts living in WASHINGTON DC, after all it is the child porn capital of the US.
    I’ld also like to know how big the slave industry is in the capital these days.

  • Dominic

    Most of the arguments in favor of merely imprisoning these fiends are fatuous at best.
    the recidivism rate is skyrocketing,the victim tally mounting in the hundreds of thousands now.
    Something needs to be done and soon.
    I for one WILL refuse to pay any further state taxes if these animals are not put down.
    Start killing these perverts when they are caught,the very minute you apprehend them.
    Go on ”in flagrante” evidence alone,and you will get the job of excizing these cancerous filth from society.
    And as to the prohibitive expense of executions,look no further than your neighborhood knife/gun-shop.
    Bullets are cheap,and beheading with a sword is far cheaper.
    They were doing it in pre-Nazi Germany as late as 1922,for all manner of perverted offenders,among them violent homosexual rapists and pedophiles.

    They got the job DONE.

    Why can’t we?

  • ant

    I would be more than happy to bring WELL DESERVED JUSTICE to the ones set free.

    I just don’t/can’t see how people can be so blind, dXmb or shy as to where they won’t say anything or do anything about this crXp. We have a few PITBULL attacks and people want to kill off the whole breed altogether…… Yet, we see childmolesters getting set free only to destroy another life. Time and time again this happens and we do NOTHING!!!!! LET US KILL OFF THE BREED!!

    “Dear Mr. President,
    I would accept the duty of relieving this world of such scXm bags. Once and for all. Please think about this with intense sympathetic views towards the victims and get back at me.
    One Very Pxxt Off and Disapointed American”

    Someone should seriously start a bounty on these aXX holes…… DEAD OR ALIVE like they would have 150 years ago………..

  • Chris

    I believe that all court cases, especially child molestation cases, should be sentenced on an individual bases, and not lumped into categories. “Oh no, you can’t do that, that would make everything too complicated for the poor trial lawyers”. TOO BAD! It’s about time the WE THE PEOPLE took back our country from the pathetic, sniveling little libs who sit behind their desks, drink latté’s, watch “gay TV” all day and worry about everyone’s feelings! We need to take a stand and it needs to be in the next election. We MUST vote for candidates and not parties. TAKE THE TIME TO RESEARCH WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR. Talk is cheap; look at their actual voting records. If the people in office are not a reflection of your ideals, then VOTE THE BUMS OUT! Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now!

    I propose this: If the evidence is circumstantial and/or not particularly overwhelming, in other words, there is a remote chance the poor bastard really is innocent, the sentence should be as follows: LIFE, HARD TIME WITHOUT THE POSSIBILIY OF PAROLE in a maximum security prison. This will allow him/her plenty of time to prove his/her innocence.

    If the evidence is bullet proof, i.e. DNA or eye witness, then the penalty should be DEATH by public hanging, to be carried out outside the courthouse immediately following the sentencing.

    Oh, by the way, to those who say “the victim won’t feel any better knowing that their attacker is dead”: what are you basing that ridiculous assessment on? My wife was violently raped when she was in high school. Unfortunately, like many kids do, she blamed herself for the rape and did not report it. There is not a day that goes by that she doesn’t wish that SOB was dead. She now carries a gun wherever she goes because, always in the back of her mind, “is that bastard lurking in the shadows?”.

    Let’s make the term “REPEAT OFFENDER” obsolete.

  • Sandra

    As an attorney who sees men railroaded for these crimes on a daily basis, I have to wonder if we are not becoming like the witch hunters of Salem. Ex-wives who want their husbands out of the way are getting their street smart Lolitas to conspire with them to put hubby out of the way. 13-year-old girls whose dads are cramping their styles by forbidding their sexual escapades with numerous boyfriends are getting even by reporting their dads to Child Protective Services. Secret investigations are conducted, and overworked public defenders usually recommend copping a plea because just being accused of these crimes usually means an assured guilty verdict, even if the only evidence is the word of a 15-year-old disgruntled teenager.

    So, I say, if we are going to throw the book at these offenders, then we better come up with some statutory controls which require comprehensive investigation of the crime, with defense access to all the evidence compiled, with no interference from prosecutors with defense counsel’s ability to interview witnesses, obtain school records, and demand psych exams of both the alleged victims (to determine credibility), and the accused (to determine chance of rehabilitation and potential for recidivism).

    I’m all for throwing the book at real repeat offenders. I am for trying to help first-time offenders. But, in the first instance, I would recommend very stringent guidelines be followed regarding proof required to convict a man in the first place. It should never be based solely on the investigation of a CPS investigator, many of whom present very skewed renditions of the evidence, a la Nurse Ratchet!

    As the law is now in most states, a father should really think twice before ever being alone with any female under the age of 18 (daughters included) without a competent adult witness (preferably an adult female you can trust — not the child’s mother) present at all times. You don’t know what hell is until a female teenager tells a school counselor that you have “touched” her improperly. You might as well bend over and kiss your ass goodbye, because you are probably going to be in prison the rest of your life.

  • Nancy

    DNA testing having improved even in the past few years, I’d make DNA testing a mandatory part of ANY investigation of ANY violent crime, be it rape, child molestation, or murder. It does astonish me how many people are convicted without said testing, even when the materials for it are readily available. If nothing else, it provides a closed door against the argument that someone was innocent (if it’s positive). If negative or neutral, it doesn’t preclude conviction, just makes marshalling alternative evidence more imperative.

    Having said that, I maintain that if DNA convicts the offender, s/he/it should immediately be put to death. No appeals, no delays, no concerns for whether it’s painful or not. Dead. It wouldn’t cost so much to put someone to death if the appellate process weren’t so belabored, abused, and stretched out by monsters desperate to grasp at any straw, & the lawyers & courts who help them do it. Especially in the case of repeat offenders – those who have been in & out of the courts & prison for various crimes for years, in which the violence they’re convicted of invariably increases – there should be NO chance of parole, of recidivism, of anything. Nor should the public be forced to pay for their upkeep. Should the death penalty not be applied, I’d recommend in that case working them to death – the rest of their (hopefully) short lives at hard/dangerous/noxious labor, say working some of those very dangerous mines that have been caving in lately – or using them as test animals for companies needing to test new products, whether drugs or cosmetics. At least in this way they ‘earn’ their keep & repay society to a degree.

  • Brittany

    These Statements, I Agree With But With Parole?
    They Should Kill Them Off And Get It Over With.
    They Have Nothing Better Else To Do That Hurt Children Then They Need To Die.
    Simple As That.

  • Brittyy

    Okay, My Opionion?
    I Do Think That These Sick And Twisted People
    Deserve To Die.
    They Have Nothing Better Else To Do.
    And Its Pathetic, Because Of The Crap They Do.
    Kill The Child Molesters And Child Abusers, Its Not Fair To Let Them Go And Ruin Someone Elses Life.
    Its Pitiful, And I Cant Stand It.

  • http://nimzay21 Nimzay

    I agree child molesters should pay for their crime period. End of story. When they molested a child they had no mercy on the child so why should we have any on their “soul.” If it were up to me i would put them all in the death penalty…..lucky for them it’s not.

  • SpinningDaisies

    I can understand the lure of capital punishment. It’s unimaginable how sick a human mind can get, MY GOD THERE JUST CHILDREN!!! But the fact that we’re dealing with “sick minded people” is exactly why I believe capital punishment won’t act as a determent.

    As it stands, consider the consequences of committing such crimes. Starting with the humiliation of being publicly charged and convicted. Then sent to prison where the fear of possibly being repeatedly beaten, raped, and or murdered hangs over head. Then to be released back into a society that loathes the very breath you breathe. With your face, address, and criminal history made public knowledge for the rest of your earthly life. Not to mention living in continual fear of reprisal.

    Now if this isn’t enough to persuade someone not to commit such crimes. Then clearly these type minds aren’t given to rational thought. If this is the case capital punishment will not serve as a determent.

    Further more; I’ve heard this argument used in favor of capital punishment as a determent. In a nut shell: Pedophilia is incurable. And that a pedos desires actually worsen over time. But capital punishment will send a strong message to the pedos. This is an illogical conclusion; to suggest that you can deter someone from something is to say that the person has it in their power to choose. Which implies change is a real possibility.

    Capital punishment, as the title suggests, can only serve as a punishment!

  • be careful

    im wondering why no one has brought up the possibility of false accusations and wrongful imprisonment, google said, s. a. i. d. this is not uncommon and the statistics reguarding how many could be innocent, retractions made after (years after in some cases) being found guilty? think about it

  • bianca

    i was one of those kids who got molested but he only got 3 months in jail without parole and now i feel like he wants revenge. i strongly agree with the death penalty but to me i reakon that they should get a slow and painful death or something to show them what it feels like to be violated.

  • bianca

    . i strongly agree with the death penalty but to me i reakon that they should get a slow and painful death or something to show them what it feels like to be violated.

  • nunya

    i dont know why people think castration or sterilization have anything to do with stopping child molesting.a LOBOTOMY would be more effective.this is a sickness of the brain,not the gonads.remove the part of the brain that motivates the sickness.or simply put a bullet in his/her sick brain and rid the world of more scum.the supreme court who ruled the death penalty to be cruel and inhumane punishment obviously never were molested and/or never had anyone they knew molested.if they had,they would KNOW that there is NO punishment to harsh for these p.o.s’s

  • nunya

    felix evans said:
    As for warehousing people at public expense, did you know that it costs on average $160,000 extra to execute someone than to jail them for 20 years?

    Are the wrongs of victims really redressed by executing their attacker? Do you think a 10 year old rape victim is going to feel any better knowing that the person who violated her is dead?

    sorry,felix…i can buy a whole box of bullets and get the job done for a lot less than $160,000,saving the taxpayers 20 years ort more of money.

    as for the other comment,betcha,she would! she’d feel safe from THAT one! never have to worry when he gets out and moves back in her neighborhood,or trys for HER kids…

  • Cindy D


    Maybe we should start by executing all the children who have been molested–get a jump start on the problem. After all it’s generally these people who become child molesters. I wonder if there is a connection between child molesters and being “nurtured” by a society that commoditizes both people and sex?

    Don’t worry about it though. Just put child molesters into our new corporate prisons and they’ll all commit suicide saving the expense of putting them to death.

    Suicide Exposes Squalor in Texas Prison

    It makes me wonder what the “free market” solution is. Treat prisoners better to keep them alive longer and increase profit?

    Somehow I doubt it.

  • phill shaw

    Having gone through the care system here in the uk and been attacked by those the state employed to care for me i agree that all child abusers should die a very slow and painful death. We dont have the death sentence in this country so my advice to you all is use all the tools at your disposal. No-one will miss these animals.

  • Cindy D


    be careful makes a valid point, I think.

    #66 — May 13, 2008 @ 17:47PM — be careful

    im wondering why no one has brought up the possibility of false accusations and wrongful imprisonment, google said, s. a. i. d. this is not uncommon and the statistics reguarding how many could be innocent, retractions made after (years after in some cases) being found guilty? think about it

    I hope your wife likes you phil and would never falsely accuse you…

  • Dave

    You can’t change or cure a pediphile anymore than a person who is straight or gay. It can’t, won’t, doesn’t happen!!! They will always want to have sex with a child!!! Period!! Even if you take their physical ability away, they will still molest the child because they enjoy the contact. Just like a straight man who could not perform would still enjoy the company and “contact” with a grown woman. This is a very violent crime. The victim ALWAYS gets HURT!!!

    Life in prison should be the least penalty that a first time convicted child molester/pediphile should be given. They should not be given the opportunity to molest or rape another child!!!! If, they already have prior molestation/rape convictions, then the death penalty is VERY appropriate!!!

  • Laura

    I believe that if the accused admits to the molestation that they should be put to death. I have just come home from court, an hour ago, where my disabled sisters ex husband pleaded guilty on 4 counts of child molestation on his 5 year old step daughter(my niece). He got 6 years, with 3 years suspended. With time for good behavior he will be lucky to serve 2. Also, he only has to register on the sex offenders list for 10 years. How wrong is that? After 10 years it will be as if it never happened to him. Wheres the justice there? My niece has a life sentence because of him. NOT RIGHT!!!!

  • Dave

    Ok people the issue is not rape it’s CHILD MOLESTATION, NOT ADULT…A CHILD. Defenseless Innocent and Weak. If we cannot protect the weak and innocent in our society then our society is meaningless and has no grounds for existance. Almost all other mammals protect and defend their young. Child predators should be shot in the back of the head upon conviction or given to the family of the victim to meet out just as they see fit no exceptions. I work in a prison and these a-holes are manipulative, cruels, sick, and depraved. If they do it once they will do it again, because I see the same people back in jail in the span of a few months. then the court system slaps them on the wrist and gives them probation for recurrent offences. If I was a father of a victim I wouldn’t trust justice in the hands of the course I’d kill the f*&()%r myself and make sure he’d never do it again to somebody else’s kid.

  • s musgrave

    i thank all pedophiles should die and in a horrable way prefurablely by electric chair

  • s m.

    i thank thay should all die if thay truly did it and the facts are all strate then i say lets hang them in the town squar

  • s m.

    i agree dave compleatly

  • randy

    Bullets cost money and in a time of budget cuts, money is almost as scarce a commodity as ammo. Ropes can be used as many times as it can last. Easier said than done I suppose, but are we to keep these vilest of society alive indefinitely? Perhaps cut them and let them loose? I say no. It’s been said that crimes such as these are not motivated by sexual gratification alone. I care nothing of the cause, only the cessation. Who is to say a prison is escape proof? I can run faster than most of the prison guards I know. It’s not like any of you have never heard the term jailbreak. What of the recidivism rate of inmates released back into society? How many of these foul chunks of fecal matter have harmed another innocent child? How many judges have given a slap on the wrist or probation to a monster who perhaps only got told on one time after defiling any number of children or hurt and harmed anyone else for that manner? How many offences would you like to grant them before you say that’s too many? There was a story told to me last night about a baby that was admitted to an emergency room with 5 broken ribs. Baby ribs are pliable meaning that they cannot break easy. A fractured skull and something else a leg I think. The child was removed of course and the family had taken anger management and child rearing classes and whatever they had to do. The child was returned. 14 months later the same child was returned to the same hospital. Cigarette burns all over covered by makeup, bruises you name it. Same mother. She did it. I would shoot her right in the face. I would even clean up the mess. That’s where we get into the benefits of hanging vs shooting or electrocution. You know we need to save electricity!

  • Gawesna

    I have survied sexual childhood abuse and haven’t turned to abusing children or anyone….
    I believe death is the ONLY way to handle these offenders..
    I have been looking to raise my child in a safe small town and almost all have some offenders.
    PLEASE think about this ITS important…


    The punishment at least for repeated offenders should be immediate death.
    If it was up to me, I’d sentence them death at first offense, you cannot take chances with these people, once they’re released they will go on hurting children again, these scums can’t be saved.
    Shoot them dead is the only solution and to set examples to alert others no making the same mistakes.

  • Andrea Barbs

    Dr David Kenneth Cochrane registered Sex Offender Six Counts of rape including minors, three counts of indecent assault all involving patients dating back to the early millennium. Psychiatrist 6 months in Jail, 2 years probation, including 6 month license suspension. North Bay Canada Ontario and now re-employed for the regional health centre.

  • naveed gul kazi

    as those who are against the death penalty even for first timer i say “just imagine if those disgusting beast lay their dirty hand on your child, niece etc (family child) what will you want?” if possible i say kill them in public, hang them, just mutilate them piece by piece so they beg for death thats how i feel you disgustied so called human right champians

  • Beharrell

    As it is today the only cruel and unusual punishment is on the society that is made to accept these evil so-called people as they revolve in and out of prison.

    The only cruel and unusual punishment is on society for having to put up with this! First the taxpayer has to house and feed someone who is less respected than the basic murderer. But that will only be for a time. Then we are supposed to sit here while they re-enter society. Someone will have to hire them for a job and someone will have to rent them housing. So someone innocent loses a chance at that particular job and apartment. The sex offender registry is another burden on society. We, the innocent people, are expected to psuedo-police them by making sure no one’s children walk up to the wrong door selling wrapping paper for their school fundraiser. By virtue of being a decent human being, you feel its not just your job as a parent, but as a citizen. We know what happens when people try to carry on as if we live in a free country: disaster! How many children have been kidnapped and worse just trying to get to the school bus stop and home? We’ve spent a Gazillion dollars and have had our troops killed and maimed fighting terrorists around the world. But we have violent, sexual terrorists within miles of everybody’s home. It is like WE are the ones in the PRISON. What about my constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Does the Constitution only apply to sex offenders? What about those of us minding our own business? Why does a child in the USA have to live in constant fear of his or her safety? How can a child grow up under those conditions? One thing I hardly ever see is children on bicycles. Things we took for granted growing up. Those days are gone. No, we are a society that is imprisoned because of THEM. They are not welcome. What is the difference between the USA and a country like Afghanistan where some monster marries a little girl and injures her so bad that she dies? Well, Americans condemn that sort of thing. But then in a few years would let that same kind of person walk out free TO DO IT AGAIN leaving the innocent unprotected and made to feel that they are responsible for keeping up with the registry. That is sick within itself! These politicians might be able to live behind walls in gated communities but the rest of us have to live in the real world. I spend every day of my life in a battle against evil. This is not how I want to live my life. But I am not free. When I am not safe, I am not free.