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Death metal shocks Poland & National Review writer

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Found this bit of idiocy via Radley’s blog

Stanley Kurtz probably thought he was being cute with the following post. Instead, he sounds like an ignorant muppet.

If you think Janet Jackson was something, take a look at this. This is part of the deepening differences between predominantly secular Scandinavia and Northern Europe, on the one hand, and more traditionally Catholic parts of Southern and Eastern Europe, on the other.

What he doesn’t seem to realise or bother to check is the fact that Eastern Europe has a very healthy “extreme metal” scene. This type of stuff is popular all over Europe, no doubt in reaction to the all intrusive Catholic Church. Poland has a healthy collection of death metal bands, including Vader and Behemoth.

And, since Southern Europe was mentioned, here is a list of few more purveyors of death metal that hail from those parts.

In short, the use of black/death metal as part of Stanley’s point is really a no-starter, as there are metal bands as extreme as Gorgoroth all over Europe including Russia. Oh yeah, Stanley, and the oh so religious US has a very healthy death, extreme and doom metal scene as well.

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  • Mike

    Gorgoroth is Black Metal. There is a difference.