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Dear Matt Drudge…

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Snoopy had a nifty little song on some old Peanuts cartoon that always helped me through this one, Matt — something about “i before e except after c…” — except you probably needed to include the “i” first.

It is a testimony to the everlasting hold the Clintons have on the public imagination and the everlasting hard-on Matt Drudge will always have for juicy Clinton gossip that he would reserve his little flashing light .gif for this headline and still make such a silly typo. I am certain Drudge will correct the mistake I managed to memorialize via screenshot at about 8:15 pm eastern time by the time most of you click the image above — as it was just a goofy mistake.

As to the content of the headline… sometimes, I have to wonder, why bother? It probably tells folks just how good Hilary’s chances are should she actually go ahead and make that presidential bid that flacks like Matt — something he eternally denies, to my amusement — are still turning out whatever they can, whenever they can to further tarnish the Clintons in some manner — like Bill and Hilary can’t do that pretty well by themselves if given the proper amount of rope.

I still hate politics, no matter which side you’re on. And I will happily continue reading Drudge’s site… but some things are just inexplicably funny to me, and Matt Drudge’s most salacious headline in a while with a big fat typo in the middle is one of those things.

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  • WTF

    Hillary is HOT! I’d do’er in a MINUTE, and she’d like it… SLAMMIN’ baby!!!

  • RJ

    Honestly, though. Can you actually invision Hillary consenting to sex of any kind? (Heterosexual sex, that is…)

  • I don’t think you should be mad at Matt Drudge. He is just reporting the news. You should reserve your anger at Ed Klein, the sleazy writer of this trash.

    I’m a conservative, but Ed Klein is no better than Kitty Kelley. Klein used an “anonymous source” for the claim of rape.

    Not surprising. Anonymous sources are Newsweek’s speciality.

  • Shark writes: …one big Right-Wing Christoid Wal-Mart Gulag.

    Reply: High marks for the visual imagery, Shark.



  • Shark

    The 08 campaign has officially begun.

    Stay tuned for the new PAC, “Swift Boat Veterans For Exposing Hillary’s Sex Life”

    These people have no shame — and will apparently stop at nothing to turn this nation into one big Right-Wing Christoid Wal-Mart Gulag.

    PS: Shark predicts that in late 2007, the Reichstag will burn and a “liberal elitist ivy-league intellectual abortionist” will be blamed.

  • JR

    Al Barger: Pal, if this simple typo is the worst criticism you can make of Mr Drudge, then he’s doing pretty well.

    If you think the typo is the worst criticism he made of Mr. Drudge, you weren’t really reading.

  • The more I hear from the author of this book the more I am in disbelief.

  • “Bill conceived Chelsea after he raped Hillary?”

    Um, that’s what Drudge reports.

  • Bill conceived Chelsea after he raped Hillary?

  • Don’t forget – all sex is rape.


  • bhw

    If the Bush family was as sleazy as the Clintons, he’d be parading them.

    Haven’t you heard of brother Neil?

  • Pal, if this simple typo is the worst criticism you can make of Mr Drudge, then he’s doing pretty well.

    Besides, what do you expect him to do with stuff like this? This type of political class celebrity gossip is his favorite stuff. He goes where the action is. If the Bush family was as sleazy as the Clintons, he’d be parading them.

  • Al

    So much for Matt Drudge’s spelling, But Steve Huff can’t even spell Hillary Clinton’s name, it is Hillary NOT Hilary !! A.A.

  • RJ

    The light is still flashing as I type…but the error is corrected, as you predicted…