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Dead to Fall – Everything I Touch Falls to Pieces

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Metal is alive and well in America today. Victory Records artist, Dead to Fall, is proof.

Not only has Dead to Fall managed to work their way into Victory Records, one of the most respected and reputable underground music labels, but also they managed to release an almost flawless freshman effort.

“Everything I Touch Falls to Pieces” is an incredible merger of death metal, intelligent lyrics and well-conceived musicianship. In track 3, the gates of hell are opened up for someone who will be spending eternity there, “she looked at me with fearful eyes and said…and then I saw the blood coming, the gates of hell opened for me, as far as my eyes could see, in carnage, your demise.” Track 6 is a cry out to a former friend, “I have really grown to hate you and everything you stand for…this pen would go to better use, if I shoved it into your throat, and let you choke on your blood-filled breaths.”

The album includes two instrumental efforts; the first is a building crescendo, culminating in the metal bliss that is track 2, Memory. The second instrumental, track 9, entitled Doraematu, is a Led Zepplin-esque classical guitar work that is second to nothing in metal that this reviewer has ever heard.

This album has so much to offer in absolutely every track. It never slows down, one talented work after another. Most discs have one or two songs that can be skipped over with little notice to the listener. Not so in Dead to Fall’s disc, as every piece of this musical puzzle is a treasured mastery of pure metal madness.

Jeff Petermann

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  • Clint Gusbeth

    Dead To Fall fuckin rocks!!!
    The drums are insane and the singer’s voice is
    unreal. This CD deserves two thumbs way up ^^

  • metal is dead!fuck satan!punkrockscene rules!

  • Clint Gusbeth

    punk is great, but I’m sick of those whiny ass bitches singing about their girlfriends breaking up with them. dead to fall is good, but atreyu is way better than dead to fall, oh and the ataris suck little hairy balls!!!

  • curt mcdonald

    dead to fall is amasing they are the best metal core band alive they should never give up never give up trying

  • HXC Stoner

    If you like CD’s that you can play through every song and love them all, then buy this CD.

    Dead to Fall > You