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Dead Character Returns To Desperate Housewives

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Though Desperate Housewives is known for its gripping mysteries and shocking plot twists, fans of the show will be surprised to know Steven Culp will be reprising his role as Rex Van De Kamp for a special episode scheduled to air sometime next year. 

However, the show isn't pulling a Ghost Whisperer. Rex isn't coming back from the dead, and no, he hasn't been hiding underground all this time. He'll actually be taking over for Mary Alice Young, the show's normal beyond-the-grave narrator, and narrating an episode that focuses on the men of Wisteria Lane as opposed to the Housewives themselves.

I'm excited to see how this episode is going to turn out — I've always wanted to see a bit more attention paid to the male characters on the show, as the actors are fantastic, particularly Doug Savant. 

It's been a great season for Marc Cherry and his satirical suburban phenomenon Desperate Housewives.  They've challenged themselves creatively — both dramatically and comedically — and this episode should be another another ring in the tree trunk of artistic challenges. 

Marcia Cross, whose character Bree Hodge (she remarried) was married to Steven Culp's Rex, has just received her third Golden Globe nomination, as did her Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning co-star, Felicity Huffman, who plays Lynette Scavo. The show itself is also up for Best Comedy, which it has already won twice.

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  • Absolutely!

    I think this is the best season ever. The episode when Lynette was shot was some of the best TV this year.

    Desperate Housewives isn’t all candy and glitter, either. When you get underneath the comedy, there’s some pretty interesting psychology going on there, too.

    Great show.