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Dead Air America: The Real Story

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As it turns out, Air America stopped payment on a check to Multicultural Radio Broadcasting after it discovered that air time had been double booked on a station in Los Angeles:

    Mr. Cohen, however, said that Multicultural owed money to Air America. He said that Mr. Liu’s company had recently deposited a check from Air America for $315,000, and that it had cleared. But Mr. Cohen said that Air America had stopped payment on a second check, for $156,000, after Air America discovered that Multicultural had leased air time on its Los Angeles station to another programmer in February and March, before Air America went on the air on March 31.

    While not broadcasting during that time, Mr. Cohen said, Air America had already leased that time from Multicultural and was thus entitled to any fees collected.

Read more at the New York Times, Morons.org (luv that site name) and at Air America Radio’s pseudo-Drudge commentary.

(First posted on Mark Is Cranky)

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  • Joe

    Excellent title, I’d have gone for something more along the lines of “Franken Yanking Caused by Banking Spanking.”

  • Eric Olsen

    Hey, I have some AAR news: Joe Escalante, the bass player of the Vandals and co-owner of Kung Fu Records, will be on the air at 7pm ET tonight.

  • Regardless of the real issues involved in this fiasco, this situation cannot help this fledgling network. It makes them look like minor leaguers.

  • personally, i think the media outlets reporting only half the story look like minor leagers.

  • Mark:

    What outlets are these? Have you visited the Drudge Report lately?

  • i visited drudge on the day the story came out. he, like others (chicago trib, la times) reported incorrectly that the air america check had bounced.

    he has since corrected the ‘mistake’.

  • adil hlal

    the article is hardly breaf why not be a little bit detalled