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De Paul “Blue Demons” – Rather Ironic

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Long before De Paul’s football team had a name, they had a look: blue sweaters with a crisp, white “D” on the front. In 1922, a local sports columnist commented, “there’ll be no stopping these D-Men today.” The moniker caught on, and soon fans were chanting “D-Men!” at every game. De Paul football coach Frank Haggerty decided later that same year to make the name official, and the team became the Blue Demons.

While their logo sports pointy horns and a forked tail, De Paul’s President, the Rev. John P. Minogue, assures us that it’s firmly grounded in Christian beliefs. Despite his devilish appearance, the Blue Demon mascot, known as Dibs, simply captures “the hijinks, the spirit and the sense of fun of the De Paul community.”

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  • RJ

    Sounds satanic to me…but they’re a bunch of Catholics, so what do you expect? :-/