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De-Couple it Now!

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NBC – Thursdays @ 9:30 PM
Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

I am slamming my head against a table right now. I trying to clear out the evil flashbacks of Bea Arthur in the remake of “Fawlty Towers.”


One thing I learned way back then is that classic British comedy can not be remade as typical American comic fare… no matter how much of a man Bea Arthur is!

So NBC has taken the wonderful Brit show “Coupling” and brought it to America. They haven’t changed the scripts, the sets or the witty repartee. In fact it’s even the same producer as in England… they must have some nasty dirt on him involving a school boy, a monkey and a pair of pliers.

NBC has managed to take my most cherished current viewing and make it a lifeless, unlikable piece of crap. The casting director spent more time trying to pick diverse 30 somethings from all races than actually finding folks that can act. These people spend more time injecting botox then actually being funny.

In the original, Patrick may have been conceited and pompous but he sure is likable. America’s Patrick is the type of guy I would want to whack in the face with a frying pan just because he was breathing my air.

Let’s not even get to the fact that the 3 girls are so annoying in that whiny “NYC Admin Bitch” way that any sexuality that was present in the original escapes out the window like the smell of food from a bad Chinese restaurant.

I hate this show… and now I hate NBC!

(No, really. I do.)

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  • I saw an episode of the original on BBC-America last week and got the same reaction from it that I got with the American remake: I thought it sucked. I usually enjoy “British” humor a lot, but I didn’t find this even remotely funny . . . just crude and boring.

    Thank God The Office Series 2 starts next weekend on BBC-A. And the Office Series 1 comes out on DVD next week . . . I’ll watch that in place of Coupling. (I hereby declare my dread of what happens to The Office when it’s remade version premieres here. I predict a big flop.)

  • Taloran

    Tell me they didn’t really remake Fawlty Towers with Bea Arthur – please, please tell me you’re making it up.