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DC Comics (Post Infinite Crisis) 52, Week 20

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Week 19 of 52 left me hanging with info on who exactly was chasing the three lost heroes in space. An ominous alien figure was seen and we now have an idea why Lobo is really playing holy man. Animal Man, Adam Strange, and Starfire are no doubt the stars of week 20’s 52, but that cannot overshadow a certain someone sneaking around the bat cave, touching all of Batman’s cool hero collection. This one page of panels is full of a lot of mystery – and it’s probably a big excuse to fake us out. We still do not know who this Supernova is, but this time we’re led to believe he is either a member of the Batman family or he has a tie to Superman’s greatest enemy. Whoever it is, it seems as if he has the keys to Bruce Wayne’s mansion.

In the next scene, we move to a fire where Steel is putting his Lex Luthor-granted powers to some use. Too bad a brilliant engineer can’t figure out how to find a pair of fireproof pants. No one wants to see your steel junk, John Henry! I wouldn’t care about this scene if a bombshell about Luthor’s Everyman metagene project hadn’t been dropped.

After that little detour, we finally take it to space where Lobo’s congregation is asking for a solution from him. Surprise, surprise – he hasn’t got one! Mayhem commences and some killer space piranha things swarm around the crowd. Animal Man goes into action and he really gets his alien on, spitting fireballs and jumping off walls. Animal Man really impressed me, especially since his power is not restricted to just Earth-derived animals.

If you were iffy on whether the Space Heroes story is worth being in the series or not, this is the episode where you will cheer for them. They go all out in this issue and there is an exciting and terrifying danger that has a very personal interest in the Eye of Ekron.

The supplement for this week is the story of Adam Strange who went from American to sci-fi space savior. His history is up to date with the mention of him being sightless now. Week 20 of 52 was very good and I’m ready for more.

To learn more information about 52 check out the official site.

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