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DC Comics (Post Infinite Crisis) 52: Week 5

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What do you do with a 25-foot tall HawkWoman? Is teleportation always the best mode of interstellar travel? I'm pretty sure you've never had to ask yourself these questions, but when the survivors of a tragic journey are rescued from space, they've all got some very unique problems to deal with now that they've made it to Earth. Rogue Zeta Beam waves are responsible for the carnage and things like the attack of the 25-foot HawkWoman occur.

If you have not read the fifth issue of DC Comics' 52, then I won't be the guy who ruins it for you, but it's safe to say that this group of heroes has been irrevocably changed. Lives have been lost, and people are still either missing or presumed dead. That's the breaks when you go superheroing, but still you feel bad when the JSA's Green Lantern recalls the fateful events to Steel, who, it appears to me, has some identity issues. Some icky melty stuff happened to John Henry Irons in the last issue, and he had a conversation with himself. Not all is right in Steel's world, even if nothing looks different about him from last week.

What is cool about this "tragedy in space" event is that it directly ties into the One Year Later issues of Teen Titans (around issue 36 or so). The Titans One Year Later issues are the only ones I've read so far, because I haven't been able to find a definite list of all the OYL tie-ins, but I'm almost positive that they all synch as well as the Titans OYL does. If you don't know, One Year Later is, well, what happens after whatever goes down in 52, so as things happen in 52, we see more of the aftershock in One Year Later.

For a not-quite-hero, Renee Montoya has her own issues, though not as critical as the aforementioned tragedy. Her scene is basically an excuse to remind us that she's a lesbian, and a drunk, and that she found some crazy advanced weapons technology at 520 Kane. I will always be curious as to where Montoya and Question's story is leading, but I need just as much Question as I do Montoya. For whatever reason, Question is not included this time. Oh well. Elsewhere, Lex Luthor is up to no good — again. I won't tell you what his big project is, but I think that a guy like Black Adam would applaud his move.

This issue wasn't a great one, but it's as fun to read as the average comic book. 52 is, by nature, a mixed bag because the story is focused on the entire DC universe, starting with just five heroes. This issue was more or less filler, but it's good filler as opposed to straight up trash. Still, if you're reading 52, you've gotta read them all, because it's like a good TV series that you don't want to miss each week.

You can learn more about the 52 series at the 52 official site.

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