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DB on TV: Project Greenlight Gets Into the Haul-and-Heave

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Thursday, April 21
Project Greenlight – Bravo

We’re getting into the minutiae, the grunt work, the haul-and-heave of day-in, day-out film production. People are getting tired, people are getting cranky, people aren’t getting along… and I don’t like it.

I love it!

An interesting new angle opened up as the second week of filming Feast, the low budget horror flick helmed by first-time director John Gulager, wore on: we got to see the crew and producers scurrying around trying to keep their director on the straight and narrow any damned way they could. Everything became about the film “making its day,” meaning that the scenes scheduled to get shot that day got shot.

Key Moment #1:
The script supervisor, a friend of Gulager’s, getting fired by a consortium of the Assistant Director and the producers.

Key Line On the Firing That Showcases Hollywood In Full – Producer to Gulager:

I don’t need to hear you say you agree; I just wanted to let you know that it’s going to go down (see more on getting stabbed in the heart with a spoon on The Apprentice this week).

Key Moment #2:
A bottle of water resting in what looked like a vat of maggots on set.

Key Moment #3:
Clu Gulager, the bartender in Feast and John’s 70-ish dad, going apeshit about the director and actor needing the time/space to collaborate on set. It’s like, get a Clu, you know. Sorry, Clu’s right there (Clu’s got a clue?) – make a bloody film, not a piece of tripe, if there’s any way you can help it.

And Finally:
Why aren’t we seeing more of Henry Rollins, pray tell? There should at least be twenty minutes of each episode devoted to He of the Mighty Spoken Word Wisdom and Rock and Other Stuff Too.

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