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DB on TV: MTV Goes Trippin’, Comes Up Goofy

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Monday, April 18th
Trippin’ – MTV

Trippin’ involves the (many many) laughs and adventures of Cameron Diaz and some cohorts, which includes gal pal Drew Barrymore and that Farnsworth Bentley dude, the dressed to the old school nines guy who started out as P Diddy’s assistant and is now something of his own media phenomenon (he was great trying to get Da Band’s act together on Making the Band II).

This show got panned right upside its eco-self by Slate, but in the weirdest of ways, I’ll contend, it holds its own goofy charms.

Oh, did I say goofy? This show brings the goof in enormous measure. In fact, who knew that Diaz and Barrymore, two legitimate Hollywood film stars, are as goofy as thirteen-year old girls at a slumber party replete with marshmallows, training bras, and Tiger Beat magazine, basically at all times and all hours.

Giggling, laughing, guffawing, chortling. Is Trippin’ referring to sheets to acid here, is the air in remote regions of Chile (Note: I actually learned that Chile holds some of the last remaining bastions of temperate rain forest in the world from this program) goof-ified with oxygen, or can two grown women be that damned goofy au natural?

That said, there were some nice and actually redeeming elements to the show. It’s concerned with conserving our resources and environment before it all gets washed away into the dirty hell-mouth of rampant consumerism.

Will this odd combination eco-challenge travel show and celebrity knee-slapper fest hold up under the weight of its own goof-ocity?

Only time will tell.

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  • Catbox

    A good friend of mine was the guide for 3 weeks in Chile. He nothing but good things to say about the Girls and crew of the show.