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DB on TV: Alias Proves That Temptation’s a Bitch

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Wednesday, April 20th
Alias – ABC

I haven’t had the time or energy to get back into this show this season, even after exhortations from several sources. Finally, Wife took it upon her own beauteous shoulders to tell the tale herself:

Temptation’s a bitch.

It’s the kind of bitch goddess that compels me to ignore the aggravation of repeating plotlines week after week, sucking me into the heart of this genre mixed spy-romance-suspense show yet again.

What brings me back? The shiny red apple of Rambaldi, is what.

This week finds the gang facing not one Arvin Sloan (Ron Rifkin), but two. Is Arvin really “reformed,” or do Arvin #2’s activities reveal his true heart? And what the hell is the Seduction of Rambaldi, for that matter?

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

It’s more than Rambaldi that brought me to the party, however. I was addicted to Alias during its first three seasons on the air. You just never knew where it was going. But prior to the last few episodes, I had to seriously wonder if creator J.J. Abram’s energies were being sunk into Lost while Alias’s plotline got, well, lost.

Things got seriously tedious this year: Arvin’s back at the reins of the super-secret spy group… band’s back together! Yet another character, this time round the loveable Marshall (Kevin Weisman), can’t stand lying to his family. Then we have the next chapter in the Jack’s good, Jack’s bad, Jack’s a lying bastard epic (Jack = the great Victor Garber). Meanwhile, Weiss (Greg Grunberg) finally pulls a girlfriend and it’s just not very exciting, I’m afraid. There was nothing to piece together, not much left to really care about.

But at least I’m finding my way back to temptation. Is Vaughn’s (Michael Vartan) father really dead? Will Jack, Sydney’s (Jennifer Garner) own pop, die?

What other long held secrets will be revealed? I am finally jonesing to know and will certainly tune in next week to get my fix.

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