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Day By Day for October 22, 2005

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Day By Day for October 22, 2005:

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  • Heloise

    As I’ve posted here before I generally have insider information on the cutting-edge stories be they political or otherwise. I was born and raised a Catholic. It is on record somewhere in CHicago that I was baptised, took first holy communion, third grade, and was confirmed in the fifth grade. I also attended, along with my siblings Catholic schools for the whole 12 years.

    Now, I have been saying to myself that Miers is nothing more than a Jew wrapped in Catholic clothing. I also believe if you dig deep enough into her roots you will also find that she is or was an athiest, as many Jews are who have given America Secular Humanism, among other things like nasty Hollywood, but I digress.

    THis am find an article that says the Catholic church has NO DAMN record of her ever being a Catholic. THen what the hell is she? What is her family? THey have NO record of this woman.

    People, you can’t just say you are a Catholic, albeit not the best thing to be these days, or wake up and tell the world, like John Kerry did, Oh, I am an Irish Catholic. That’s why I made sure he was defeated by the Bush. His dad did not escape the Holocaust, but what else is new?

    Miers is hiding a whole bunch, so did Albright, when she came out as an orphan who did not know she was Jewish. That’s like someone saying they did not know they were black.

    She is also for affirmative action. WHy? because most Jews are for that shit while they steady hire everyone they know (who are either closet or known Jews) to the firm and keep blacks out. If you don’t believe me look at their role in the 1960s and the ACLU and see who the real Communists are in this country. They helped invent Jim Crow as a propaganda tool.

    Here is what I found on the web about her NOT being a Catholic. The bottom line is that she has no sense of decorum. My family are/were practicing catholics, I guess I need to go to confession for writing this non PC stuff, but too bad. I like to say that I am a Buddhist, but I have not taken the vows and all you need to do to be a card-carrying Buddhist, (and before you say it: no, Buddhism is not about peace and love, but about the Buddha nature) I’ve just gone to their services and read a whole bunch of their doctrines.

    I am part of a group that is based in India, and it is on the record, one can look it up and say yes, she is part of that group–here’s the documentation.


    Here’s the article from the Net:

    DALLAS – The Roman Catholic diocese of Dallas is setting the record straight: Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers has never been a Catholic.


    A review of records for such sacraments as baptism, first Eucharist and confirmation found no evidence that Miers or anyone in her immediate family was Catholic, Bronson Havard, a spokesman for the diocese, said Friday.

    Acquaintances of Miers have said she worshipped as a Catholic and attended Episcopalian and Presbyterian services. For some 25 years, Miers has been a congregant at Valley View Christian Church where in 1979 she was baptized by full immersion, consistent with the evangelical church’s beliefs.

    Recently, she and about 150 of the church’s 1,200 active members formed a separate congregation after a disagreement about worship styles.

    After news media reported that Miers, a longtime Dallas lawyer, had attended Catholic church during her childhood, diocesan officials searched their records because they suspected the information was incorrect.

    “We don’t normally check records for things like this,” said Havard, who also is editor of Texas Catholic newspaper and a deacon, “but this was a prominent situation, we wanted the record to be set straight.”

    The Catholic church does not keep records of people who may occasionally attend their services.

    The White House has said Miers most frequently attends St. John’s Episcopal Church — the church across from the White House where Bush often worships — when she is in Washington.


    On the Net:

    Supreme Court: http://www.supremecourtus.gov

  • Heloise

    PS: ever wonder how Brown got in as FEMA director–I don’t, because Chertoff-look-like-Holocaust-survivor Chertoff, hired Brown, who is also Jewish. They change their names like they change their shirts, look that up too. Now the Repubs are standing behind them even though they know these two guys are really leftist-libs, but only because they voted for the Bush.

    When Brown was told that NOLA was under 8 feet of water–his reply “I’m hungry I’ll get back to you after dinner.”


  • Heloise — what in the WORLD does that have to do with what this post is about??? HOW does it relate, or are you just spamming? Your anti-Semetic crap is totally irrelevant — not only to this cartoon, but to the real world as well.

  • I pity da fool who ain’t figured out yet that Heloise is nuttier than a pecan pie topped with Snickers bars.