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Day By Day for March 05, 2005

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Day By Day for March 05, 2005:

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  • Aaman

    WTF? I’m going to assume the blacking out was unintentional and not some sort of censorship.

    Interesting guesses can be made as to the text, though:)


    I’d say it is a commenting on the FEC proposing to censor blogs (did I win this time, Chris?)

  • Eric Olsen

    no no, I recognize the language, called “Blockish,” where the meaning of the word is determined by the length of the block. The gist of this is “the FEC and the court that says bloggers don’t deserve the same protections as journalists both suck dog ass”

  • Chris Muir

    SFC SKI is right.

  • Harry Forbes

    Simply brilliant.

    An all-time classic, Chris!

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