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Day By Day for February 25, 2005

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Day By Day for February 25, 2005:

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  • For those who don’t get the joke, check out the blog of The Manolo

  • Oh, man, Aaman! Thanks for that link! Here’s another blog of the Manolo: The Gallery of the Horrors.

  • Eric Olsen

    it would appear being a shoe critic is license to create one’s own syntax

  • And to top it all off – a book that should be in the ASINs above – someone please add it: “Hello Gorgeous” (ISBN:0758208049) – a mystery with the tagline on the cover “Saving the world – one Manolo Blahnik at a time”

  • Eric Olsen

    by the way, I find that whole shoe fascination thing creepy as hell

  • You have to love the spot-on sense of the horrors, though, however much you blanch at the syntax:

    Manolo says, here you see the Kharma from the Earth Shoe. Feast upon its defiant unstylishness!

    The Earth Shoe it has the famous, “negative sole” which puts the toes of the wearer higher then the heels…perfect for making every girl look like she has the kegs for calves.

    Also, this it is another of the favorite shoe of the hippies.

    Query: why do the hippies and the crunchy bohemians insist on displaying their solidarity with the peasants by wearing the peasant shoes that cost $100 the pair?

    Manolo asks, if they are indeed serious about wearing the comfortable footwear of the peasant should they not be sporting the shoes made out of the recycled treads of the steel-belted tires?

  • Scoota Rey

    I think Manolo’s trying to start a cult.

  • Looks like heels are on the mind of more than one person today.